“I Thought I Wanted to Go It Alone” Narrator: “She did not.”

I Thought I Wanted to Go It Alone,” a woman writes, as if she is a snake or a lizard, rather than a human. Narrator: “She did not.” No one really wants to go it alone… everyone wants to go it with someone like +2 SMV… and if that cannot be achieved… then it’s time to “go it alone” as a pose. Humans are social beings and almost none of us really want to go it alone. When someone says they want to go it alone, male or female, they are almost always posturing.

This woman has the usual delusional woman problems, “What broke my state? A few things, really. I passed 35 and wanted a baby. I fell in love and was mercilessly dumped.” Of course she wanted a baby, no one gives a f**k about their career accomplishments, compared with their family networks… and that goes triply for chicks.  Somehow almost no one among professional women circles talks honestly about this. “Your Professional Decline Is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think.” For chicks it’s worse, cause their SMV decline starts around age 30 and accelerates by 35.

Smart chicks understand the fleeting nature of youth and beauty and focus on having a family. They might go through a sexually adventurous and experimental phase lasting a few months to a few years, but they understand that they should have a good route from maidan to mother to crone. It’s not hard, and most chicks’s grandmas could probably tell them what to do.

I should stop posting this kind of shit… there’s so much of it… yet delusion is kind of fascinating… I think the best players understand delusion pretty well.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

4 thoughts on ““I Thought I Wanted to Go It Alone” Narrator: “She did not.””

  1. In some ways players perpetuate their own delusions. One of the weird things about the player lifestyle is you’re never sticking around for the part where the girl becomes unfuckable. Endlessly recycling you’re way through young chicks wharps reality, at least for me. When I do run into an old plate from a few years before, it is almost always a shock. Time is never kind to them. I remember this when I’m enjoying the attention and affection of a higher than usual SMV chick. This experience tends to awaken a dormant fantasy that I can solve the trilemma. Find and convert a young, hot girl who is also loyal. This is its own form of delusion, because even in the unlikely event I meet a girl who fulfills all three criteria now, SHE WON’T STAY YOUNG. Every player has to resolve not wanting to go it alone with not being interested in spending a significant part of their life with an unfuckable woman. For all the progress I have made, I don’t really think I’m any closer to solving the endgame.
    I saw on Twitter that you might be coming to an end with RedQuest. I’ll take the opportunity to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into it. Know that you have made a difference. The player path is lonely, I know nobody close to my age in the real world living the lifestyle I do. Being open about how I live would be a waste of time and frankly a risk to my livelihood. Online interactions have gotten me through some dark nights of the soul and you have been part of that.

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  2. I think it’s worth posting these things, if only to remind guys that for all the shit they face with rejection, loneliness, flaking and stuff with girls, the flip side is equally if not more cruel–and what’s worse is that it happens for women, AFTER they can affect any real positive change.

    Like, once the wall hits, there’s very, very little a woman can do to remain relevant to HQ men. Also, stories like these are partially why I think there will be a marketplace devaluation of female SMV. Women are starting to realize their window is short, even if they’ll hamster away any responsibility for it happening… they know.

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    1. Girls have their own sets of problems, most of them self-created and created through poor use of time. I think men don’t understand how anxious and random chicks are… if a guy understands that… he can have some more compassion towards chicks… which doesn’t mean being a p***y or a pushover.

      Talk to chicks in depth and the hamster metaphor for the woman’s mind becomes clear. Guys without experience see women as evil, guys with red pill see women as hypergamy machines, guys with experience see women as random and ruled by uncertainty.


  3. I think it is posible to want to be alone, particularly for men, and I certainly picture myself almost completely solo once my parents have passed away. I think it is quite genetic, and also possible for women: my grandmother lived alone for quite a while and she never expected to have company of any sort.

    The problem is, at least for me (and I suspect many other incels) not having had sex as an experience earlier in life. Such lack of sexual experience makes later on things as literature or cinema not that enjoyable, because you feel like a kid reading them. And that is why (action) videogames are so prevalent now, because they provide a very enticing distraction devoid of sexual references so prevalent in movies and books, even classic ones.

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