Women don’t think that women can make adult decisions and be held accountable for those decisions

Years ago I worked with and sometimes supervised a college-age intern. She was into me for what I assume to be the usual reasons… she initiated the flirting and while I flirted back, I stay somewhat reserved in work settings. While I stand by what I wrote in If you are not a pussy you will do better than most guys: ‘When Women Pursue Sex, Even Men Don’t Get It’ and argue that men should be more aggressive and direct, it’s also unwise and unnecessary to f**k where you earn.

I slept with this one at the end of her time: I didn’t actually f**k her until she was done with the internship, and as far as I know we enjoyed some good times. If she was faking it during the sex, she was a first-rate actress. It was an easy, fun lay and she was also extremely petite and extremely tight. She was mobile and moved out of my geographic area, and when she got back I tried to re-engage, but she said a hard “no.” Too bad, but it happens, and chicks are random.

We’d stayed Facebook friends since then and while Facebook is a waste of time I do use it occasionally… usually to set up hookups or arrange real-world meetings. A year or two ago I happened to see a post about a career milestone for this girl (although I think she’s going in the wrong direction, I’ve not been asked my opinion so I shut the f**k up about my views). In the post she wrote about her career decisions and her relationship . . . with an older guy . . . who “took advantage” of her. I’m omitting some details, but she was definitely talking about me.

She wrote that I had taken advantage of her vulnerability and used age and wisdom to become intimate with her. She also wrote that I had betrayed her trust in me. This is funny because she was an active participant in seducing me and I recall what she was like in bed (eager, happy, seemingly satisfied or, as I said above, faking it well).

Our relationship did end in a somewhat untidy way and she got lost in the shuffle because I was f**king a couple other girls at the time, and she left the area pretty quickly. One day during that time I was supposed to meet her for coffee and as I walked in I saw my #1 girl already sitting at the window! I hadn’t properly prepped either for non-monogamy, so I had to run and make some unfortunate and very lame excuses… part of the angry girl’s reaction is probably due to my own hectic schedule at the time, and I should rightfully have done a better job of setting expectations, boundaries, etc. I wasn’t as good at that as I am now, or I just hadn’t had time to.

The aggrieved tone of her post is ridiculous and she is claiming the mantle of victimhood as if that’s something to admire. That woman (and she is now really a woman, not a girl) doesn’t think that women are capable of making adult decisions for themselves. Like a lot of “feminists.” For her, anything women do that they later regret is something that happened due to “emotional vulnerability” or “manipulation” or some such other nonsense. Women like this one are arguing, without realizing it, that women are children and shouldn’t be culpable for their actions and choices. Regret something? It’s a man’s fault.

I disagree with that view, but I’ve heard enough women express it to stop me… and make me think… what if those women are right? So many argue that women can’t be held responsible for their own actions and choices.

There are a handful of women in public who want women to be held to the same levels of accountability and rationality that men are. They don’t buy into the SJW worldview. They are just… rare. But a lot of other women think that women can’t be trusted to make their own sexual decisions. Feminists want to treat women like children. Sometimes I think, “Maybe feminists are right, given the female propensity to rewrite the past to fit present circumstances.” There is an epidemic of reframing consensual encounters as non-consensual, like that chick.

Here’s the other thing that I think plays into these problems… a lot of women from around the age of puberty up to age 22 or 24 don’t properly and truly understand the incredible sexual power they have over men. Or how powerfully and profoundly they excite men. Many men will go to almost any length for sex with them: this kind of power is enormous and it cannot be learned to be wielded correctly in a short period of time. Women experimenting with their sexual power are often surprised by how powerful it is. They are also sometimes surprised by the intensity of their own sexual response in the moment. But our society simultaneously tells women that they are oppressed and that men are bad guys. Enormous power + rhetoric about how she’s not responsible for herself = bad things.

In As Good As It Gets, the Jack Nicholson character is asked, “How do you write women so well?” and he says, “I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability.” I don’t believe this, and yet I see a lot of women in the media and online arguing it… not in these exact words, but with their meaning. Should we trust women who are making these very arguments, and believe them, when they tell us women can’t be reasonable and accountable?

Holly Madison Reveals The Hell That Is Playboy Mansion Life. Now, I don’t doubt that life in the Playboy Mansion was torpid and boring for the girls (how could it not be, with so little dick available and so little growth possible?). But Holly Madison got fame and a place on TV and rescued from her own inept life choices by nothing more than her beauty. After the fact, she’s pissed off about it and doubts her own ability to consent. She thinks she can’t be responsible for her own decisions… just like the former intern.

What women will think if men start taking them at their word? That women can’t be trusted to be consistent in their own decisions?

There are of course women who criticize the fainting-damsel mindset… the Red Scare girls do it in this podcast, where they talk about the power play at work and the displacement of desire by girls on to men. Camille Paglia demands accountability and responsibility in women, and she understands that many women have regressed into a childlike state of fantasy good and evil, and they show a longing for a patriarchal figure to take care of them. But without fathers or husbands, they are lost, and don’t understand themselves or masculinity. We’re in the midst of a new Salem Witch Hunt, in which hysterical girls can’t handle their own sexuality or admit to their own sexual agency. Years ago, women fought for the idea of sexual autonomy… now women fight to get rid of sexual autonomy and for the claim to be victims.

