“Why 16? Who do age of consent laws really protect” A dangerous story, too

There’s a story in the second half of this one……. about me turning tail and running.

Why 16? Who do age of consent laws really protect. Rare to see these ideas questioned, because they serve two groups’s interests: older women voters and parents. Obviously older women parents really see their interests served, but fathers don’t want to watch their daughters make typical re/tarded romantic decisions and get pregnant by charming older players. Charming teen players are bad enough. Throw in experienced seducers with teen girl morons and the teen girls risk pregnancy, heartbreak, etc., while their parents risk having to mop up the mess.

Parents don’t give a shit about abstract arguments regarding right, wrong, consistency, etc. That shit’s for the philosophers. Parents just want their daughters to be less likely to get pregnant, get STIs, become dick drunk, etc. Don’t underestimate the power of the last one… if you are a player you’ve seen chicks go out of their minds with desire, at least temporarily, and a decent number of dads remember women who went crazy with love/lust. They want to avoid that condition in teen girls if at all possible. Don’t think your arguments about reason, autonomy, women being their own bosses, etc. are going to persuade the parents who have to deal with seduction’s aftermath. Adult women have a hard enough time, as we can see from the number of women bearing children out of wedlock.

Plus… women who are over the age of 18 and especially over the age of 25/30 can’t effectively compete with younger chicks. How do you avoid competition? Outlaw the possible competitors. Getting the age of consent as close to 18 as possible, or even higher, gives older women a little bit more edge. Older women already have a tough go competing for top guys against younger women… letting women compete for top guys with 16 year olds is even worse, even more difficult. Women don’t want to date younger men, so that’s mostly irrelevant. There are a handful of notable and irrelevant celebrity exceptions, that’s cool, but they’re rare enough to ignore… let’s talk mainstream.

Women are already competing against the horniest women… they are (somewhat) competing against porn… women know their SMV declines post-children… to most chicks (most chicks who vote), the world looks super sexually competitive. Chicks don’t want MORE competition for guys their age. So what’s a good excuse to evade competition… you must protect innocent girls! From EVIL predators.

And most fathers agree with that.

It’s so surprising that an article like this appears at all. It’s interesting… I have (had, maybe, before life got in the way…) a lot of friends who were super interested in abstract ideas of all kinds, maybe including age of consent… none of them talk about this. No one wants to go there.

The story. A year or two ago I went to a small city in a coastal area on a work trip. First day there I went to the beach in the afternoon. Not much happening, warm enough to be pleasant but not warm enough to get into the water. Weekday, not many people there, nothing going on, enjoyed the sun. As I began walking back to the street, I saw these two girls… one of them in this black or red thong bikini that showed an amazing body, the other one was nothing special. But the one in the thong (black, I think), was just spectacular. Unbelievable. The other one was holding a basic Canon DSLR. Clearly they were going to do a photo shoot.

I felt like I had to open, so I did, something about tourists or locals. Locals. Then moved into talk about pictures… took off my sunglasses to get that direct eye contact. Strong with both of them, especially the thong girl. I talked about Instagram and photography… and then I said, “Look, I have to get out of here in a few minutes, but do you want some company until then? I do some photography.” Something like that… many guys online don’t like these kinds of questions, viewing them as “beta,” supplicating, etc., but sometimes they are useful ways of sorting out when to stay and when to go. Especially when the girl is stationary, like on public transit or sitting in a coffee shop. The false time constraint is useful here cause it gives you and the chick a way out if things go badly. It’s a good line in places where you don’t want to pointlessly impose but you also don’t want to let leads go. A lot of chicks, if they’re attracted to you, will be just as awkward around you as you are around them (they interpret your SMV as high and are flattered to have your attention), so it’s not easy to tell if they’re interested and awkward or uninterested and want you to go away. Their nervousness about screwing it up…. will screw it up. So “do you want company for a minute?” is a decent demarcating line. I’m sure it will be denounced as “BETA MALE” by some social ret**ds. It can be done at the wrong time…. but sometimes you want to quicksort chicks to see where you stand. It’s bad to eject too soon because you run out of patter… but it’s also unpleasant to the girl and vibe-killing to you to try and stay in set too long for little reason or payoff.

I digress… they looked at each other and said yes… the thong one more excited than her plain friend… I went back down to the beach with them, leading the conversation, chit-chatting and getting pretty neutral responses, but I think they were just unfamiliar with the situation and either seeking attention (possible) or also developing attraction (possible). I think only the follower girl had braces… can’t remember now. I got down to the beach and was messing with the camera, then I thought……. do you really want to go down this path? How far down? Most often the question is, “What if she says no?” But the question can be, “What if she says YES?” Newbies need to have a logistics game plan for getting to yes… frequently they don’t. In this moment I wondered, do I want to go there? What is the worst case scenario here? The worst case scenario is really bad.

