“Good Men Aren’t Getting Harder to Find”

Good Men Aren’t Getting Harder to Find.

For most women.

The problem comes from the kinds of 35-year-old women who write those articles about how hard it is to find a “good” man, meaning he is over 6′, makes $100K or more per year, looks good, works out, looks good naked, is great socially, is great in bed, and wants to wife up older women.

These women are disproportionately likely to have attended schools that inculcate their own sense of specialness in the world. They live in big cities that favor players not providers. Maybe they don’t have full-blown narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), but they have narcissistic tendencies and work in narcissistic industries, like media.

They are women who think that men think like women… that men are attracted to money, wealth, and status, rather than things like looks, kindness, caring, and femininity (“femininity is a patriarchy concept”… no, honey, it’s a matter of reproductive fitness, but you never learned that from your women’s studies classes). Today, smart men looking for a long-term partner should look at a woman’s job situation… a woman out of school who has no work or work history whatever is probably showing that there is something wrong with her… but a woman in a corporate job is not that appealing to most similarly situated men. When I am evaluating women for long-term situations, two jobs in particular stand out, teacher and nurse. They are both jobs that are easy to leave at the job (don’t demand 50+ hour weeks) and they are both jobs that make it easy to leave for a year or two to have a family.

There are a lot of women who bring nothing to relationships apart from their p***ies… and then they are surprised… where are the GOOD men?

Her career is not that significant an asset, either.

Top men… are often looking at women in their mid to late 20s for family… not so much women in their mid 30s, who are rapidly approaching infertility.

I think there is a class of delusional women who spent their reproductive time in school and low-level media jobs, who can’t figure out why they’re still on the shelf, who are complaining about the “good men” shortage… I am complaining about the shortage of hot 22 year olds who are height-weight proportionate and want to bend over for me… what a surprise. Women have also not been taught in their bullshit schools that men and women value similar but slightly different things in long-term relationships, so if you don’t bring what men most want… you are going to get what you get.

Delusional women and rejected men also have political ramifications… this is a great work, one that I will say more about later. I think we are really seeing a crisis of delusion, increased by social media, porn, etc. People who raise their value and see past their delusion, they are okay. A lot of women… are not doing this… then they wonder where the “good” men are… the good men are having children with younger women, women who want relationships and families… or the good men are having a wild ride, cause women value sex appeal over stability.

Unfortunately, delusion today is pervasive and society-wide. It’s pushed by the advertising and media environment. Few of us can resist it.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

3 thoughts on ““Good Men Aren’t Getting Harder to Find””

  1. Yep. Was at a book club with a bunch of women last night–I’ll have a bigger write up on my blog–but there was a woman who was actually fairly attractive for being in her late 40’s/50’s, petite, nice smile, probably was a total smokeshow in her 20’s and 30’s, and she’s like: “I’m invisible to men” and “I’m extremely picky.” And I’m just thinking: get used to being lonely then… so dumb.

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    1. and she’s like: “I’m invisible to men” and “I’m extremely picky.” And I’m just thinking: get used to being lonely then… so dumb.

      I have been thinking about writing a post about the women who never get over being really hot, or hotter than they are now… but it seems kind of obvious. Pointless, even. All of it is just “mistakes chicks make in the game” and “social lies we tell.” I feel like I am running out of blog material in general… the stuff I see sometimes in the media, it’s just like, “this again.”

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