“Enrollment Shortfalls Spread to More Colleges”

Enrollment Shortfalls Spread to More Colleges.” A few of you have noted that I seem pretty “pro-college.” I’m not pro- or anti-college. College is good for guys who have the skills and inclination to succeed, and who go to relatively inexpensive state schools and major in real subjects like computer science, engineering, economics, etc.

College is terrible for unmotivated, low-IQ guys who go because their parents told them to, or because it’s what you’re supposed to do after high school. Colleges are fleecing those kids and their families and they (the colleges) just don’t give a f**k to stop. They should be ashamed of themselves but that’s like saying the guys selling tobacco should be ashamed of themselves… shame rarely beats the profit motive.

Date-onomics (yesterday’s post, you should read it) points out that most non-engineering schools also have more women in them than men. If you are an 18-22 year old guy who wants to get laid, being in college is much better than not being in college, all else being equal.

Most expensive private schools are overpriced and will saddle you with too much debt. Most people who go to schools like Ithaca and Bucknell (named in the article) are just stupid and wasting their money. “Bucknell, where the full cost of attendance is nearly $70,000 a year, had a discount rate of about 31 percent and underspent its financial-aid budget by about $1.2 million.” 69 percent of $70 grant is still $48,000, or two to three times as much as a guy with a brain should be spending.

There is an anti-college brigade in the Red Pill world… many of their points are accurate, as college can leave you deeply in debt with nothing to show for it. College can also be an awesome, life-affirming experience. It really depends on you. Lots of guys are going to college who have no business being there, because they lack the cognitive abilities and the work ethic to make it make sense. But lots of guys should be in college because the college wage premium is real and most people are not self-taught prodigies who will make it on their own without college.

Too many guys appear to spend college doing the minimum necessary to get by and spending all their free time playing video games and watching TV or porn. For them, they might as well not go. Some guys appear to spend college developing themselves and their skills and their ability to meet with and bond with and interact with other people. For them, college is great.

Author: The Red Quest

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3 thoughts on ““Enrollment Shortfalls Spread to More Colleges””

  1. The “college wage premium” should be taken into context. The higher earnings for college graduates are a correlation. It is actually very difficult to attribute a causal link between a college degree and higher earnings here is why. 1) Many employers skip the education section of the resume and go straight to the experience section. Meaning the employers value work experience more than the degree. In fact if a graduate (in any field , even medicine which essentially has no unemployement) who has no work experience is seen as less attractive as the ones who do . 2) Many degrees have high rates of underemployement , many business , social science , science (on their own) and arts degrees have high rates of underemployement. Finally number 3) I graduated college and if I have a successful venture and earn a lot of money , is my alma meter justified in saying the higher earnings are because of the degree even if the venture has nothing to do with the degree? The point is life after university is really up to you and life often times is unpredictable .


  2. Yeah. I was in the category who did the bare minimum and spent my free time on pr0n and games. Fortunately, I didn’t pay for it, and overall it’s a great life experience. I think life is made out of achievements/goals that once you get there, you feel like “ok, this is not as awesome/nirvana/life-changing as I thought it would be”, but you have that feeling that at least you did it, at least you know what it feels like (Is a 3some like this?). And college is one of those.

    I’m an engineer, so it probably changed my life for good, given that I work in the field and have above-average earning power.


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