Bodi’s book *Death by a Thousand Sluts*, on pickup and escaping being a gamma

I read Bodi’s book Death By a Thousand Sluts, Part Two… the content is very good but the book effort itself has some half-assed qualities, as it does not even include mobi or epub versions, though the writing itself is often very funny and misanthropic… much funnier than the handful of stupid celebrity memoirs I have picked up, like a half-wit. Bodi seems to (seemed to?) hate everyone, including himself, yet, fortunately, he is unwilling to off himself, and thus we have his two memoirs. Hate, despair, and contempt are very bad internal emotions for anyone trying to achieve anything social, including picking up chicks, so getting over those internal emotions is a huge part of his battle.

Although the book’s topic is Bodi’s internal journey and game experiences… if you read it, you will notice how much of it is really about Bodi’s relationship to Krauser, like an abused wife who cannot leave her man. Bodi cannot leave his guru/teacher/abuser but cannot not leave him either, and the scenes between them, as well as his love-hate for Krauser, could itself be a book, “Krauser & Me: A Love Story.” I’d read it.

For guys, the meta lessons from this book, *Death by a Thousand Sluts*, are to lift, to have or find purpose, and to focus on craftsmanship. Bodi doesn’t lift and consequently he is probably less attractive to women than he would be otherwise. This seems to be one of Krauser‘s hurdles as well, as his books include some photos of him, and he often looks like a head of cattle the day ax falls. That he can have that bad a body and yet still achieve game success is testament to the power of game and extreme grinding, but I have found it more pleasant to work out (makes you feel good) and also reap the sexual rewards. That is probably why my game is not that sharp, as I have relied on other dimensions to achieve my ends. If you are the sort of wanker who is spending time on Twitter, you have seen links to Cues of upper body strength account for most of the variance in men’s bodily attractiveness, as well as Hand Grip Strength and Self-Perceptions of Physical Attractiveness and Psychological Well-Being. I will summarize them as “stronger, more cut guys are happier and f**k more.” “Estimates of physical strength determined over 70% of men’s bodily attractiveness.” If you are not working on your physical body as well as your clothes then you are likely just leaving lays on the table for no good reason, except that you love sugar too damn much and need to pump some iron. Go read Arnold’s biography to get pumped for getting pumped.

It is painful at times to read a tale of so much self-sabotage. Bodi seems like he could be fine with women but is ineffective, mostly psychologically. I don’t think I saw the squat or bench press mentioned anywhere.

Having and finding purpose is more nebulous, as you cannot typically find these at a gym (or a gym alone), but they are good for your psychological well-being as well as being attractive for women. Most males, if we don’t create any value at all, begin to feel malaise. Bodi seems to be convinced that he has rarely if ever created value, and the malaise is deep in his soul. He is predominantly fighting against himself.

Do you know those people who, when you ask them about their weekend, always say “it was good” “nothing much” “I watched some TV?” Do not be them. Ideally have specific actions. “I hosted a party” “I went on a date” “I set a new personal record in the gym” “I learned how to make a bookshelf at the local Home Depot.” Most people actually love to hear about learning new things (that they don’t have to master) and these kinds of hooks allow others to ask follow-up questions. Don’t be a bore and learn to gauge interest, but a guy who has some determination and who is active is more attractive than the opposite. Learn to tell stories around these activities, while soliciting her stories, if she has any. Many chicks are actually quite boring and have done nothing, so it pays to be prepared for that too.

Craftsmanship is learning to enjoy and compound small victories in any domain. It is the process of developing mastery over a skill. I don’t have much more to say about it, but you can read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values Paperback if you’d like some spiritual blather.

Bodi seems not to take pleasure in doing anything well. When this happens, it is both hard to do anything well and also hard to be contagiously interesting. I often talk, for example, on dates, about whatever meals I’ve been learning how to make, and that is an okay short date conversation. I will sometimes tell chicks to show me their knife skills (make them pantomime) and then “show” them the correct way to chop, which is a fine kino moment. I’m not saying you should do the same, but it is a true thing and one that interests chicks. Dinner is a common second/third date.

