How I see dating, girls, COVID-19, and the quarantines, right now

Girls don’t seem to be coming out on dates, although it seems that most people ages 18 – 40 are either asymptomatic or have relatively short or minor disease progressions. What’s going on?

I think most chicks are wise to avoid going out with new guys, for the most part. 1. It’s true that the fatality rate for people under age 50 or 60 seems to be very low. But. 2. Some larger number people under that age have a long and miserable course of disease, with lots of coughing, lung pain, and difficulty sleeping. We don’t know the true percentage yet. It looks like it’s low (we can see that from the USS Theodore Roosevelt, where there have been or are at least 940 confirmed cases so far), but we aren’t sure yet. Furthermore, 3. lots of people interact with parents and elderly relatives… myself included… and I’d like not to be the vector for their demise, as would most girls. 4. Lots of girls in their 20s have moved back in with their parents, and those girls have left the big cities where they typically congregate in order to pursue sexual adventures with adventurous men. 5. Most girls who are at least a high 6 have a couple of background guys as insurance… any girl with a brain has picked one to be her “quarantine buddy.” Yeah, her quarantine f**k buddy. Her sexual adventurism is at low ebb… for good reasons IMO. The risk of meeting random new guys is much higher than it was. How high? We don’t know yet. She’s already gotten one of her background guys to be her mainstay for the next few months, so she’s not on dating apps if she can avoid it.

How long does this last? I don’t know… there are still lots of ongoing screens of small molecule drugs, although I’m sure most chicks are not aware of it, at more than the vaguest of levels. If any of these drugs work, for real, they will change the game… for the average girl, and even average person, they might as well wait, unless they have very little contact with people over age 50 or 60.

So I get why chicks would be reluctant to come out. The younger ones are now living at home. Pew Research finds that 52% of people age 18 – 29 are living with parents, the highest number since the Great Depression. What are they going to tell their parents when they go out at night, “I’m off to meet a handsome stranger to get some dick?” And if the stranger gives them coronavirus they’re likely to give it to their parents. How many normal people want to think, “I risked my parents’ lives to f**k?” Plus, the girls in a typical player’s target zone have picked out their quarantine boyfriends.

Average risks appear to be low, but we don’t know how many people get long-term problems due to blood clots, lung problems, kidney problems, etc. There’s a huge amount we humans don’t know, as of this writing. Mysterious Heart Damage, Not Just Lung Troubles, Befalling COVID-19 Patients, for one example. Lots of chicks also have some connection to hospital workers (nurses, techs, PAs, docs they’ve f**ked), and hospital workers are seeing some % of young and apparently healthy people getting horribly ill. How many? We’re still not sure. As more data emerges I am leaning towards opening up, since fatalities and hospitalizations seem to be concentrated among the elderly who are not doing well anyway, but I respect the desire to wait and see. Even if restaurants and flights opened up again tomorrow I wouldn’t rush out to access them. Call me a herd-follower if you wish.

Some preliminary evidence suggests COVID-19 attacks testicles and could lead to infertility or other sexual-related dysfunction. This may turn out to be a very rare side effect, so I don’t want to make too much of it right now, but given the risks, does it not make sense to attempt to avoid infection insofar as possible?

Most chicks also find sexual hibernation easier than men do (there are exceptions). And like I said, smart chicks have picked up their quarantine boyfriend for sexual needs. The impulse to test the sexual marketplace is very low right now. It’s all about the cost-benefit. I’m not in the paid sex market but I wonder what’s happening there… chicks got rent to pay… I’d bet that prices are falling due to lack of demand and increased supply, but prices should increase due to hazard… I don’t know which effect is stronger. Nassim Taleb points out via Twitter that given uncertainty and risk of severe penalty if wrong, taking a conservative approach makes sense… agree on that point, although he’s an a**hole on Twitter overall…. a**holes can be right. Taleb was also early on the point that wearing masks might do nothing, yes, but they might be helpful, and in an atmosphere of uncertainty with high risk and low cost, then wearing them makes sense on the net… a lesson that had New York learned it by 1 March, some of the virus’s worst effects might have been avoided. Taleb’s books are good choices for reading right now… he is wrong about some things but he makes you think different…

If we had spent February focused on developing testing capacity, we would also not be in the mess we are right now. A competent chief executive would have been focused on cutting FDA red tape… a competent political culture would focus on that failure… but here we are… many of us are part of “The Revolt of The Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium.”

Girls are very rarely irrational, exactly, as men would define it… their incentive structure is a bit different… they might make mistakes, they might say they want one thing while pursuing another… but “rational” is hard to define.

Author: The Red Quest

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25 thoughts on “How I see dating, girls, COVID-19, and the quarantines, right now”

  1. As a lady, dating during the Covid period has been absolutely great for me! Everyone is bored out of their mind, so you have tons of guys hitting up your DMs, willing to engage in mindless chatters and not pressuring you too meet up. And even if you do, you can still cite social distancing as an excuse not to get physical.

    For physical needs, my usual fwb went out of town to live with his parents. However, my toys have been more than adequate in meeting my sexual needs.

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      1. Yep it is completely pointless in getting to know someone, but I am already in an open long relationship and this is just fun on the side for me. So naturally I’ve been very happy with all the attention I’ve been showered with. And if one man withdraws his attention, I just move to the next.


      2. I don’t know how you extract “Yep it is completely pointless in getting to know someone” from “Endless chatter without meet up sounds pointless,” since the two are conceptually distinct. It is a poor use of time to spend weeks or months interacting with someone online in a romantic context, only to discover that the other person is not who they appear to be, or you have no physical chemistry with them.

