What graceful femininity looks like and sounds like

What graceful femininity looks like and sounds like,

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The best answer? The very last one. The last five seconds. “What’s the best way to decompress?” And she gives him that look, like, “What do you think, dummy?”

She loves her kids… but that does not stop her from loving her husband as well… if there is a woman who is consistently putting her kids well ahead of her husband, that is a big problem.

Yes, it’s a celebrity thing, so all this could be totally put on. Even if it is put on, it shows that celebrities also know what graceful femininity looks and sounds like… it doesn’t sound like what some of the C-list celebrities are screeching today.

Most chicks don’t aspire to be feminist harpies, despite what you read written by angry fat chicks in the media. Most aspire to be lovable and to be loved. Graceful and graced. If you are consistently getting bad reactions from chicks, your value is probably too low, your social skills are too bad, or something else is up.

Most chicks don’t have good models for graceful femininity, just like most guys today don’t have good models for effective masculinity. Both masculinity and femininity are demonized by the feminists who run schools and the media, leaving most individuals adrift, unless they are lucky enough to have such models in their immediate lives. In the world of the feminist media, dumb fat chicks should be served by improbably hot guys who feel lucky just to have the attention of a dumb fat chick. Needless to say, the results are all around us.

For men, we are lucky to find KING WARRIOR MAGICIAN LOVER, a book that is passed from man to man, rarely with the help of the official “educators” who are not doing their true jobs (I am closest to the MAGICIAN archetype, sometimes to my detriment).

Both male and female psychology is so messed up, in the main, that it is strange and beautiful to find an example of positive feminine psychology being demonstrated by a famous person. Women are taught to be angry screechy feminists who hate men… men are taught to be passive weaklings who supplicate to the woman… no one is happy. Fortunately, our innate desire to assume appropriate gender roles resists this media indoctrination, but the confusion remains in many souls.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

4 thoughts on “What graceful femininity looks like and sounds like”

    1. It’s true she might be faking it. But most actresses don’t even seem to know how to fake graceful femininity… it’s too foreign them.

      You never know, as this graceful femininity could be un-faked. Skeptical is good, paranoid is bad.

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      1. “most actresses don’t even seem to know how to fake graceful femininity”

        Ha! Touché

        I don’t do a lot of video media, but I can’t recall the last time I saw graceful femininity depicted on screen. I’m sure that, if I worked at it long enough, I could come up with some examples. But not many.

        That was one of the things I failed to appreciate properly about Short Dancer: https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2019/06/25/short-dancer-vignette/. Graceful femininity. Very rare today, and very refreshing.


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