The game’s endgame and picking up a girl at a private party

Got an invite to a huge private sex party… remember how I wrote, “game can be thought of a little bit like chess in that for good players the first 5 – 10 moves are memorized calls and responses and gamed out… the interesting stuff happens midgame”? This is an endgame story, making it less valuable than mid-game stories, where the real action lies, but, since I already wrote most of the story for a private group, I figured I’d tell the rest…

At the party, I ran into some friends, but then almost immediately talked to a gorgeous, short girl who used to be a high-end escort and probably had income that put her well into the 99%… she’s a true 9, though not a great conversationalist, or she was on drugs, or both… some other things about her stood out but are too private to share… asked for kiss when she left, and she said “maybe later.” In normal dating asking for the kiss is a bad move, but in this environment it’s the way to go.

Did an MFM with a couple I know… read Yoylo for an MFM example story… I have also laid out a threesome blueprint… this threesome happened because I’ve known them both for years… she is a solid 7, he is probably a male high 7 / low 8… he finds it hard to find the right women, and they are put together well. He’s had some of mine before, so it’s all good: I have spoken many times about reciprocity and balanced equation, and our equations are well-balanced. If there is a “game” story in this threesome, it is buried in the years prior… we are all casual friends who spent some time catching up, then had a casual threeway, and it was fun. Very intense one, too. Whatever “game” was involved happened long ago, but the threesome was hot, intense, and distinguished by the lack of jealousy or ego, and the dissolving of the mind in the pleasures of sex. Plus, we put on a bit of a show, which I like doing. Good non-monogamy can be a means of building wealth slowly, and it’s possible to discover that, over time, you are extremely rich. Extremely sexually rich, which many guys want to be but few guys are. 

Much later, I was about to leave and crash, but I saw this girl and had to say hi to her… she was receptive, so I got to chatting with this chick and she had great vibes, nice but not astonishing face, and just the best body. 25 or so… we chatted for a while and she noticed my paddle, which was hanging off a belt loop… remember the idea of “peacocking?” Having a paddle and restraint cuffs hanging around is the right kind of peacocking for the sex-party environment I was in.

This girl asked if I would spank her… of course, baby, I’d hate to deny a lady, and love to get my hands on her supple, tight ass… usually it’s the man’s responsibility to advance the experience and lead the girl, but, I later learned, she’d been waiting around all night in this sexually-charged environment without getting hit on. The two of us found our way to a more private back area, away from the crowds, and she was so cute (great, top level super feminine energy) and responsive. Some spanking/paddling, light choking/hair pulling… things moved fast and she was broadcasting horniness… so I kept going forward, checking in with her at appropriate places… and wow. I didn’t think I could rise to the occasion but did it (sometimes verbalizing “I’m not sure I can have sex again” helps me relax into it, while I go down on her and see if her moans can energize me to the point of capability), and sex with her was amazing… amazingly fun. Great and fast connection. Some girls also know how to get out of their own way in order to have great sex, and she’s one of those girls. 

Time between “Hi” and f**king was… 20 minutes? 30 minutes? I don’t know. It was almost too fast, even for me… she’d been marinating in the sexy environment and socializing for a long time and yet hadn’t been approached, or properly approached (later I found out too that she knew a guy there, a friend of friend, who had been chasing her, but she wasn’t into him).

Or, right girl, right time? I want to give her an 8 due to her body just being packed in all the right ways and feeling fantastic but probably a high 7. Everything about her felt and seemed right. Instant chemistry is rare. She seemed almost grateful to have me inside her, which is a huge turn-on. She expresses pleasure well and without inhibition. Hope she comes out… we talked about that, but she might be an “in the moment” girl who disappears later. I hope not.

Like I said, it happened almost too fast… I wanted more time to play with her body, to get to know her, but her sex temperature was so high that I felt I couldn’t not. We talked about some logistical things… “feminine energy” isn’t discussed as much as it should be. Hers was off the charts, for me. She was like crack. Other girls should take lessons in feminine energy and sounds from her. F**king her was great. She reminded me of Short Dancer, and it has been years since I have felt that way.

Did not see the former sex worker 9 again. I’d flirted with a few other girls, but I was so pleased to be with this one.

I’m also a r^t@rd in some ways… my stated overall life goals are different than the behavior I engaged in last night, so there’s that. I was pursuing pussy when in fact I should be trying to get my life sorted out. 