        Chicks often waste all their time, so I do think this is a good example of the difference between women and competent men: men are working on projects and chicks are gossiping. Many chicks think they can peruse the winners, while men are working towards winners. The problem chicks face is that men increasingly want a woman who brings something more than sex to the table.

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  2. It was poor phrasing on my part. What I went was that I agree with you that it is very hard (if not pointless) to know someone over pointless banter, and the point of those banter is for mutal entertainment

    Hard disagree on the second part, and I think it has partially to do with confirmation bias. Nurses/teachers may be positive indicators for long term relationship since they show traits of being caring and nurturing (R type) , however that has no relations whatsoever with having interesting hobbies, which was the point you’re trying to make.

    The most interesting women I know who are preoccupied with interesting hobbies are often too busy to give any time of day to dating/players/hookups, nor do they visit bars/night clubs/sex clubs. As a result, PUAs especially ones who mainly night games are only exposed to a specific demographic like vapid instagrammer/tiktok models who are more likely to have nothing much going on in their lives and thrive on getting male attention to fill the void.


    1. Entertainment is better found in books or even TV than in chitchat with randoms online… and sex is 1000x more entertaining than chitchat with some random chick… smart people in general want to figure out if they have real compatibility, then deepen the relationship, rather than having a pretend relationship that can’t go anywhere because there’s no physical chemistry. There is a notion in the culture at large that we need to be “entertained” 24/7, which IMO is a pathological, though common, belief.

      I’m not a night game guy so I can’t speak to that. If someone is “too busy” to seek out love/sex then their life is probably not set up well… unless they are doing something really extraordinary…


      1. Spoken like a true robot. People, especially single guys quarantined alone for months, are desperate for any human contact/touch now. Some of the guys I’m chatting with are senior scientists/post docs at prestigious research institutions, I don’t think smartness has anything to do with it.


      2. >>Spoken like a true robot.

        Not really: I have lots of real friends. Time is finite, and spending a lot of it chatting with women when we have no physical chemistry whatsoever is a total waste. If anything I have too many people I want to keep in touch with.

        >>Some of the guys I’m chatting with are senior scientists/post docs at prestigious research institutions, I don’t think smartness has anything to do with it.

        A lot of guys are book smart and human-interaction dumb. Stereotypically, nerds have this problem, which may explain why many are attracted to game.


  3. Well, I’m glad you’re taking our current situation seriously, unlike others in the community. That said, gotta disagree with you on dating during times pandemic. Online dating is as viable as ever. I’ve had about 6-7 sex opportunities from new girls in the past month. Ultimately declined them all, but people are definitely out here hooking up. What I’ve been doing is an initial one facetime date. Banter over a drink. One girl was keen for me to come straight over just from our App convo. Most others it took that initial facetime date.

    Just like other rationalizations, once a girl knows you a bit and has committed to the idea that you’ll be the one she’s holing up with for these next few months, she’s definitely in. It’s that same exception to the rule thing that would compel a woman to have sex without a condom with you. One girl, in order to get me to buy in to the whole thing, talked about her roommate going back and forth between her new guy’s place and their place.

    The whole experience has sort of made my disillusioned and made me question what alpha vs beta truly is. But by the same token, many guys, if the girl was hot enough, would take that risk too. That said, a good portion of other girls are not taking any risks at all. And a portion of others are straight up husband hunting, asking perfunctory and obvious provider questions from their opening message. Plenty of time wasters on there too but it’s pretty easy to suss that out.

    Interesting times.


    1. Fair comment… I wonder how attractive you are and the girls are… that’s the question in many online dating stories…

      Red Pill Dad just posted an online dating lay report so it must be happening.

      >>he whole experience has sort of made my disillusioned and made me question what alpha vs beta truly is.

      Good, cause the whole distinction has some utility but it’s way overblown online. People are more complicated and less binary in the real world. Women are also less focused on the “OMG Alpha!” than the online guys would have you think… particularly the inexperienced, posturing online guys…


  4. Glad that you have friends, but that has literally nothing to do with the point I made. You are talking about your personal experience of n=1 while I’m commenting on a broader societal trend, which your post was supposed to be about.

    The average guy now who doesn’t have a partner is so desperate for any type of human contact that they are even paying for sexting, leading to an increase of OnlyFans accounts. This is also the new model of sex work during quarantine.


    1. The word “robot” generally connotes someone who doesn’t have friends or a social world, so I’d argue that the reply os on point and has everything to do with the point you made.

      >>The average guy now who doesn’t have a partner is so desperate for any type of human contact

      That’s likely true. The average guy should be building himself up to being a top guy, rather than feeding chicks lots of unearned attention: His behaviors are probably not getting him closer to the woman: they’re probably primarily wasting his time.

      What the average guy is doing, versus what he should be doing, are different.

      Paying chicks via Onlyfans for fake intimacy strikes me as retarded, although I’m sure plenty of guys do it.


  5. On the streets and in the Supermarket things are beginning to shift. Since ‘lockdown’ started in this East Coast University Metropolis, girls have been avoidant, eyes cast downward, and sloppily dressed. The one plus from the whole thing is that without the whole face to look at, I have become more consciously noticing of the eyes.

    But today, still one or two gals on the street in avoidant scurry away mode, but many many are making solid eye contact with happy uplift at the corners of the eye, and wearing form fitting tops, tight jeans/jeggings and yoga pants. Supermarket checkout girls that have dressed conservatively all winter are now coming to work in colorful mask and spray on yoga pants, and initiating talking to me as I walk through the store. Cappy Cap is right. There is going to be a big bounce back effect.


    1. Will be interesting to hear about it… I think I am really exiting the game, so I’ll be on the sidelines for the most part… assuming things go as they have been…


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