Why nurses or teachers are positive signs for longer-term relationships

Hard-core players who want to f**k around can ignore this one, but I mentioned to a player that teachers and nurses are good female occupations for long-term partners. Why?

smart men looking for a long-term partner should look at a woman’s job situation… a woman out of school who has no work or work history whatever is probably showing that there is something wrong with her… but a woman in a corporate job is not that appealing to most similarly situated men. When I am evaluating women for long term situations, two jobs in particular stand out, teacher and nurse. They are both jobs that are easy to leave at the job (don’t demand 50+ hour weeks) and they are both jobs that make it easy to leave for a year or two to have a family.

There are a lot of women who bring nothing to relationships apart from their p***ies… and then they are surprised… where are the GOOD men?

Teachers and nurses make fine money and both jobs can easily be left at work, unlike many modern corporate jobs. Both of them have a caring / empathy component that is good for men. Both jobs are easy to leave for a couple years to do child-bearing and early rearing. Both jobs convey that a woman is smart enough to get into a line of work that’s super compatible with having a family. Obviously, there are many teachers and nurses who would make terrible long-term partners, so you don’t need to tell me that in the comments. I know that and so do you.

It’s also true that some corporate women or flakey artistic bohemians who would make good long-term partners. Judge an individual in her totality, not just her profession. But if I hear “teacher” or “nurse,” that’s a grain of sand on the “long-term partner” side of the scale, and if I hear “boring corporate harridan” that’s a grain on the other side. If a nurse starts telling me about how she cuts herself, how she hates men because of her non-existent relationship with her father, and about how she is a women’s “rights” (special privilege) advocate… then she’s out and it’s on to the next one. A boring corporate harridan who talks about how she has chosen a set of skills and abilities that make it easy for her to have a family… about how she prioritizes family over work… about how she is close with her parents… that’s the opposite…. she’s a good choice… a sign of something is not the thing itself.

Age discrepancy is also an important question for longer-term relationships. I’m very unlikely to get into a serious relationship with a woman younger than 25 or who is still in school. That way lies madness. Yes, younger-hotter-tighter is cool, but that’s also setting yourself up for dissolution and, worse, divorce. The number of exceptions here is super small. If the age gap gets too large, a man is probably setting himself up for failure. If I met the right 23 year old who wanted to be a co-parent… maybe… but we’re also getting to very unusual fringe corner cases.

Yes, it is possible to consciously seek and seed a co-parenting relationship with a much younger women… I know another player who seems to be doing something like this… but it’s so rare that I mention it to be complete without expecting it to be relevant to most guys. If you want such an arrangement and find such a relationship, congratulations, but I don’t think many of them are out there.

Unlike some of the guys excreting their bile online, I’m also fine with the woman making more money than the man, if many other factors are in her favor. Many guys are insecure or threatened by this notion, but I’m not. If she makes $$$$, that’s nice, but the number of attractive women who make a lot of money and also have other good characteristics for long-term partners… we’re again talking about a super small group. I have run into some, most of them being physicians. It’s like hot female engineers… I have run into one or two of them, too… they’re super rare as well. Generic advice needs to aim for the median cases, not the cases three and four standard deviations out there. There are many millions of attractive teachers and nurses out there, some of them young and cute, and the jobs are easy enough to train for and get that they don’t exclude the overwhelming majority of hot chicks, as engineering, computer science, starting your own company, and law tend to do.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

14 thoughts on “Why nurses or teachers are positive signs for longer-term relationships”

  1. I’m not sure about nurses being good long term partners. This is only hearsay, but an acquaintance of mine is a doctor in a hospital and he says it’s insane how much free pussy gets thrown at him and his colleagues by the nurses on the hospital staff. He has shown me the IG accounts of some of the nurses and they look like proper thot accounts.
    It also makes sense from a theoretical perspective to assume that nurses are pretty promiscous given their environment, which has a large pool of women and only a small pool of men, of which most of them are the nurses’ bosses/ superiors and belong to the most prestigous job group society has to offer (doctors).
    Teachers I agree though.

