“Rich Like Me: How Assortative Mating Is Driving Income Inequality”

Rich Like Me: How Assortative Mating Is Driving Income Inequality.” Women with sufficiently high views of themselves also often push themselves out of the mating market altogether. Plenty of spinsters don’t realize that men and women value different things, on average, in the mating market.

But I think there is more to the article than this… I have also said in various places that I want a woman who functions in the world, beyond sex. If she is out of school age and has no job or a marginal job… I am not that interested in a long-term thing with her because she’s revealing that she’s likely f**ked up in some way. Not what I’m looking for in a co-parent or longer-term partner. So I’m driving income inequality in that way.

Female youth and beauty is the most valuable commodity in the world.” This is why chicks without youth and beauty are so unhappy… nothing they can do can give it to them. Except for younger fat chicks who quit sugar and get on a physical fitness program, but they are in the minority. And guys who can’t access youth and beauty are also unhappy. Many guys, however, have not caught up to the reality that plodding in school, being polite, and getting an okay but unspectacular job is not a good path to the hottest chicks today. A few of us are out here in the wilderness, telling guys what’s what, but the mainstream culture has mostly not caught up. Many guys only discover reality after their first divorce.


Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

2 thoughts on ““Rich Like Me: How Assortative Mating Is Driving Income Inequality””

  1. Interesting article, but not all that surprising for those who’ve swallowed the pill.

    To me what will be interesting to see is at what point does the sexual market place begin to reflect the reality that women have their highest value to men between the ages of 18-30 (being generous–maybe to 35 or 40 if she’s tremendously fit and has some work done)? And at what point do women realize this?

    Because we see young women in this generation making two mistakes:

    1) is that they basically do all the things young men should do in their 20’s–focus on school, career, build a good financial base, etc.

    2) the thots out there who just want to travel, have a cool IG, and fuck foreign/hawt guys, and assume they will always be young and pretty enough to skate by.

    Of course there’s some crossover between the two, but both groups think they’ll be able to find a perfect Chad to settle down with when they’re good and ready, and MANY, I repeat MANY, of these chicks will end up spinsters, especially in this generation where women are both so picky and flaky.

    A lot of guys in the community think this will never be reflected in the marketplace, because young women can basically do whatever they want and get away with it, but I’m not so sure. There’s honestly nothing quite as sad as a childless, unmarried woman who’s alone, and there are going to be a lot of women who fall into this category as things go forward. Additionally, chicks are starting to figure out that while they have a ton of options via dating apps, it’s not a great way to find a husband or long term partner (that it works sometimes is only reflective of the fact almost no one meets each other IRL anymore), AND furthermore, that truly high quality guys are few and far between.

    Hard to say, but interesting in terms of social/long-term SMV trends.


    1. Most people don’t see much beyond where they are, so most women don’t fully realize their value is highest age 18 – 30 until it’s too late.

      The spinster phenomenon will go on, matched by guys who are lost to video games and porn.

      The sad, childless, alone woman doesn’t have any younger women to warn. And the younger women won’t listen. Word is already out there but it’s unpopular, https://lorigottlieb.com/books/marry-him/


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