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35 thoughts on “Women don’t think that women can make adult decisions and be held accountable for those decisions”

  1. > Feminists want to treat women like children.

    Camile Paglia is excellent on this topic. In the “60s,” women faught for freedom, but that includes risk. If they can’t handle risk, they need to submit to a chaperone… Which was the previous tradition. They currently want their bread buttered in both sides… Which is also childish.

    Krauser says he sees women as like children. It shocked me at tht time, but I see it that way too (quite often) now. Children can be awesome, inspiring, wonderful… But you have to steer them properly and wrangle their emotions.

    Women/children tend to favor emotions over all else. And also immediacy over the future… It is how she feels NOW. Which leads to terrible decisions all tht time (short sighted) or, as emotions change, “revisionist history.” She feels different now, so it must be so. Childish.

    As for the mantle of victimhood…

    If you see them as herd creatures… The victim stories are a chance to bond. #metoo was crack-like for the women, as the very name begged for each of them to find a way to related… they had to xo,e up with a story… Or they’d be “egregious” (which means outside the herd). For women to be outside the herd is literally dangerous… Thus… a lot of creative writing.

    One use for SHAME is too keep private stories private (or within criminal process, within healthcare, etc, as needed). Shaming a lack of decency as to what details should be private would reverse copycat tales and revisions that currently work to keep her in the herd.


  2. So far I am aware of two serious complaints from women about my behavior, one directly delivered to me long after the fact by a much younger women, another complaint delivered through her girlfriend. Both were women who wanted me but I did not have sex with, either due to logistics or goofy behavior on the girls part. A woman scorned…

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    1. > A woman scorned…

      We should use this ^ phrase more often. It is a rich phrase. Good for you for giving it some air.

      > Both were women who wanted me but I did not have sex with

      “Vertical polarization is a perceptual bias to see something high status as having superior qualities, and something low status as having inferior qualities.”
      — Swingcat (I like to call him, Le’ Swing)

      That VERTICAL POLARIZATION is a clunky phrase, and he describes it here in clunky terms. But it has some heat to it… and I think about it all the time (even as I hate the name).

      > Both were women who wanted me but I did not have sex with

      I believe you. In that “frame,” those girls liked you… so they saw your sexuality as “good.”

      > A woman scorned…

      But after they no longer liked you (=”revisionist history”)… that same sexuality was seen differently.

      If she likes you… everything you do it “good.” If she doesn’t like you… those exact same qualities are “bad.” Le’ Swing should hire me to translate his words into “LockerRoom-ese.”



  3. > Feminists want to treat women like children.
    >Nash: Krauser says he sees women as like children. It shocked me at the time, but I see it that way too (quite often) now.

    I struggle with this.

    I always want a woman to be a partner with me, and they can be in many ways. But in serious matters I am always disappointed – of course. I think that thinking of women as you would a child is useful. With children you pay attention to their wants and desires and take them somewhat seriously, but you realize that as the adult you are responsible for whatever outcomes arise. So you try to limit what can happen and mitigate risks, while encouraging the child to take reasonable risks and learn from their actions in the expectation that one day they will be an adult.

    So there is an odd balance where I try to always treat women AS IF they have agency, and at the same time realize that as captain of the ship I will always be held responsible for whatever they do or whatever things happen.


    1. > I struggle with this
      > I always want a woman to be a partner with me

      Right? I totally get it.

      I used to struggle with this… I’m no longer struggling.

      One of my best “bosses” (=clients) is a woman. She is so good at her job. I like her more, work harder for her, and RESPECT her more than almost anyone I have ever worked for. In this CAPACITY, do I think she is a child? No. Definitely not. I admire her deeply.

      And in this ^ scenario, I don’t take her sex (=woman) away from her. However, in this scenario, her sex (and sexuality) is irrelevant. She is a very talented business woman. She has a great mind. She is wonderful leader (not overly sweet or supportive, BTW… I am more like that than she is).

      So in THAT CAPACITY… she is “lord,” not a child. She is amazing. I would follow her into battle. I have met many women like this… but I doubt they make good dates for competent men.

      But were I to date that same women… in her capacity as a lover, girlfriend, wife, etc… I bet she would either be BORING (have low-childlike qualities, but also low femininity, whimsy, etc) or… she would be CHILDISH (and lovely in that way), and all my current rules would apply.

      Fuck feminism. And fuck “being supportive of women” – yeah, yeah, big *yawn* to that whole concept. That is not what I am saying here.

      But I can separate the CAPACITY, the ROLE of a women in terms of mating/dating from other facets of here where she might have earned more respect. And in the capacity/role of lover/GF/wife…

      > you are responsible for whatever outcomes arise

      Exactly. Because they operate like “children.” They will never be responsibly. And I know that. I am completely fine with that. In fact, I INSIST ON IT NOW. It is better that way (because I am “better than she is” in that role). I assume the risk… it’s my show. And end of the day, I don’t give the “children” credit for the show either.