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    1. I think there is more talk about nurses fucking all the doctors than reality. A doctor who mows through the nurses today is going to get sexual harassment bullshit sooner or later when he steps on the landmine. Have you met many doctors? Many have no game and are ugly.

      You can obviously find plenty of nurse thot accounts… like you can from every large group of women.

      The positives outweigh the negatives on average.


  2. Sure you say it’s rare, but I’ll still vouch for the scientist and technical types doing part-time work (or other women with long-term plans of being part-timers). When I match with girls that are corporate lawyer/doctor types who work 50-60 hours a week I just forget about it unless they’re actively chasing.

    Unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t offer part-time work, or they get rid of all their part-time positions. It’s a fucking shame since it can really be a good opportunity to give smart women interesting, good paying jobs that are low stress so they have good family/work life balance.

    Too bad the bean counters out there ignore productivity (not to mention social) benefits of this.


    1. >> Unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t offer part-time work

      Issue is that almost any cognitively complex, non-routinized work benefits from full attention and dedication. Part time work is very hard to implement and often 60% workers really only produce 20% of the value than 100% workers do.

      Once you get out of very simple commodity jobs, the real value is not easy to find or measure. Talk about that a little here https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2019/07/16/location-independent-businesses-are-rarer-than-online-seminar-hucksters-would-have-you-believe


  3. Interesting post. I hadn’t thought much about the correlation between occupation and long-term partners. This post inspired me to finally save a list of the attributes I’m looking for in women. It’s particularly useful when on the date and we get into conversation about what kind of people we like to date.

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    1. Not a bad idea, but don’t get too caught up in the checklist, either… in the real world people are different, complicated, have varying motivations, etc. The perfect person doesn’t exist. If you imagine her into existence, every real woman won’t measure up.

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  4. It’s clearly only getting harder to find marriageable women in the West, and focusing on the professions that likely have a higher proportion of them can only help. I’ve never dated a girl who made more than me but wouldn’t have a problem personally with doing so. However I suspect she would. On this subject I have to defer to Rollo Tommassi and suspect that the women’s natural hypergamy would end up causing problems. Coincidentally my sisters’ husbands’ sister is in exactly this situation. Makes 250g a year married to a man who probably makes 75g. She is noticeably demeaning to him in public and often calls him a house husband even though he works full time.

    On the other hand the only girl I have seriously considered giving up playerdom for and settling down with about 4 years ago was a 30 year old elementary school teacher. It was an extremely close call and I still think about her from time to time. But I wasn’t willing to give up my freedom, even at 44 years old. Regularly fucking girls in their 20’s is hard to give up once that experience becomes normalized to you.

    Of course this path leaves the endgame issue open which is what all players ultimately struggle with. Even being meticulous about diet and exercise I will eventually become unfuckable to girls in their 20’s. My guess is somewhere in my mid 50’s with the certainty that it will be all over by 60. I’m seriously considering going MGTOW at that point. Read Thoreau, get a dog and find my Walden Pond. In the meantime I will get while the getting is good. As you say. There has never been a better time to be a player.


    1. Marriage is a bad contract with a lot of assumptions built into it that no longer hold. Women want equality (fine) but marriage assumes that the man pays the woman’s way, which isn’t true anymore. Marriage is too dangerous to consider.

      The question for many women is, what does this woman bring to the relationship besides her p***y? A lot of women don’t ask themselves this question.

      High earning women will almost have to marry down, financially, because there aren’t enough high earners to satisfy them. And a lot of high earners will buy younger hotter tighter. Not as prostitutes necessarily but plenty of women will look at a high enough earner and marry him cause whatever, alimony.

      I don’t know how long you’ve been a player but at some point, does freedom become over rated compared to stability and comfort? I also think most people need to have kids in their lives to thrive, particularly in the 2nd half of their lives. Maybe you are the exception with the MGTOW and Walden ideas, but very few people I have met have good lives post age 40 or 50 w/o having families.

      That is true even as our society empowers sluts, discourages commitment, and makes marriage a raw deal for most guys.


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