Three chicks on the state of big-city dating

I stop by for takeout (no bread) after an event and eat about half the meal there. The only space available is at a larger table. While I’m waiting for the food, there are three chicks, one of them in the middle of the other two, and she is orating like Abraham f**king Lincoln. Girl will not shut up… put her in a reality TV confessional and you’d have a show. She’s a very low 7 or high 6… I’ve done worse… I’ve done a lot better too… I learn she’d been f**king some guy, Orlando, from her work, and had discovered thanks to social media that he says “I love you” etc. to another woman. Mistake #1 from Orlando: don’t let your side piece into your social media.

This chick asks Orlando who the other woman is, and Orlando won’t give her a straight answer. The chick contacts the other woman and they talk. The other woman asked “Condoms?” The chick said no condoms were used. The other woman asked, “Birth control?” The chick said yes, she is on birth control and doesn’t want to bear some random’s child. They met up, had a drink, the other woman got too drunk and the chick I was listening to had to bring the other woman back to Orlando. This Orlando fellow is apparently an immigrant, too. Can’t tell if the speaker was white or Latina. He’s not paying for the apartment, the other woman is! What a player!

The other woman is still with Orlando, it seems. I don’t know the full and proper end of the story. Finally, I am leaving and I interrupt the chick (her friends have said almost nothing) and say that I have to ask if the blathering chick has heard of consensual non-monogamy. She hasn’t, but one or two of the friends have. I tell her that she, or her paramour, are looking for consensual non-monogamy, and I ask if she’s heard of a couple of regular events in my city. In bigger cities there are more and better events, but there are enough here. She hasn’t, and I tell her to explore it. She says she doesn’t need to. One of the friends seems more receptive, but I don’t have a good entry and need to leave. The talky chick is somewhat dismissive, sadly, so I can’t really go for the receptive chick.

Most fascinating takeaway is that so few chicks enforce condom rules today, and she was content to let a relative stranger raw dog her. When I was in college birth control options were worse than they are today, and IUDs were either unavailable or chicks didn’t know about them. So chicks had to rely on hormonal birth control, but that messes up a lot of chicks’s sex drives, weight, etc. This is a real problem, look it up, not just a chick imagination problem… this chick doctor goes on Joe Rogan to lay smack on hormonal birth control. For some chicks hormonal birth control a problem, for some chicks it’s not (Shannon and Short Dancer both relied on it, to no ill effects I could perceive). Most chicks today choose IUDs. Almost all chicks know that guys prefer to go bare and top guys will not tolerate consistent condom usage. Plus, obviously it feels better to the chick to have a man’s life force shot into her cooze. Despite the justified bitching online about how chicks are addicted to their phones…. there has never been a better time for a guy to be a player.

At the same time, sexual knowledge back then was rarer: it was available in books, from peers, or via experience. Today the Internet is a cornucopia of sexual knowledge, so chicks who are even remotely curious can learn a lot online, and then of course older guys will induct them into the finer arts of the bedroom.

Orlando also now has a private Instagram. Smart move, Orlando, but too late for your primary girl.

The redhead friend was cute, more of a bronze than a redhead exactly, but I didn’t see a good way to separate her out from the friends, including the leader and blowhard.

The title of this vignette is deceptive, because it was actually one chick orating on big city dating and two others listening. Close enough for this purpose. If you are a guy hunting for monogamy… three more girls have had the idea planted in their heads. It has also been interesting talking to guys online about leveraging these techniques to retain chicks and increase lay count. These ideas were largely unknown when I was in college, and it was hard to spread them around. Guys looking for monogamy and a family have it tougher these days than guys looking to party.

Author: The Red Quest

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