He seems not to be able to monetize his programming skills into consulting or running his own business… although I wrote the material you have already read before I read this in his book, “This is a lesson I learned and still hold in all aspects of my life. A long time ago I realised that lazing around doing nothing doesn’t make me happy; it makes me feel fidgety and low-value. Free time and relaxation is relative. It’s relative to the work that you do. The less free time you have, the more precious it is. Feeling good is caused by accomplishment and for accomplishment you have to work.” It’s f**king obvious and most people know it instinctively. Has no one ever told it to him? One problem with severe anti-social tendencies is that the guy doesn’t learn the obvious.

I also have had my struggles but nothing in the league of Bodi, so his book is a bit like reading about people born into third-world slums who have little ability to leverage their way out. He just doesn’t seem to be able to make his actions effective enough for him to leverage his way out.

Bodi should do standup, as his sad-sack stories are hilarious and can be made just misogynistic enough to be true but not so much as to alienate the audience. Standup stages are one of the few public arenas where sexual truths can still be uttered.

I have had anti-social tendencies, like you know, but they were balanced against athleticism. Strangely, being anti-social may have helped me deal with rejection more effectively when I was young and entertaining chicks -1 or -2 relative to me. But I was ahead of Bodi in other ways. He has intense fear, even nausea, on dates, has no idea what he’s doing wit chicks, etc. All feelings that were very familiar to me from ages 16 – 22-ish. Obviously I still get those feelings occasionally today, but I know how to squash them and soldier on. If you deeply believe that you are the prize and the chick will be lucky to get you, you have a different world than if you do not believe that. If you don’t, you have to fake it till you make it. Bodi goes through this much later in life but he does go through, which is good.

I believe this story starts at age 36, and, for Bodi, “Like me, in fact, the world scared Steve Jabba. Leaving his job and trying to forge a new life in a now threateningly Red-Pill world worried him and gave him anxiety.” This should worry him and give him anxiety. Careers have trajectories and if you f**k around being an unemployed pickup artist long enough you are likely going to f**k your career and earn real money. Earning real money is not something to be laughed at, as, if you need it, you might really need it. The people who earn large amounts of money usually develop their skills and networks over many years. While there are rare exceptions to this idea, the exceptions are just that, exceptions. Most people who spend years out of the labor market and network market permanently retard their ability to make money. That in turn is going to seriously retard your ability to have a family, assuming you want one eventually.

Most normal chicks also want a guy who they can tell a story about moving towards marriage and kids. Even chicks who will have a little fling cause you get them at the right time and right place. If you live a weird full-time player lifestyle you may be able to have short-term flings with those normal chicks, but you are not going to be able to retain them. Higher value and smarter chicks who want real boyfriends, or guys who they can tell real-boyfriend stories about, are not going to go for this.

Obviously a guy can shoot to be a pure player and forego long-term relationships, and he can shoot for chicks who are okay with this. Lord knows there’s a lifetime of those chicks out there, at least until the player ages out of them.

This is sort of like the male equivalent of a chick who spends all her energy on her appearance. A chick who spends all her energy on her appearance will find that she can be f**ked by some top guys, but the guys she wants the most aren’t going to wife her up. The better, smarter guys with good options are not going to take her seriously, because they don’t take f**kgirls seriously. Chicks with anything going for them are not going to take unemployed players seriously, and they shouldn’t. They might go for adventure with them.

My argument is NOT that guys should become basic corporate drones, wife up a fat chick, and move to the suburbs where she can live vicariously through reality TV, divorce her husband, and take up with a violent, emotionally unstable construction worker because she’s bored. But a guy who becomes an unemployed player is giving up a lot of value and that would worry me and make me anxious because I have the ability to plan for and think about the future.

As long as we are discussing anxieties I might as well let slip one of my own… Bodi says,

Nearly every man I’ve seen that’s exceeded 100 lays has become broken. They can no longer emotionally connect with women. Their circuits are fried from repeatedly going through the ‘attraction cycle’ with an excessive number of partners.

