Singles push politics and societies to be more extreme??

How single men and women are making politics more extreme… fewer people are marrying and having children, but women with sons have a strong incentive to protect a “male” point of view and the same is true for men with daughters, who have a strong incentive to protect a “female” point of view. Strip out some of cross-sex ties that come from marriage and children and both extreme feminism and the red pill stem from the same family locus.

Go further than the writer, who can’t go as dark as anonymous writers, like this anonymous writer… a lot of guys feel shut out of the sexual market altogether, and form communities of lost boys on the Internet, or fill their time with porn and video games, cause why bother trying for sex if they’re so far out of the sexual marketplace? Anger takes the place of success, when a guy isn’t numbing himself with video games. The less practice with women a guy has, the less able he is to seduce, attract, and retain women, leaving him with an angry festering emotional void where a relationship is supposed to go. (I’m not advocating this point of view and advocate the opposite, but it is out there.) Yes, it’s true that feminism has destroyed a lot of the school system and made it extremely anti-male, fostering video game dependency with its anti-male hatred… but a guy still exists in this world and for most people not having any relationship at all is bad, worse than all but the worst relationships. Particularly as one grows older. At age 20 you can say it will happen for me one day. For the average 40 year old man (yes I know about 40 year old players with hot 20 something women, that’s not average), it’s probably not going to happen.

A lot of women, meantime, have been “liberated” from the scourge of male resources and support. Haha, thanks feminism. I bet most real women really love that liberation from male wages and secure male attention. Women are used to being financially and emotionally subsidized by men, but now women are freed from the bonds of marriage to pursue hypergamy… they can chase guys +2 in SMV or more, get f**ked by them, and then have those men move on to the next field (woman). This hurts women. Worse still a lot of women at the bottom of the scale don’t even get to feel the pleasures of male attraction and attention. Hot men won’t pay attention to me? Feminism has the answer, that men are scum, etc., answers that are not true or interesting.

The red pill is a reaction to this situation. Feminists weaponized gender first, and now it’s happening among men. Men have also realized that if we hit the gym, practice seduction, learn what women like, and learn how to press women’s buttons, we can get as much sex as we can handle without having to marry the woman and subsidize her. It used to be that men traded resources for sex in marriage. Now we don’t have to trade. So for some top men… why bother marrying? Divorce still favors women… so why do it?

Women are unhappy when society favors marriage… women are unhappy when society doesn’t favor marriage… women vote for various means to extract subsidies from men via taxes rather than via marriage… men have mostly not figured this out. Too busy playing video games and watching sports. And we wonder why national politics are hopelessly fucked up, when they mirror a gender fight we all see on the ground. Feminists who started this gender fight didn’t think about what would happen when men get into it. Average men and women are still probably okay, the ones not contaminated too much by feminism… elite men are doing well (f**king as much as we like, based on good habits and knowledge of female attraction triggers). Elite women are doing somewhat less well because they have to compete so hard for other elite men.

We are getting into a situation where the extremes are more extreme. There are more virgins and incels than ever, and more hard-core players than ever. The hard-core players can learn from each other… I have been hearing reports from guys racking up 10+ lays in under a year from learning the game, then applying it to sex clubs. A guy who wants to raise himself above average has a clear path to doing that.

It has never been a better time to be a player… or a sexually unrestricted woman… it has never been a worse time to be a provider guy… or a medium tier woman trying to lock down a higher status man. An individual who can’t get what he or she wants is annoying… an army of women or men who can’t get what they want is a political force. A destabilizing political force. Families moderate humans. Adult humans without families are reshaping our society for the worse.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

7 thoughts on “Singles push politics and societies to be more extreme??”

  1. I didnt realize that learning game could be as little as +10 lays in a year, and that it could be enough for sex clubs.

    PUAs make it seem like you need to get laid every couple days with a new girl.


    1. >>PUAs make it seem like you need to get laid every couple days with a new girl.

      Depends on the individual, the individual’s goals, etc.

      A lot of the noisiest guys are also trying to sell stuff. Or boost their egos.

      Use the knowledge and tools to live your own life, in my view.


    2. As a “PUA” I’ll weigh in on this: almost no guy, no matter how big a player, is getting more than a couple new lays a month. In my best month I got 4, but that was very lucky and it hasn’t happened since. 1 new girl a month is very good. 2 is a top player. My guess is, if you can put RQ’s sex club game into play, you can do a bit better than that, but I haven’t done it yet so I don’t know. As RQ says as well, a lot of guys are lying/trying to sell something. I don’t have a problem, necessarily, with the latter, but the former is toxic as it’s misleading to guys who are here for help.

      > a lot of guys feel shut out of the sexual market altogether, and form communities of lost boys on the Internet, or fill their time with porn and video games, cause why bother trying for sex if they’re so far out of the sexual marketplace?

      This is especially true given that most people now view the sexual marketplace through dating apps. I hadn’t thought of this as much in the last two years because I haven’t used them, but it’s astonishing to see how bad it is for guys. I got fairly lucky with one chick–although I’d cold approached her and that’s why she swiped on me–but holy hell the rest of it has so far been absolute garbage. Eventually I’ll have to write a longer post about it, but it’s almost shocking and offensive to see the kinds of chicks who are swiping on me–they’re not trying to date 2 points above SMV; more like 5 or 6.

      Anyway, it would seem the haves and have nots will only become much more concentrated as things move forward. A lot of guys, as you point out, who aren’t in that top 5-10% of the tallest and best looking will drop out of the marketplace entirely. For the guys who can get sex, however, why settle? What’s the point? Anyway, this is where guys say “muh hypergamy” are fooling themselves. Female hypergamy is indeed a powerful force and it’s going to have an evermore profound effect on society going forward.

      I’m mainly repeating what you’ve pointed out so far, but it’s interesting to think about how this might affect politics.

      But as you point out, there’s never been a better time to be a player, and the best way to do that is learn cold approach pick-up.

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  2. In my early 20s I went to clubs almost every Friday and all I could get was some fat chick by the end of the night. This went on for a very long time until it got pretty tiresome. Now I’m nearly 30 and online dating was the only thing that saved me from being a virgin. I also know a lot of guys who are gamers and pretty much get laid with hookers or some lucky Tinder date.
    Like, it’s not that people don’t try. It’s that you fail so much and after a few years you just don’t see a way out. Usually your friends are just as antisocial and introvert as you. The few guys you know that are good with woman are not gonna teach you because they have their Game internalized that works for them.
    And Daygame is not something that is intuitive, nobody thinks this is even a thing unless you go on typing on the internet on how to get woman.
    This is just my two cents on the subject, it’s not simply a matter of hitting the gym and going out like most red pill guys think.


    1. I agree more than not

      Also depends on where the guy is starting from

      Many guys spend most of their lives playing video games, watching porn, and eating junk food. The pathologies associated with those activities take a long time to fix. That is why I and many other players write about ways for even losers to get started.

      Many guys who are successful with women seem to have been “working” on their skills (not consciously, and “working” is not exactly the right word) in many ways since they were kids or teens: sports, socializing, building job/intellectual skills, etc. But going to the gym and going out is a good start.

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  3. It’s not singles that destabilise the society. It’s the big cities. Singles and single life are merely an effect of an unnatural phenomena that big cities are.


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