      1. I have heard it called the “captain” and “first mate” model. The captain makes the decisions but may confer with the first mate at times. Some responsibilities may be delegated to the first mate (for example, deal with the children). But there is a hierarchy. It is not a partnership, the way a business partnership is a partnership.

        Distinctions in capacity are also useful.

        There are some women who behave in ways consistent with how they speak. But there is a vocal minority who are determined to argue that women lack the capacity to make adult decisions. I find that vocal minority very interesting and revealing, particularly in the dating/sex sphere.


    2. Some behave like adults with autonomy, but many don’t. I think there’s a selection bias thing too. The most with-it chicks are probably not going to go for a guy like Krauser, who is going to show them many red flags (chicks have red flags of their own).

      I have been rejected/laughed off by hot chicks who are serious about finding a serious boyfriend and husband to have a family with. Chicks who are smart / know what they want. And you know what… if they’re serious about having a family, they should laugh me off, cause for many years I mostly wanted to fuck around, take them group sex events, etc. Do things that are the opposite of what they want.

      There are self-aware, high autonomy chicks who want to do things I’ve wanted to do.

      Some chicks have agency, a lot don’t, the ones who don’t, are probably more available on average than the ones who do.


  4. >As for the mantle of victimhood…

    I had forgotten… One of the two aforementioned – the very much younger than me one – marched up to me at a conference and lectured me, sort of put me on notice, that I had victimized her, taken advantage of her youth and naïveté &c. and made her feel terrible.

    With distance the whole affair was quite comic, but at the time I was a bit shaken. It was very unexpected. I remember walking away thinking “wow. that felt yucky. But on the plus side I gave her the gift of victimhood.”


  5. > Krauser says he sees women as like children. It shocked me at tht time, but I see it that way too (quite often) now. Children can be awesome, inspiring, wonderful… But you have to steer them properly and wrangle their emotions.

    This is classic redpill dogma–and quite correct. A few lessons for me here:

    1) While we might be able to understand or rationalize why women engage in rewriting history or being part of “the herd” with regard to #metoo, it’s dangerous. And the unfortunate truth is that our society has both granted women the freedom to do whatever it is they want, while at the same time excusing their behavior, especially when it comes to sex and relationships with men. Aziz Ansari has basically had his career ruined because some THOT regretted hooking up with him, even though she was 100% responsible for putting herself in a sexual situation with him. I had to break up with IG girl because she had written poetry about me that inferred I was somehow “dangerous.” The lesson here is that as soon as you get a whiff of this, FUCKING RUN. Because despite chicks like the above and what is often over stated in the redpill community, most women aren’t like this.

    2) Older women (not sure how old she is now, but she’s older than she was it sounds like) are the worst slut shamers and this is because they’ve lost value and have no way to compensate for that fact. This is why, like with Gorsuch and the AG for Virginia and a lot of other guys who’ve been accused of sexual misconduct, the accusation comes years and years later. Because at the time, whatever happened was fine with the chick. But then she sees that this guy still has high value, perhaps higher value, while her value has drastically decreased.

    3) It needs to be pointed out, as often as possible, that women 18 and over are legal adults, who don’t get to wish away their mistakes through virtue signaling, AND, women are just as culpable for their choices as men. Richard Cooper posted something about a sign that read if alcohol has been consumed, a person can’t consent, but the sign inferred that that guy was therefore “raping” the woman. If it’s the case that the man is responsible for sex but the woman is not, then women aren’t capable of consenting, EVER. And we all know that’s bullshit. So either she’s just as responsible for sex as a man, or women aren’t legal adults. It’s one or the other.

    4) Rape does happen, but the more stories I hear like this, the more I’m inclined to believe a lot of it’s bullshit and simply a case where the chick regretted hooking up with a guy. Pretty scary, but as we see more and more cases come forward and then get dismissed with a not guilty verdict for the accused, hopefully society will come to its senses… not holding my breath.


  6. Here is my SOURCE from CAMILLE:

    “Too many young middleclass women, raised far from the urban streets, seem to expect adult life to be an extension of their comfortable, overprotected homes. But the world remains a wilderness. The price of women’s modern freedoms is personal responsibility for vigilance and self-defense.”
    — Camille


    If a man focuses on THIS PART: “Too many young middleclass women, raised far from the urban streets, seem to expect adult life to be an extension of their comfortable, overprotected homes”… I think he is pissing in the wind. It’s true. It’s a fact. But that is not the place to put the emphasis. That is “cult of complaining” kind of stuff.


    If we want to make a good point on all this when faced with accusations, we can sling back this part: “The price of women’s modern freedoms is personal responsibility for vigilance and self-defense.”

    Which is a very good argument. And FRAMES the argument as forcing those that defend “no consequences” for women to choose “Freedom and responsibility” or “movement by permission only” (in which case, women won’t be responsible as someone else approves each step… aka chaperone).

    And it’s not that we’re going back… that won’t happen… but we can shame the double standard, and use the “insistence” of feminism to claim freedom to justify emphasis of consequences.


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