I have been wondering if I am emotionally broken and unable to connect properly, and I have noted the curious, cautionary fates of many “game” guys. I am trying to break that pattern… and also, sadly, not doing as well as I should, or could, as the call of the wild often haunts my dreams. I do not want to be one of those guys, people actually (women do it even more often) who is in the game until the moment he cannot effectively be in the game anymore. I don’t know what to do about this: I’ve idly considered sex addict rehab type things, but they sound unbelievably horrible and, even worse, feminist. How many times can I tell some chick to bend over while I have a camera ready to snap? Do I still want to be doing this in ten years? I don’t think so and yet I find myself doing things that I know are bad for me long term.

Most people, including me, want a story in which their lives are meaningful, and I wonder if too much skirt chasing in itself prevents meaning formation, much as “too little” can. If skirt chasing is a result of some other activity, like being an artist or running a business, then it can be meaningful, but as an end goal in itself, can it? I genuinely don’t know the answer. Failing to chase skirt at all leads a guy to be isolated and with poor women/social skills.

None of the players Bodi konws has a dog, or teaches anyone anything except for game. Family relationships seem tertiary at best. They seem like loners, and functional chicks evaluate a man’s social world.

Back to Bodi anxieties, “I could literally just poke my penis into a woman twice, withdraw then walk out and go home, ecstatic, and update my secret spreadsheet, reverentially.” Laughter. But is her serious? God, I hope he’s not serious. He might be serious. I don’t keep spreadsheets and that sort of thing… not opposed to them, but not for me.

It is also funny reading about people who are obsessed with the evils of socialism and who admire Ayn Rand characters, while simultaneously producing little of economic value themselves. No architects heroically struggling against aesthetic mediocrity in this bunch. Today, I wonder if any of them would try to become Pornhub amateurs as a depraved side gig.

Overall this book shouldn’t be fascinating yet it is, like watching a car crash in a porno or something similarly outlandish and yet compelling. There are also comments beyond the immediate, like,

PUA is a response to societal change. It was born out of Beta men suddenly finding that being able to provide no longer rewarded them with a pleasant, thin, subservient wife, like it previously did. Increasing socialism, feminism, immigration: all have weakened the SMV of Beta men. PUAs are at a unique position in history and sociology; they are a sociological phenomenon which is a response to a specific societal change

I don’t think most guys understand this… yet. Or, they understand, but accept their undersexed lot and the fat chicks surrounding them. But if you want a girl who is better than average, you have to be better than average yourself, or very lucky, or both. It is funny watching fat, or skinny-fat, or otherwise low-value guys who don’t understand why the hotter chicks are not knocking to get them. Bizarrely, many of the PUAs lower their value via video games, but that doesn’t seem to hurt them too much in short-term mating.

Bodi is a long description of mostly what not to do. He does take some action steps which are to be commended. Bodi did a bad course at university and does not seem to have corrected his path. He does seem high IQ because dummies cannot write as coherently as he does. It is a shame that Bodi does not harness his powers via e.g. standup comedy.

Author: The Red Quest

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14 thoughts on “Bodi’s book *Death by a Thousand Sluts*, on pickup and escaping being a gamma”

  1. I read Bodi’s two books last summer and enjoyed them as entertaining. It was interesting and funny how he portrayed Krauser as some kind of pantomime villain. Very English of Bodi.

    “Nearly every man I’ve seen that’s exceeded 100 lays has become broken. They can no longer emotionally connect with women. Their circuits are fried from repeatedly going through the ‘attraction cycle’ with an excessive number of partners.”

    I remember this line and it gave me pause. But I can speak from my own experience and I have not found it to be true. If anything I think guys with high notch counts are vulnerable to the “players curse” of falling hard for a girl when the find one they have a stronger connection with than usual. They fall hard for her because they get lots of sex (dopamine) but not as much comfort (oxytocin). That’s been closer to my own experience than Bodi’s line.