I wasn’t going to write this story at first, cause I don’t think there’s anything new to learn from it… but then I realized that that is the lesson: I’ve been building ecosystem/connections for many years, and staying in pretty good shape, and it came together, slowly and then very quickly. Years of effort led to a great sex experience. Did it happen in 20 minutes, or 10 years, or both?  Maybe I could point out that even sl*ts often want to know the guy/guys they’re sleeping with… more often than not they do… the first woman, the one I had the threesome with, came around not because I was a random but because I wasn’t.

Overall, I think I’ve contributed more value to the community than I’ve taken, and that was reflected in the private sex party. It was reflected in the invite itself, which few guys can access (we have to prove ourselves first, and I was very well-proven). A guy with reputation counts. The quality of my own connections was reflected in the people I knew there. It was reflected in the fact that I knew how to be once I was there, and knew where to flirt and where not to. Where to push forward and where to hang back.

The interesting things happen in the midgame… but this was the end game… the value had already been built. The reputation was in place. The beautiful 8 hadn’t been approached, or properly approached, and she was ready, so I went for it, although she did as much to show me that she was ready for sex as I did to take her… I was wandering through the orchard and spotted what might be a ripe fruit… I climbed up, checked it out… turned out to be ripe… and it was good. I had the skills she wanted, and she… well, she had what I wanted. The fruits of the network.

Tried not to drink too much and succeeded… I have a bad habit of, if the drink is in front of me, drinking it… exhausted the next day, however… I feel a little too old for this shit in some ways, to be honest. I still feel kinda off track… my forebrain and hindbrain continue to disagree… am I turning into a chick or something? Hope not.

This FR is late game…. it’s about the building of value and discovery and connections over many years. Very few guys can just walk into something like this… you have to know the players involved. The mid-game for this kind of thing can be read in detail here… if your version of the book is more than six months old, get the latest, because I’ve been updating it in response to other guys’s questions and observations. Thanks to other guys who have sent me their learning and their field reports: you have made the book better and stronger than it would have been.

FRs that deal only with the first couple interactions with a woman often aren’t interesting because they’re pretty well gamed out. FRs that cover end game, like this one, often aren’t interesting because there’s not a lot of value building or practice taking place… the value building took place in the past. I’d learned to be in the right place at the right time with the right attitudes and that was rewarded. This is a study about reaping wheat, not about growing it (much harder to grow than to reap, or to eat the food made from the wheat). I was surprised by the girl at the end and the speed with which it happened. But the conditions for that had been created over many years. I’ve had this happen before… but this girl was just f**kin hot, and she’s relatively to new to the scene/community. In some ways I got lucky, but you know how the harder you work, the luckier you seem to get? It’s like that.

Magnum has a different FMF report too.

If you like threesome stories, go read BradP.

Picking girls up at parties is fun, and more guys should learn the game.

Author: The Red Quest

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10 thoughts on “The game’s endgame and picking up a girl at a private party”

  1. > This is an endgame story, making it less valuable than mid-game stories, but I wrote most of it for a private group, so I figured I’d tell the rest…

    Great story.

    And I’ll second the logic you’re pushing here:

    I have been in game a long time, so early-game stories are hard for me to get into (I have heard them all before)… UNLESS, they bring a new angle, or make it personal. You do both, so your early-game stories are great.

    And end-game stories are awesome but can be hard to relate to or learn from — “I won. The end.”

    But mid-game is where it’s at for me now (and shows where I am in my development).

    I am so into the topic of LMR, as that is a crucial mid-game stage that every player sees (non-players too) but there isn’t much detail or in-depth discussion out there. There is more than “freeze her out” or “she was wasting my time… So I gave up.”

    As I get better with game, I almost start with the idea of LMR and game from there…

    “Begin with the mid-game in mind” == “seeing the future.”

    You’re killing it man. Viva RQ.


    1. I almost didn’t post this because it’s so very “end game.” “I showed up, and I got laid without a lot of immediate effort” is not a very interesting story. Interesting stories show conflict and surmounting challenges. Porn is the very lack of conflict… man drops his pants and an attractive, willing woman immediately gets it on with him… it is pure fantasy for men, while reality is about conflict and struggle. “I had sex with my wife, who I have had sex with 500 times before, all afternoon” might be gratifying for a guy… it is just not going to teach guys anything, because all of the learning happened in the past.

