“Sex is Sex. But Money Is Money.”

Sex is Sex. But Money Is Money.” This chick writes about being an escort… much of her experience is similar to what escort girls have told me, and it is a reminder of what life can look like for some younger-hotter-tighter chicks. Some chicks have the psychology to be escorts but many don’t, and the ones that don’t really really suffer if they try or succeed.

A lot of chicks get f**ked up mentally and emotionally and sometimes physically by escorting… but for the ones who have the body and personality for it, it can be an insanely easy way to make a lot of money. Straight men can’t earn substantial money from straightforward sex work, like women can, an aspect of female privilege no one talks about.

I think guys, even players, don’t 100% appreciate what the wild life of a hot young chick can look like, if she chooses it to be wild. This is also why some older, once-hot chicks get so bitter… they remember the days when hordes of men gave them money, attention, status, anything at all… and the contrast with the men who are available to them when they’re older, less hot, etc. Smart chicks see this coming and plan accordingly, but a whole lot of chicks don’t, and age smacks them in the face, hard. Not the good kind of hard either.

Being an escort, like being a player, can also be super lonely. Other chicks fear, hate, and envy the escort… guys mostly just want to f**k super hot chicks, so most hot chicks aren’t real friends with straight men… also, somewhat contrary to what you read online, most sex workers know that being a sex worker is still taboo and will have severe social ramifications if/when news gets out. So it can be isolating. This is why “seeking” or “sugar” relationships are attractive, as a guy in his 40s or 50s can pose as a pseudo-boyfriend, which is a little weird, but is more socially acceptable than f**king three or more new guys a week. Any time a girl (or a guy for that matter) who can lie about or obfuscate the sex-for-money thing, she will.

There are more sex workers in the sex club / non-monogamy space than in the regular world… or they’re more open about it, because almost everyone in that space is already sex-positive and acknowledges that humans love to f**k and we should f**k more. I think sex workers can like non-monogamy because the people are far less judgmental and far more welcoming… it becomes a community, something that sex workers need because many traditional communities will reject their work and who they are as a person. Escort girls can even be competitive with each other.

I wasn’t going to post on the blog about this, but the story seemed to touch a nerve on Twitter, so I’ll memorialize it here. Escort girls are also entrepreneurs / consultants, and many people are not cut out for that role, and are better off working for someone else.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

5 thoughts on ““Sex is Sex. But Money Is Money.””

  1. This is a good call out. In the US at least even moderately attractive girls (7’s) can have a ton of options if they choose them (being a high paid escort is just one of them). I know with many girls who when partying have hookedup with celebrities, DJ’s, NBA players, very wealthy men, male models, etc. These are often the “options” players/daygamers etc are competing with and wonder why girls are so flakey – it’s partially because these things come up all the time.

    The options for sex, attention, drugs, validation (and yes money) is there for girls who choose it. Most guys don’t see it, and the ones who do are usually quick to judge when they find out, so they don’t see the full picture. It’s the secret society in it’s prime for girls in their early 20’s – but it doesn’t last long for them. The supply of hot young girls in their prime is just that low relative to the demand for them. Best to have strong game and a unique set of value and girls will choose you as the best of many options.

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    1. I think the “can” point is important… not all chicks do, I think. The ones who do are also memorable and make for more colorful stories than the ones who don’t.

      Definitely agree that many guys don’t see it.


  2. You know my views on where the sexual marketplace is going – towards a more deregulated sexual marketplace where this kind of behaviour will become more the norm.

    The subject of the article did not make much money for her time in the sex industry. Many girls in Australia can earn $40k or more in six months – so her total earnings were quite low for the period.

    There is scant mention of the enjoyment of sex in the article except when she references other women – so I suspect she is one of those sex workers who finds sex with woman validational (due to no resource exchange) and with men transactional. This kind of disconnect will not bode well for her as I suspect she will find it difficult to transition out of that mindset with men. I wouldn’t say its been an enjoyable five years for her.

    Rían Stone put it quite well in a Twitter entry that “chicks aren’t shitting on men … men are shitting on men, chicks are just having fun”. Hot chicks have this fun window for a couple of years (so do men, but a smaller subset) and then can burnout from the party.

    I can’t provide many of the things that a Top Guy can provide so, like Magnum and others, need to create an strong identity that is a counterpoint to the Top Guy.

    I tell chicks upfront that I don’t take drugs and won’t source them (no moral argument, just professional conduct) – this is a good filter for me. It excludes a lot of women but filters for what I want.


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