Girls who do stupid things, like yell back at a carload of guys late at night

Last night I went to a party and afterwards came back with three other people, two girls and a guy. As we were walking back to one of the girls’s place, someone in a car full of black guys yelled… something… I don’t know what, at the girls. And the one I knew yelled back and gave them the finger. Mind, the hour was late and we were in a deserted neighborhood, a neighborhood that might politely be called gentrifying.

We were crossing the street, and the guy driving the car kept going, then stopped to start to spin around, to return to us. I told the girls to hurry, which the one who shouted didn’t really do… I kept an eye on the car, but fortunately it got caught up in some other cars coming and going, and we got inside the building. I’m not sure that the girls or the other guy realized what was happening, but, when we got inside, I told her that it’s not smart to yell at a car load of guys in on an empty street late at night… she disagreed some… she might be right about them being assholes, but that the time and place for taking her feminist stance was completely wrong.

I was also totally unarmed, without even an extending baton or real pepper spray (triple-action spray). I think this chick forgets that there are two worlds, maybe more than that but I will focus on these two… a predominantly white-collar professional world with norms that focus on resolving conflict verbally, trading, making money, developing products, conducting science, etc. The other world is focused on brutality, drugs, and prison mores. It’s dysfunctional and a lot of people in top world forget that the bottom world exists. Fail to remember this and you may pay for it… last night we were fine, but there were four or five of them and two of us. It’s somehow racist to point out that I don’t want to deal with a car full of guys, according to her. …

It’s a mistake to think your world is the only one… many white-world dwellers condemn the police, often justifiably, for publicized instances of brutality… but I think the police also absorb a lot of the ghetto world street mores, not lawful world mores, and the police forget that the other world of law exists.

Police also mostly keep ghetto dysfunction in its place. In many cities, we have built palaces to ghetto dysfunction called public housing, or just bad neighborhoods… but many people are pushing into those bad neighborhoods, and conflict results. White liberal voters are mostly insulated, as the dysfunction is typically far away from their immediate neighborhood. I was basically in one of those gentrifying neighborhoods. If you go outside of your zone, you are also seeking conflict, which is not smart (unless you know what you are doing and do it deliberately, in which case good for you I guess).

There is a race component to a lot of this, sadly, and although much cross over too… that is why I wrote in the fashion post about two black guys I know/knew who did well with white chicks, and how they consciously or unconsciously worked to neutralize negative associations. The associations that the guys from last night were diligently working to cement. Maybe they were fine, just wilding a little, but maybe not, and I didn’t want to find out.

So I was annoyed with this chick. If she wants to pick a fight with a carload of guys in an area with lots of traffic during the day, that’s her prerogative I guess. But it’s a f**king stupid thing to do late at night. I have become somewhat more preoccupied with just not putting up with re//tarded behavior.

I have talked about this before, but most chicks who have problems with guys invite those problems in. This girl’s behavior would be an example of inviting the problem in. I think I have a little bit more contact with or knowledge of the ghetto world than most white liberals, so I am less tolerant of interacting with it. Overall I like this girl and no one is perfect, but damn it’s annoying to watch someone invite dysfunction into her life this way.

Author: The Red Quest

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8 thoughts on “Girls who do stupid things, like yell back at a carload of guys late at night”

  1. Chicks invite trouble for the sake of drama. But how could she be so bold to strangers? Is there a chance that she recognized someone in the car? An ex or a past fling maybe?


    1. I very much doubt that she knew the guys in the car. She has probably had prior experiences where she drunkenly mouthed off and got away with it, saved by some white knight(s), or it was a version of “Let’s you and them fight!” She was relying upon the males in her group to deal with the fallout from her stupidity; she wasn’t going to get thumped. Congrats, RQ, on getting out of a tricky situation. For me, the offence of compromising my safety so carelessly would bring a long soft next on that girl.


  2. A combination of MSNBC, Captain Marvel and countless other unearned positive reinforcement media narratives has girls thinking that they are entitled to act this way and capable of dealing with the repercussions if things go bad.. Look at the chick who passed out behind a dumpster in an ally and got raped by that Stanford scumbag. His guilt is not mutually exclusive with her personal responsibility. If you ask most women as individuals they will agree. Turn on any cable news network and there is zero mention of that fact that, you know chicks probably shouldn’t go out alone and then drink so much that they pass out in an alleyway…

    I’m not really interested in arguing whether things were better or worse in the past, in fact I tend to agree with something you’ve said before that things have never been better for a player. But I do believe that female belief systems as a group are more more delusional than ever and completely divorced from the real world. The world has always sought to protect women from their bad decisions. The present day West seems to encourage them.

    Been a while since I commented here but in this case thought I might have something useful to contribute.
    It’s rare that I disagree with you on how you handle your relationships but in this case I do. I would not have called her out on her behavior or explained what she did wrong (use logic) I would have enjoyed the rest of my evening, had sex with her if possible and ghosted or at the very least hard nexted her for a significant period of time.

    There is a certain coldness to being a player. Ironically most girls seem to understand this implicitly. As Rollo says ‘men are the true romantics.’ Most girls are experts at moving on from a guy who no longer serves their purpose. (Getting closure)

    I’ve had similar and quite different situations but which all fell under the same principle. Once a girl endangers my personal freedom or safety. I’m gone. Perhaps its my age (47) personal risk tolerance (low – I have too much to lose) but its an absolute no brainer from where I stand. There are only 3 women who I owe it to personal endanger myself to a carful of strangers.. My mom, my sister and the mother of my now grown child. Thankfully not one of them would be so stupid as to put me in the position. Every other girl who did, I no longer talk to.


  3. Jake is not wrong. She wouldn’t have replied if she was alone.

    I’ve seen this happen with high drama/drunk girls. I am inclined to believe they act out/talk back because it’s not their jaw that gets the first punch until it is (

    Even during the day, the women you walk with shouldn’t put you or themselves (while with you) in danger. Most women and many guys without street-fight experience and situational awareness are really bad at calibrating the “kind of danger” they are getting into and branch out the possible consequences of their actions. This is very different from defending your company from external aggression.

    I agree with MarkJ there is a limited number of people I would take a punch for, and a “FB” or girl I just met is certainly not one of them. Remember a street-fight is potentially deadly for anyone involved, even for those who can take care of themselves.

    As some practical advice, if the girl is creating trouble, I’ve found effective to just walk away once she is at it and letting her know. “Girl, don’t do that. All right, you’re alone.” *WALK AWAY* This has a double effect:

    – De-escalating the situation (now there isn’t any present man “defending” her with his presence since you left the scene). Her “opponents” will take her much less seriously.
    – Withdrawing your support and attention. If she looks back and you’re not there, she’ll reframe the situation quickly. Probably.

    (This also works wonders with many barking dogs, especially when on a leash.)

    It’s dangerous out there. Watch your six.


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