“Why Online Dating Can Feel Like Such an Existential Nightmare” means do daygame

Why Online Dating Can Feel Like Such an Existential Nightmare” means, “Do daygame, bro.” If every chode is online and scared to approach chicks in person, you can exploit this market inefficiency by learning to approach chicks in person.

Way back when I first experimented with online dating, it seemed that online dating was a market inefficiency in that unusually horny chicks who wanted casual sex would hop online because they could pursue it without social consequences. Introverted chicks could meet guys without having to shed their introversion.

Now… everyone is online, real world social skills have degraded, and that implies daygame is a big improvement. My own recent experience online was epically different than my experiences ten years ago. Good strategies change as the larger environment changes. There are still probably positive aspects online and as a complement to your real game it could help. Looks more and more like a dumpster fire to me.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

8 thoughts on ““Why Online Dating Can Feel Like Such an Existential Nightmare” means do daygame”

  1. Shhh! Don’t tell everyone!

    I totally agree though. Thankfully, the work and balls it requires is a big enough barrier to entry, that it remains a good way to find women.


    1. Yeah man. I don’t worry at all about telling people how to succeed. Most won’t. Saying, “Change your diet, don’t eat sugar, work out, engage interesting hobbies, socialize more, accept rejection, have the balls to escalate, etc.” is not going to change the average guy’s life one iota. Most people are comfortable with what they have and that’s enough for them. That is part of the reason I am going to quit writing here… the information is already widely available and it is irrelevant to most guys.


      1. I hope you don’t quit. I think you’re blog is the most interesting pickup blog currently and I for one get a lot of value from it.


      2. Thanks, dude I appreciate you saying it… I am not really in the market right now, though, so you will have to look elsewhere. I have one or two older stories I have been meaning to finish.

        It is the nature of the modern world that a guy never knows when he’ll go from “not in the market” to “on the market again.” Could be a few weeks from now, could be 10 – 20 years from now, in a very different world.

        I also think that my main contribution to the community is in the form of the book… that is the thing that I have not seen articulated elsewhere and that seems to be original to me.

        There is a part of me that likes writing this blog and wants to keep in the field, so that I have stories to write about… but then another part of me pipes up and says, “Are you f**king crazy? You want to do things that might not be the best for you, so that you can entertain strangers on the Internet?”

        I am NOT speaking out against or denouncing the game… I think many guys need to go through a player phase. A good life can have different phases, though.


      3. “I am NOT speaking out against or denouncing the game… I think many guys need to go through a player phase. A good life can have different phases, though.”

        I imagine you mean that a guy that doesn’t want to put in the work needs to go through a player phase so that he can work on himself.
        Do you have an example of a guy that does not need to go through a player phase?

        Good luck with your next arrangement and next phase and thanks for your articles. As you said, there’s plenty of resources available, so please do whatever you want and put yourself first always.

        It seems to be a recurring theme that most guys don’t know about game, self-improvement and related stuff. Some of these guys seem to have given up entirely *cough*anime forums*cough*, but the others are struggling to create a working model of the dating economy, like you have done. Instead of observing women, they listen, in the worst cases even to feminists. Sometimes a chick will want them as their boyfriend too (especially if his SMV is higher than hers) and then, as he gets to the prime of his years, things are suddenly a lot easier as a girl that wants to settle down catches him. Only a tiny amount of people will start analyzing and gain the experiences to see the game as it is and the ability to make sense of the observations they make. Perhaps this could be changed if there was a resource on the web that would also be, as you say, “socially acceptable enough to give it to younger male teenagers”, while teaching a positive model that can lead to success. Something like that would’ve helped me, I imagine.

        Finally, have you heard about “Kidd”, another game writer, who might even be the one who coined “The Red Pill”?
        The basic stuff is very old but he also posted some updates on his personal life after he came back some years ago.


  2. “You want to do things that might not be the best for you, so that you can entertain strangers on the Internet?”

    Even if you just write commentary on the articles you find, I think it’s valuable to the “community”, as loose as it is. I like your perspective since it’s much different compared to all the trad-cons out there.

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    1. Appreciate it, dude. I’m not a trad-con…. don’t hate women… I think I had a more normal upbringing than a lot of guys in the community, too. I see men and women as having different preferences but being complementary… one fits with the other. So many problems are caused by mis-fit… guys failing to understand female preferences and chicks failing to understand male preferences.

      So much dysfunction and misunderstanding comes from people’s failure to understand themselves and each other. You take that understanding… you apply it… and decent things will happen. So many people want shortcuts, they want the world to magically open up for them without having to work for it or offering anything for it… I think those are the underlying principles, and the rest is application.


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