“The mom having an affair because her husband did first”

The Brooklyn Mom Having an Affair Because Her Husband Had One First. This piece illustrates the dangers of affairs and non-monogamy. I see guys online suggesting that it’s okay for a guy to have a quiet side piece while his main woman cares for the kids and runs the house.

That is of course possible. For a few guys, feasible. For most guys, not much…. requires too much money, time, dedication, etc. Too easy to get caught today.

If you do it, she will likely want to do it too. And when she does it, this can lead to alienation of affection as well as paternity uncertainty. If the guy in this story thinks the next kid in his, well, he might be wrong.

If you let the sex genie out of the bottle through your own affair, there’s a decent chance she will either end it with you or have one of her own to even the score. And for chicks, casual sex is on top all around them. No skill needed.

Big point in this is the principle of reciprocity: people will usually judge you by your behavior and want equality in standards. When there is no equality in standards, people get angry.

The red pill itself is a response to the feminist belief that women have no behavior standards at all. Anything a chick does or says should go. This is obviously bullshit and guys are mounting some defenses to this bullshit.

But it goes the other way too. If you fuck around, chances are decent she’ll do it too. Then what?

Does this chick have an IUD? If she gets pregnant again, will she tell her husband it could be his, or it could be the other guy’s? Probably not.

Being a player can feel like a superpower. But most chicks are going to want the same thing for themselves that you claim for yourself. It’s not impossible to find a chick who will let you play around or be your bisexual wingwoman. If you find one, or train one, enjoy her. The he-cheat-she-cheats pattern, or she-cheats-he-divorces, is the much more common one. Except that when the woman initiates the affair, the guy often doesn’t have sex on tap to compensate. A guy without options, without the ability to develop them, is in a very bad position.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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