“The Woman Searching for the Lust She Didn’t Have Before”

The Woman Searching for the Lust She Didn’t Have Before” is more Red Pill advice, but from a woman… this one dumped her fiancé cause “He wanted to have kids right away, move to New Jersey, and just be basic and suburban together. He was a great guy but I would have died in that environment. I’m having so much fun now (more or less).” For chicks and relationships, “Boredom = death,” a fact many guys fail to realize, and chicks just want to have “fun.” Guys whose ideas of fun include security and basic provisioning are not attractive to the vast majority of chicks.

Simultaneously, this chick knows another woman, “She’s 40-something and still looking for ‘Mr. Right.’ I don’t see anything wrong with being single and 40 but I cannot imagine searching for the ‘right’ guy for 15 more fucking years. Life is too short for that!” Yet this chick is probably heading in that direction. Or who knows, she’s going to end up being “poly.” Whatever it is, there is an element of “as you sow, so you shall reap.”

“I think how I really love when a man is strong and aggressive in his kissing. I’m not sure I need/want gentle and loving. I kind of want to be fucked and devoured.” Very much what you’ve been reading about sex techniques in this blog, Red Coco’s blog, etc., about how women like rough and dominant sex and if you’re not doing that you’re probably turning her off.

A lot of chicks, when you really really listen to them, are Red Pill. They just don’t frame it the way Red Pill guys do. What chicks want and what guys really want to do fit together. The problem is that modern feminism and schools (feminist indoctrination camps) try to disable what people instinctually want… then people get in f**ked-up relationships that never really work.

It took me an incredibly long time to recognize the need for rough sex skills. That may be why an appreciable number of chicks prefer older guys, who have learned the ropes.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

3 thoughts on ““The Woman Searching for the Lust She Didn’t Have Before””

  1. I have a theory on rough sex. It explains some puzzles, but doesn’t explain others.

    My theory is that rough sex is a crude recipe for proper frame. Also it is the only recipe available or attainable for many.

    The proper man-to-woman frame is: What reason are you presenting me with to entice me to have sex with you instead of one of so many others waiting in the harem?

    My theory says that as long as a man properly sets up that frame he can be gentle, or rough, as it suits him AND as long as the woman feels his lust for her, feels the abandonment of his habitual restraint. The whole game needs to be played to suit the man’s taste. And it needs to provide honest signals to the woman of his physical power, of his desire for the woman, and of his superior social position. (Powerful men can get away with leaving bruises. Lesser men cannot.)

    The entire Cinemax trope of leather bustiers and choking during sex is perhaps an effective way to communicate all of this. Another way is apparently to have other harem members brand a man’s symbol onto a woman with a hot iron. (For those who don’t read the news google NXIVM.)

    The proper frame is what allows a women to climax. Rough sex is an effective way to communicate it, and is the only one most thots are familiar with. It should be in a guy’s repertoire. But there is a far larger palette of communication available.

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    1. >. But there is a far larger palette of communication available.

      I think there is, for me, most of the time. If a girl responds poorly to modest levels of verbal communication there is something wrong with her. That hasn’t been a problem for me in the last decade+, though.

      Many chicks know as little or less than dudes do, and are just as bad at articulating what they want.


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