Location and logistics, married guys

A reader asks for more, “I know this is a terrible topic but . . . game for married guys seeking extramarital experiences.”

I don’t think this is my area of expertise but here goes.

Point one is, “Don’t get married,” but that’s already done so we’ll ignore it. Always start from where you are, not where you were five years ago, which is irrelevant to what you should do today. Guys ask, “Is it too old to learn the game?” Who cares, you’ll be older tomorrow: start now.

Point two, I don’t think the game changes much. You still need good fundamentals, you still need to approach, you still need to accept rejections, etc. etc. But if you are married and trying to hide it, you also worry about your approach being rejected and then the woman telling on you to your wife… so why get married, or stay married if you already are married? Sounds like a lot of bullshit.

Big problem for those guys is also probably location and logistics (a major theme in Date-onomics: players should go where the gender ratio is good). Good game is tough in suburbs and always will be. Other moms are likely targets. I’m not an expert here, I think, and location is key. If you are ready to escalate, where do you do? How do you do it? Do you have hotel apps on your phone? Do you know where the public bathrooms are for quickies? What’s the pipeline look like? Is your place within walking, or driving distance? The moment cars become involved, your lay percentage goes way down. Players should be into urban planning issues, because they affect players’s abilities to f**k.

So, married guy in the suburbs… you take the basic game… and you make it harder… and then you still play it.

A small number of chicks actively prefer married guys, and a larger but still small number who don’t mind the married guy. Most chicks reject married guys. I think a lot of married guys just pay for it, for reasons of discretion and availability… if they are paying, incentives between woman and man are aligned.

Writing this out, I’m also worried about this person’s level of imagination… if he has any experience with the basics of game, most of it should be obvious? Amateurs worry about what to say, pros worry about logistics… if he is married, his logistics are probably f**ked. But for some reason I already wrote this out.

You can also do consensual non-monogamy, so read the rest of this blog to find out how.

Author: The Red Quest

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3 thoughts on “Location and logistics, married guys”

  1. I can’t even imagine trying to have a fulfilling sex life by having illicit affairs. Even when there’s no hiding or lying going around, sarging and improving game can take up a lot of time.

    If you have to lie to girls to get laid, it isn’t “gaming”, it’s cheating.

    Game for married guys? Open the marriage or get a divorce first.


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