Gay guy hits on me as I walk back from coffee

I was walking back from coffee this morning when a gay guy shouted at me, “How do you do it?” I asked him, “Do what?” He basically gave me an up and down motion and was like, “THAT.” I laughed and told him “practice,” somewhat nonsensically, and kept walking. But it gave me a little sparkle. “Still got it!” I thought.

Obviously I’m not gay and there is absolutely nothing that that guy could have done to seduce me, but I bring this up to encourage guys who are unsatisfied with their sex and romantic lives to try daygame (this is a bit hypocritical because I have not done a huge amount of daygame… but I have done some). Many chicks will react the way I did, pleasantly, and they’ll be kind of flattered, even if there is a 0% chance they will sleep with you. Many guys seem to think that chicks are out to be silently mean, cruel and judgmental. Most are not. You will get some blowouts but in my experience probably the most common reaction is a bit of confusion.

You may notice that I was a bit confused and so my response didn’t really make sense, but that’s okay. Some chicks will thank you for stopping them and a larger number will walk away with a smile on their face. Many women are complaining to their friends that they have no way to meet guys. Be the way. Most women won’t take any real action whatsoever to improve their lives and rely on guys to direct their lives, then find themselves frustrated when no guy appears to direct them.

Be that guy.

There is an extreme shortage of good vibes in the world. Are you learning how to make them happen?

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

8 thoughts on “Gay guy hits on me as I walk back from coffee”

  1. I find that getting a lady to notice me beforehand is helpful. There’s subtle clues, like a glance that lingers a bit too long.

    Also, they can tell if I’m checking them out. There’s a way to be cool about it, you just need the experience.

    Once they notice me and they know that I notice them, then I need to make a move. Converting night-game experience to day-game success isn’t that hard. It’s just that the setting is a bit weird. If you try to make it fun instead of weird, it goes a long way.


    1. Regarding “Converting night-game experience to day-game success isn’t that hard. It’s just that the setting is a bit weird…”:
      I’d probably put it the other way around. Talking to girls is normal. But a night club? Now THAT’s a weird thing.


  2. Approach anxiety is still an issue with me, but I’ve found it helpful to give compliments to women that I know I won’t sleep with. Like married women, much older ladies/GILFs that somehow maintained good shape, whatever. I won’t seduce to bang them, but I like to flirt and reward these women who still have a good vibe. It’s a good way to get over resistance of talking to strangers.


  3. I saw this very ugly looking older woman last night at a jazz club … yet she was smartly dressed and elegant so couldn’t help myself and complimented her. She lit up and felt wanted, leaving the place giddy in the hands of her poor husband).

    The world’s not going to stop over one compliment.

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    1. A few nights ago I saw a woman in a beautiful dress at a club, I went up to her, and before I could finish saying “Hi”. Some fat lady grabbed her arm, screamed at me “NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!”, and dragged her far away. I stood there dumbfounded, wondering what the fuck just happened, when her embarrassed friend said “That’s her wife…”

      For the wife, her whole world stopped over some guy saying “Hi”.


      1. There will always be blowouts, mean chicks, etc., and they are very memorable… many guys post about them… I want to post about the more common experience that we hear a little less about.


  4. Despite what the feminist propaganda says, most girls are extremely pleased to be approached during the day by a decent and socially-calibrated man. Sure, there are as well a few girls that will react in a bitchy or diva way, but the more you get skilled at this game the easier it is to spot them (and ignore them).
    Then, just because a girl does not react in a bitchy way doesn’t mean that will sleep with you. The most common scenario is that she will be happy about the attention and move on with her day, since there are a thousand different reasons outside your control why she may not want to move the interaction forward.
    But by all means there is no reason to believe that girls don’t want you to approach them in a socially-calibrated way during the day.


    1. >> most girls are extremely pleased to be approached during the day by a decent and socially-calibrated man

      That is the key. Chicks remember a decent and socially calibrated guy as a pleasant interaction with an intriguing stranger. They remember bizarre weirdos differently. How do you know if it’s sexual harassment? If the guy is ugly or low status. Otherwise it’s flirting or fucking.


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