    1. Villainous and virtuous, good and evil, knowledgeable and yet evil. It’s very mythopoetic, and I think Bodi knows it.

      I feel like I don’t fall hard or properly for chicks anymore… I dunno. Maybe it’s different for different people. I am much better at sorting chicks between the ones worth a damn and the ones who aren’t. That is definitely true. I’m also much better at defending my value from bad chicks who want to tap it.


  2. “Most people, including me, want a story in which their lives are meaningful, and I wonder if too much skirt chasing in itself prevents meaning formation. ”

    “Meaning” is quite personal, so for some PUA’s I’m sure there’s meaning behind the skirt chasing. If you are a master at it, and able to coach/teach it, you have a lot of power to influence culture in a positive way (whatever that means to you) and can find meaning and fulfillment through it. Not sure how many PUA’s are seeing it this way though.

    “I have been wondering if I am emotionally broken and unable to connect properly. I am trying to break that pattern…”

    What pattern, and how are you trying to break it?

    There’s a shit load of social programming to shame men until they “commit”, and calling them “broken” when they don’t want to “commit” or otherwise fall in line with rest of the sheep. With a 50% divorce rate, and damn near 100% breakup rate with all girlfriends/boyfriends, how can these people assert that players are the “broken” ones?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved the books. It also paints Steve Jabba as some lout who sits in his room working on AdWords and telling admirers of his to piss off. Jabbaesque!


    1. Who was it who said that adjectives are the enemy of clear thought? Edward de Bono or George Orwell or somebody.

      Replace the word “lout” with the phrase “disciplined entrepreneur” and the exact same facts have entirely different emotional judgments.

      What’s wrong with being in your room? What’s wrong with adwords?


      1. I don’t know how much of the Bodi book is comedy and how much he really means. Mostly comedy, I think. Like guys taking the piss out of their friends.

        >>What’s wrong with being in your room? What’s wrong with adwords?

        Nothing… can depend on purpose and effectiveness.


  4. Wow, great review. There’s a lot to unpack here.

    >> I have thought idly about trying those sex addict rehab type things …

    I had an illness last fall that led to some weight gain that I have been trying to reverse… I started with Xplat’s habit of eating every other day. Then I fasted two days in a row eating the 3d…. For the last 6 weeks or more I have been fasting 5 days, eating one big meal the 6th, fasting two more, eating the 9th day and repeat cycle. Amazingly in the last 9 day cycle with two meals I have only lost 1 pound and probably gained some slight muscle mass.


    I see now why religious ascetics fast. It has all manner of effects on the mind. The fasting completely killed off my sex obsessive thoughts and the need to act on them. I still have libido if I CHOOSE to engage it, but I can watch porn or flirt heavy with a ten, appreciate the energy that builds up in me, and walk away happily and just let the thoughts go. No build up of NEED that has to be let out one way or another. I haven’t been so free from thinking about girls and sex since early childhood. Now that I think about it it’s kind of miraculous. It feels really great; Like I’m not ruled by a demon anymore. At least not THAT demon.

    It’s also a very comfortable way to cut. Much more pleasant than a diet full of complex restrictions. At first days one and two were tough, but you get used to it. I started out snacking on small slices of cream cheese two or three times on days one and two. Day three on there is really no hunger. Day five of fast I don’t work out and take it easy. I have mental energy but physical energy drops for a day. I have had coeliac disease and stuck to a pretty low carb diet and one meal a day for years, so the fasting was maybe not as big an adjustment for me as it might be for others. If you try it don’t forget you need salt intake.

    I have long wondered if I could ever achieve what Napoleon Hill and others refer to as the transmutation of sexual energy. I just couldn’t get how that would work. It didn’t seem possible for me to not let sex distract me from getting serious work done unless I was on an oil rig or another planet, and even then imagination would do me in periodically. Now I think I could start to practice and get somewhere with it. I expect I will revert to normal horniness once I go back to a more normal diet, but I am hoping I can build some new neural pathways and not completely fall back. I’ll update you in a couple months maybe.

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