I was also thinking about the older women I know who admitted to starting sex precociously, often with much older men. When I was in middle/high school I knew some girls who were f**king MUCH older dudes. I found it shocking at the time… today, no female sex behavior surprises me, cause there’s a surface level of polite social discourse, then there’s a deeper, more primal level of real desire, the things people want but no one wants to admit to wanting. Some of the adult women I have slept with have admitted to and described scenarios about very early sex… one of the benefits of meeting a lot of women and vibing with a lot of women is that these stories come out. I have referenced MY SECRET GARDEN regularly because it is one of the very few honest descriptions of this world that I have found.

Back to that day, the best case scenario was good, but the worst case scenario was too bleak for me to pursue. So I kind of said, “Hey, I really have to go,” gave them back their camera, tucked the tail between the legs, and…… just about ran away. I knew too little and did not want to potentially explore the worst case scenarios.

But, you know, I wonder about that chick. What has her life been like? She was very, very pretty. Her bikini said, “available.” Some young chicks will deny that what they wear sends a message to guys around them… older women are better about admitting the obvious.

With this girl, the risk wasn’t worthwhile to find out the truth, or to find out if she’d already made sexual debut. I know the female propensity towards regret and irresponsibility. That’s why so few chicks are in high positions in companies or government… the average chick lives in a fantasy make-believe land where her feelings are “true” regardless of her speech or behavior. I don’t want to get caught in that bind, which I’ve seen before. Women are emotional creatures and whatever is true in the moment, always has been true and always will be true. What happened to her? Was the thong a one time thing, where she realized what signals she was sending out, and decided to change the signal? Or was it an honest signal, and she is one of those girls who is dangerous to the social order because of how hot and free she is? I’ll never know.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

5 thoughts on ““Why 16? Who do age of consent laws really protect” A dangerous story, too”

  1. Last year I was seeing a cute 18 year old Latina girl. She would come over every other weekend or so. Very low maintenance. It was a perfect set up for me.

    One weekend she got drunker than usual and over emotional. Laughing then crying . She ended up throwing up all over my apartment, naturally I wasn’t too happy, washed her up and put her in the bed and told her to stay.

    As I’m cleaning the puke of my floor I hear the front door open and slam closed. Still drunk, she has run out of my apartment in tears completely naked and is trying to call the elevator.

    I managed to corral her before it comes and get her back in the apartment before anyone saw. She promptly fell asleep and woke up the next morning with no memory of the night before. I dropped her off at the bus station, deleted her number and never saw her again. I also ran away.

    In today’s world the personal downside due to the optics of that situation were simply too high to even consider keeping her around no matter how much I liked her.

    Long story short. I believe you made the right choice.


  2. I think the age of consent should be lowered, if for no other reason than to make chicks take responsibility for their sexual choices, but then, I’m a bit of a libertarian so that maybe isn’t such a surprise. I don’t know if it will ever happen, but the elephant in the room regarding sexuality is this: a lot of 16 year old chicks are as hot as they’re ever going to be, and in general, women are most attractive between 16-24. After that, as we all know, it’s downhill.

    To be honest, I don’t think it would change that much. It’s already taboo for a younger girl to be with a significantly older man. Like, you might see a few Lolita’s out there who end up with an older guy, but that would be the minority for sure. Anyone who’s gamed younger women knows this. I’m pretty sure there’s been at least 3-4 chicks I didn’t sleep with who ghosted me because they were too uncomfortable with the older/younger dynamic.

    What will be interesting to see is how much the dynamic changes in the intervening years. As we move toward a system of peak hypergamy, where 80% of attractive women are sleeping with only the top 5-10% of most attractive men, do we also see the taboo of older men with younger women somewhat dissolve? Because that is our sexual nature. The reality is that during evolution, teenage girls most certainly did sleep with men in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, etc., because those men had the most power and there’s a natural attraction women have for older men who have power and authority–we wonder why politicians often end up cheating: that’s why. These are powerful, older men who are leaders and that is intoxicating for a lot of women.

    What’s interesting is that the way our social norms are set, no one (aside from players) really gets to fully maximize their currency in the sexual marketplace. Young girls often can’t because it’s “icky” somehow for them to date a much older guy, and older guys can’t for the same reason. And yet… if I ever get married again, I will marry a much younger woman, because I think that dynamic is far more stable for a long term monogamous relationship. I give a couple where the man is say, 42 and the chick is 24 or 25–guy’s the main bread winner and she either doesn’t work or works part time so she can take care of the kids and house–a far better chance at marital success than a couple who earns even money, where the guy is 30 and she’s 28.

    In general, the older guy/younger chick relationship just works better.


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