Don’t ask for nudes. Don’t be pleased if you get them too soon.

Don’t ask for nudes. Don’t be pleased if you get them too soon. I’ve come to realize getting nudes is only a good sign if they arrive after I’ve f**ked her… then the nudes say, “There’s more of this coming your way and I want to entice you.” If she sends them beforehand I seem to be further away from f**king her (and I might never).

Why? I’m not 100% sure, but some chicks appear to substitute nudes for actual f**king. It’s worse if the guy asks…. or so girls tell me… asking for nudes seems to be a demonstration of lower value (DLV) and hot girls are bombarded with requests from low-value guys. I don’t have a strong theory about why this appears to be true, just observation. Some people now seem to prefer masturbatory stimulation to real live sex. Maybe I’m just old school but that’s not me. I’m also old-school enough to not have spent my adolescence and young adulthood watching hours of HD Internet porn every day. In my formative years, we had pics and some video, sure, but the bulk of sexual activity and stimulation had to occur live and in person.

Dexter speculates

My guess is if a woman she sends an explicit pic to you before f**king she thinks to herself

” shit…I sent this guy a nude so if we meet he’ll be expecting sex right off the bat “

It takes away her plausible deniability.

That’s a fine theory… others may be constructed. Mr. V daygame said (before he deleted his account…RIP),

You forget that woman and men speak a different language. A guy wants pics of tits, a girl doesn’t want pics of dicks. That’s a clear example how men and woman are seduced differently

I only send them if the woman specifically asks for them (some do)… I don’t think a woman has ever asked for pics or videos before she’s had sex with me… after sex, she has a narrative and experiences to connect the visuals to. If she coyly asks I might say, “So you want me to send you nudes.” Again, I’m pretty sure this only ever happens after we’ve f**ked for a while. The story and experiences makes them valuable to her, in a way random guys aren’t. Without the story, they’re just another random guy’s body, and women can see male bodies, even very nice ones, any time they want.

Let me clarify… I am not against nudes at all and have shot thousands of them, almost all of them post-sex, when the woman is very much in my frame and flooded with positive emotions and openness after being f**ked. A lot of women who are happy to pose right after being f**ked will later ask that they be deleted. A note for students of female psychology. Answers as to what this means can be posted in the comments.

A very nice mirrorless camera, like a sony a6300, is now as little as a couple hundred dollars… I remember the first reasonably priced DSLR, the Canon Rebel, that cost $999 or $1199 with lens, I believe, and just 4 or 6 megapixels. We live in a different world.

If she sends you nudes, try to get her on a date with good logistics as soon as possible. If you can’t get her on the date, she’s seeking attention and that’s it, and she’s learned that nudes or near-nudes get attention. Never reinforce bad behavior. I’m not in it for attention or for pictures… I’m in it for the physical pleasure and the psychological, spiritual, and physical connection… that’s where the good stuff is.

Guys who really want to get laid, focus on the things/behaviors/strategies that lead in that direction, to that outcome, and ignore other things. Asking for nudes is not a good step on the route to getting laid. I think a lot of guys reading and chatting online are not truly into getting laid. Getting nudes after you’ve slept with the girl is fine. Still think you’re better off taking them yourself, though. 

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

5 thoughts on “Don’t ask for nudes. Don’t be pleased if you get them too soon.”

    1. >>The main problem with trying to get girls to text or message you delicious nudies of themselves is that it subjects you to the risk that you’ll be perceived a creepy perv desperate for sexual handouts.

      Personally, I don’t go in for the proactive “sext me” strategy, preferring instead to let it arise organically with girls who are already into me and have decided on their own to expose their plush wares to my viewership

      Those two are true.

      “Once a girl has sexted you, she’s psychologically invested, and her perception will shift to her chasing you, which makes closing the deal a lot easier.”

      That doesn’t appear to be true. I also don’t know when this was written… maybe it used to be more true. Today, a lot of chicks seem to use nudes as an attention-getting substitute for sex.

      I don’t understand why you’d want to get nude pics instead of a real nude woman. If she is substituting nudes for sex, then you are not getting her closer to sex, you are getting bronze when you want gold.

      Old Heartiste (2009 – 11 or something) was a player, new Heartiste is a keyboard jockey… this seems to be new Heartiste.


      1. I’m guessing it also depends a lot on the guy’s reaction to being send nudes or generally pics from her. Nudes can also be what Torero calls “beta bait”. Is the guy reacting like it’s no big deal, or is he getting vulgar and/ or starts to kiss her ass.
        This goes back to oldskool advice from Style/ Neil Strauss. I remember he mentioned in ‘The game’ that when a girl is throwing overtly sexual comments at you (stuff like “Im so good at blowjobs”), she is testing you. His field tested response was simply an Ali G style “Respect”.


  1. I’ve got a girl I met during daygame that I’ve been texting during lockdown (she’s currently in another city) and she keeps dropping less and less subtle hints about sending nudes and bringing up sexual topics. Keeping the above article in mind I’ve been resisting the temptation and steering the conversation away but it’s getting to the stage where I feel I risk looking frigid if I keep doing so. Thoughts on how to handle?


    1. Usually I’d say don’t bother, but now it’s quarantine time, so who knows. If you can drive to her or she to you, I’d tell her that I’d been quarantined for the last couple weeks so we can be quarantine buddies together. If that’s not practical, I dunno, it’s virus season so the usual rules might not apply.


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