4 thoughts on “On choosing life”

  1. “The question they will be justified in asking us is not why we gave them life, but why we didn’t do more to care for the only world they have to live in—which is to say, why we didn’t lead a better life ourselves.”

    I think it boils down to this. In truth, we are unable to handle ourselves, so if we bring another person along it all might go down to hell.


  2. Death doesnt pay. Know that the human species needs to reproduce to stay around. Diseases, weather, etc. say that we need a positive population growth. Only morons dont want to reproduce. especially the ones that choose between climate change and a family. I’ll ride the crazy torpedo all the way down.


  3. Western culture values conscientiousness so much, that it’s willing to let itself die off…

    Really though, I think this “choice” that people make is a bullshit one to make their ego feel better for not having kids when they’re young enough for it. Replicating genes is a core driver of evolution, and people pretending they don’t want kids ever are rare.

    Hmmm… but on the other hand, maybe sex is really the core driver of evolution, and this whole thing about choosing (not to have kids) is a maladaptation caused by the availability of birth control, combined with external factors of our society.

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    1. I think you hit the nail on its head in your last paragraph. Birth control is terribly disruptive.

      What I do find surprising is the fact that so many people still want and do have children when from an economic perspective it makes zero sense.


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