“Sometimes I wonder if everyone is cheating and marriage is just a stupid façade”

Most of my girlfriends are married or on the way. I’ve told one or two close friends about my affair, and the craziest thing is that the second I spilled the beans about my story, both of them had similar ones. Sometimes I wonder if everyone is cheating and marriage is just a stupid façade for everyone.”

This is why players are encouraged to push past the boyfriend/husband test (if possible). You never know when she’s going to be up for an affair. Often she will say no. But sometimes she might say yes.

Also, don’t get married.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

12 thoughts on ““Sometimes I wonder if everyone is cheating and marriage is just a stupid façade””

    1. “Monogamy doesn’t work. I’d say women in practice hate it even more than men.”

      Can you explain this more?
      I’m under the impression that more women press for monogamous relationships, and with greater intensity.


      1. I think that both sexes get equally jealous.

        “Do what I say, not what I do”. People are duplicitous. Men and women both.

        But “monogamy doesn’t work” is extreme. It works well enough, for some people.

        Maybe not MOST people. And maybe not FOREVER and EVER. But it works, for a good long while, for a lot of people.

        And when it doesn’t work, some people find ways to kluge it. To make it sort of “work”.

        Then eventually break the pair bond. Fine. Just because things change and eventually break doesn’t mean that we can’t have nice things. You buy a nice TV set, and enjoy it for several years, don’t you?

        I don’t hear people complaining about upgrading their TV sets. Sure, feelings. Breakups hurt. Fine. Love and lose, rinse repeat.

        But as for marriage as a legal institution, that’s about finances, which a separate concern to pair bonding. Manage your risks. I have no interest in marriage, but some want it, and manage their financial liability. Some MGTOW guys lump all negatives into a bundle, and scream out NEVER PAIR BOND!!!!1!


  1. Women over 26 years old or so push for monogamy. Women in their sexual prime (18-24 or so) actually prefer to keep their options open. Even the older ones get bored of monogamy after 2-3 years and either cheat when a worthwhile opportunity comes up, or they lose sexual interest in their monogamous partner (or both).

    You can offset this tendency by not living with a woman and keeping the relationship open, and avoiding legal marriage so she knows you can leave when you want.

    It’s just how women are biologically wired to endure genetic diversity of their limited number of offspring. It’s not something to be upset about, but rather to accept and plan your actions around accordingly.


    1. Ya, I don’t witness the same stages of mating so many people seem so certain about.

      I’ve dated teenagers who were trying very hard (and sometimes succeeding) to get pregnant. My live in girlfriends have usually been early twenties, and all were pushing for marriage and wanted kids.

      I also don’t buy this biological 2 to 3 year clock.

      I’ve witnessed long term pair bonds. Yes, sometimes people have affairs within the pair bonds, but I’ve witnessed extreme long term and sexually active pair bonding. My grandparents, for instance. Boinked daily, got along great.

      And in my own life I’ve been able to maintain strong passion past the 5 year mark.

      All these “red pill truth” rules… I really mistrust them. It sounds to me like the blind leading the blind.


      1. Yes, I’ve been in SEA for about 15 years.

        But the US and Europe also has subcultures. Just like any high school has archtypal subcultures.

        And women aren’t all like that, in any culture.

        And women are different depending on the man. They are like water to a glass.

        It’s well known now that there is no pussy paradise; the sexual marketplace is not grossly different anywhere.

        Culture (and education) affects stages of mating. Latinos in the US like to get pregnant as teens.

        Women are still the same basic primates, everywhere. Culture makes minor adjustments. Stages of mating is not a biological trait. Therefore YOU can be the culture that affects the woman.

        I’m sure if we look at real statistics, and at what ages babies and marriages are happening, we won’t find anything corresponding to this stages of mating idea, in any country or culture.


      2. Check back in at the 15 year mark, you’re still in honeymoon phase and quoting “stats” from a period in time when your grandmother had no gov support to bail her out if she chose to be unhaaasspppy. Sounds to like she did a great job picking your grandfather as a mate, good on her.

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  2. Update: People are marrying later and later, and it’s a dramatic trend. But still, 29 percent of white women are married by the time they are 25 years old. And 12% by 22. Here is an interactive graph showing which groups are married by what age. https://flowingdata.com/2017/11/01/who-is-married-by-now/

    And keep in mind education level makes a big difference. So if we excluded college girls from the data the number would be higher. Here is data that breaks down marriage age by education level. https://flowingdata.com/2016/03/03/marrying-age/

    One in ten of all white girls marrying (not merely pair bonded) at about age 21 is substantial. And nearly a third of white girls married by 25. Today.

    And this graph shows 24% of people with high school or less are married by age 25. https://flowingdata.com/2016/03/03/marrying-age/ (You have to add up all the percentages up to and including the final age you want.) You can clearly see the peak age for marriage for this group is 21 years old.

    Stages of mating? Nope.


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