Loneliness and long term versus libido

It seems like there’s some trade-off between loneliness and libido, in a way that I didn’t feel when I was younger. For quite a few years I wanted to f**k as many hot chicks as possible, as often as I could, and when I did that, it was good. Body, soul, and psyche in perfect alignment. I still want to do that, but there is an undercurrent of loneliness and melancholy to random hookups, even with really hot chicks (some of me going on about the subject, here, here, probably some other spots too). That means I should seek something longer term, right?

Then… there is the libido thing… when I see or worse interact with a hot chick, I still want to f**k her. There are some ways to try and minimize the distinction between them… but I don’t think they’re going away, as a trade off.

I don’t have the typical 2,000 words of elaboration on the theme… it’s just a feeling that I’ve had for a while. Life is about contending with problems, not about ease. When I think about the long term, I want companionship. When I think about the next hour, I want a hot wet naked chick writhing underneath me. I think about some of the gorgeous and wonderful women I had writhing underneath me five or seven years ago, and I can barely remember some of them, in some cases. Their effect on the current life is almost zero.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

5 thoughts on “Loneliness and long term versus libido”

  1. Player ennui is real and naturally makes us question whether its time for to settle down. I find that voice to be particularly strong when I meet and fuck an outlier, the odd 8/9 amongst all the 7’s I usually date. This isn’t logical, the trilemma exists, its unlikely she will be young, hot AND loyal. And in 10 years she’s going to be a 6 at best anyway.
    Bigger picture I’m still internalizing the concept that ‘there is no endgame,’ but I find it difficult not to future project when I meet a particularly hot girl. Female beauty really is the prime driver of men and thus civilization. Some people live in the past, I have a tendency to live in the future. Neither makes sense. The only things that matter are the now and the eternal.


  2. “When I think about the long term, I want companionship. When I think about the next hour, I want a hot wet naked chick writhing underneath me.”

    You can have companionship with a woman you lust for, or are you getting at something else?


    1. He’s getting at something else, as I understand it

      But, RQ, can’t you be with a woman and also have sex with some regular FwBs?


  3. This is a bit foreign to me, because I never feel loneliness. I guess I have too many different interests to keep me busy. Maybe that is a reason why I resent women, since they take away so much time.


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