      But I realized that there is a meta point, about how it is possible for the opening and mid game to occur in the distant past, and the end game to happen much later. Or for how the opening, middle, and end can be very compressed (into 20/30 minutes) in some situations. Thinking about my own experiences and reading those of others has helped solidify the tip of the spear idea

      There are other stories from the past like this one… I wouldn’t want to post a lot of them because they are boring and give guys the wrong idea… but this one was unusual and top of mind, so I just wrote it out quickly, figuring that one is okay, particularly with the caveats. Also the second girl is unusually hot. I was tired and almost didn’t talk to her.

      Good thing I did. She was so hot.


      1. > There are other stories from the past like this one… I wouldn’t want to post a lot of them because they are boring and give guys the wrong idea…

        Agree. But you literally spelled it out. Perfectly done.

        When I took a SDL +1 in nightgame in Shanghai… it was “all endgame.” I knew from the first look she gave me that I would take her home (even though I don’t claim too many experiences like that). And I wasn’t that into her, but I wanted to show myself how this was only “easy” because I had the early/mid-game steps so worked out. I handled her BS negativity so well, she couldn’t tank our vibe. And I escalated as I should have. And I led. And my logistics were perfect (I had set my trip up well). I even walked that girl back to her hotel, took her clothes off, put her bed, made sure she had some water… and let myself out.

        Even when the sex is easy, there was still a lot to share… because it’s just about the sex. If men treat it that way, they’ll get laid a lot less often. And nice “endgame” stories can help drill that lesson.

        The “I’m Tate! +1” kind of post is garbage. “I f’d her, and her friend, and sprayed champagne on them, called them thots and kicked them out.” BS, ego barf. Men enjoy that stuff for vicarious entertainment value (mostly as they don’t know what real seduction looks like). They learn absolutely nothing, but feel like they are a part of the fanbase. That is not what you’re doing here.

        What you did in this piece in entirely different. And combined with your other piece about the “sex party eco-system” and you’re making a really brilliant point, well taught, and “real” as you are using specific details from your life. Who else can tell this story?

        Men can “borrow”/”inherit” reference experiences from other men. I learned stuff from Lance Mason that I was pulling out of “nowhere” on dates as if it was my own… and it WAS, because I really understood it (he was a great teacher). If the details are rich/real and men can understand the inner workings of the story, they can learn beyond their own experience. You are gifting radical ref exps to the community… I have learned a lot from your POV and your stories.

        And to be totally real – I assume you must like your position in the community (I would hope so). You are well respected. And deservedly so. Having the opportunity to play the role you play is likely good for you…

        I really hope you keep at it. I’m grateful… and inspired.

        Viva RedQuest.


      2. >> “I f’d her, and her friend, and sprayed champagne on them, called them thots and kicked them out.” BS, ego barf

        I dunno, I can find this sort of thing amusing if it’s true… and if the girls themselves are high quality… like, I could get some low-quality girls to do this kind of thing on a pretty regular basis, I think… I just don’t really want to… and don’t really see the point. If she’s not a 7 in some dimension, it’s probably not that interesting a story, from my perspective… again, depends on where the guy is… if a guy is a 4 who has raised himself to a 5, a story about getting a 6 might be very valuable and interesting…

        Kicking girls out gratuitously is also cruel and in my view the antithesis of game, or just being a reasonable human. It is reasonable to say, “I have to work tomorrow, so this is not a good night to spend the night.” Or even, “I am not a big bed sharer.” There is better framing and worse framing.

        >>What you did in this piece in entirely different. And combined with your other piece about the “sex party eco-system” and you’re making a really brilliant point, well taught, and “real” as you are using specific details from your life. Who else can tell this story?

        Thanks man, and that’s a good way of putting it, and it was what I was trying to do… I don’t think I would have written this up if I hadn’t been in a private group, talking about it… … I got started and found out maybe there is a useful lesson in it. I don’t write all or even most of my experiences… if there doesn’t seem to be some kind of learning available in it, then it probably isn’t worth sharing. But many experiences that seem generic in some way, are just different enough to say something about. Or fresh enough.

        I think I’ve hit the big points about what I’ve done and how I think… this is just a little bit of “filling in.” An experience comes up, reminds me of things, so I write it out..

        From what I have heard, the guys who are experimenting in this field haven’t seen the major ideas in the book contradicted. Replication is good.


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