“Call Her Daddy” the podcast, and what guys should take from it

Listened to CALL HER DADDY because of this, and the podcast feels more legit than expected… for example, the hosts refer to “Metoo bullshit” in one episode… normal people who like f**king, and who aren’t caught up in their Cluster B personality disorders like Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), see “MeToo” as a power play by feminist harpies in the media and academia. By feminist harpies, and by older women who want to stigmatize the hot sex lives of young ones. Most chicks realize that f**king guys in authority positions, like bosses and professors, is hot… if it’s consensual… normal guys don’t try to make chicks do things the chicks aren’t into, and normal guys feel out whether she’s into it… the small number of crazies on both sides ruin things for the rest of us. Especially those crazy feminist harpies.

How much of the CALL HER DADDY audience is female and how much of it is guys jacking off to hot chicks talking about their sex lives? I’d like to know, but don’t. The hosts talk a remarkable amount about making and disseminating sex tapes. Are the hosts posturing or for real? We have all heard hot girls loudly talking about f**king at parties for male attention, but not living up to their talk… I’d guess a lot of their “show host” mode is a persona, like most entertainers. Not saying this is bad… great entertainers make it look like it’s easy, when it’s not. The number of people who can build a podcast audience is way smaller than the number who’d like to. Despite being ostensibly pro sex, the CALL HER DADDY hosts do a lot of slut shaming, too… the number of girls who are truly pro sex is not huge, not even today. Top players encourage and facilitate female sexuality cause we know how the system works.

In the CALL HER DADDY episode “Every Man’s Achilles Heel“, the hosts cite the joy of bondage and how a guy’s familiarity with bondage and restraint sets him apart from other guys… ahem… as you should know… one of them says adding a blindfold “took it to a whole f**kin’ different level…” during sex… a blindfold! That’s it! I conclude that a lot of guys are dumb or just ignorant… I feel like I learned this shit ages ago. Sex skills for guys are still sorely needed.

In the episode “The MILF Hunter” the guy who comes on has very decent game advice… and the girls like it… girls like game, practiced well. This guy seems to do game well. Good game doesn’t look like game, instead it looks like social skills.

I do feel like girls, particularly younger ones, have gotten more openly carnal in the last five or six years. I used to think the cause to be social media, but maybe it’s other stuff, too, like hot girls discussing f**king on podcasts making it okay. The change seems real. Like, when a girl first introduced me to sex parties and clubs, they seemed way more underground… there were fewer girls under age 25 who went regularly: now, there seem to be more… or there seemed to be more, pre-coronavirus. If you are a guy reading this, you should be ready for re-opening.

I’m only skimming the episodes… there is too much shrieking and filler for my taste… but as a cultural phenomenon CALL HER DADDY says something about the girls who love to f**k and are uninhibited about it and what they like. I have thought about doing a game/sex story interview podcast series… then I remind myself that being employed is better.

It takes me a while to figure out why CALL HER DADDY is kind of off… not by a lot, but by enough that I noticed… and I explain what I mean by this in more detail by the end… but: their podcast is kayfabe.

Neither host has a real job, it seems… and to lead the kind of drunken party and sex lives they do, it’s hard to also have a job that pays rent, especially NYC rent. I guess now the podcast is their job, so that covers it. Most normal people… cannot have the kind of life they seem to project… and hold down a real job that will help they make real progress… so that stands out… take away the constraints of a real job and lots of other things become more possible, like staying out till 3 am many evenings/mornings, etc.

Two of the more popular podcasts about sex/comedy hosted by chicks, red scare and this one, CALL HER DADDY, both have realized that modern feminism is bullshit and f**king is fun… exactly what the New York Times doesn’t get… and if you throw in another popular podcaster, Joe Rogan… it’s like there’s a real market for people who want to have honest conversations, conversations that are impossible to have in the rest of the media. That’s a real positive development. Unfortunately, I have and want to keep a real job… so I am not going to be this guy… I care enough to write, but not enough to be a public figure martyr. Today, if you want your ideas to go big, it’s probably not enough just to write… you need to speak as well… but I’m not positioned to be this guy… not and accomplish my other goals/aspirations. These two girls have pretty much eliminated their likely ability to form long-term relationships and have families with top men… something that may not matter to them now, but will probably matter to them.

One or both will probably do a 180 and repent when the time comes, like St. Augustine (reputing youthful folly is a time-honored method). You may have read “Last year, I ended a two-year relationship with a man who ultimately couldn’t commit and wanted to be polyamorous,” concerning a woman, Julia Allison, who spent her 20s and then some living the “glamorous” life of f**king and being in a media figure in NYC. She’s part of numerous marginal reality TV cultural projects… then she goes private, to be “a change activist, mounting summits for world leaders and serving as an adviser to startups and entrepreneurs looking to better the planet. I’m finally living a life of integrity, and I’m attuned to my values.”

But she’s been on the shelf too long, and the guys who were ravenous for her when she was 25 aren’t ravenous for her at 35 or 40. It’s relatively easy for hot girls in their 20s to make money off tales of their sexual exploits, but there’s a finite time period in which to make this work. I’m now old enough to have watched the full cycle play out, as the women from my youth who put their entire identities and sometimes their incomes into their sexual capital… only to see that capital wash away, like tears in the rain…

If I were older I’d be tempted to a game podcast and say “Fuck it, I’m old enough not to hurt.” But I’m not there and won’t be for a couple decades. I’m old enough to f**k 18 – 22 year old girls, which connects me to the CALL HER DADDY demographic, but I’m also old enough to imagine a time, not in the distant future, when I won’t be doing that… I’m old enough to connect to people who are 60, in a way very few modern 20 year olds can… so I’m a kind of link between a lot of demographics.

I bet they’re either rich girls pretending not to be, or sex workers, or both… no shame on that game by the way… I admire the hustle… and I bet the sex worker thing is going to come out sooner or later… I like the talent agent who is dating one of them… it’s like he’s tapping her financial value… what a pimp! Also, they only had a three year contract… and are now turning on the very people who helped make them successful, which makes them f**king scum, sorry. One of them at least… live up to the terms of your contracts. If I tried to pull that shit in my business life I would become a fucking pariah, for good reason. It sounds like one of them forgot to dance with the one who brung her, and is probably going to pay for that. I bet there is a market for hot girls talking dirty… who will fill it… there is another podcast by shrieking feminist harpies I have heard, GUYS WE F**KED, but girls who are a little self-aware and ethical don’t want to be associated with what feminism has become: a plea by upper-middle-class white women for special privileges because they don’t want to compete in the real world.

So, despite the positive stuff… it took me a while to figure out why I found some of the podcast a little silly and distasteful… it’s because there’s a bit of underlying current of dishonesty in what they’re doing… which is okay because that’s true of what a LOT of people are doing… but I notice this, too: they’re not really trying to be monogamous and develop real relationships, but they’re also not really trying to be authentically non-monogamous. Someone who is trying to develop real relationships doesn’t have to spend 20 hours debating the ethics and etiquette of hookups… and doesn’t have to work so hard at timing sexts/nudes/etc…. and someone who wants to f**k around a lot, is going to admit non-monogamy, and practice that. The chicks in the podcast don’t really do either. They’re probably closer to practicing hypergamy: they’ll consider a relationship with a ridiculously attractive, high-powered guy… but if he reciprocates their interest… then he’s probably not that attractive after all.

To use myself as an example, once I’ve f**ked a girl at least once and particularly a few times… the amount of gamesmanship I do drops super low… and that’s been true since I was in college, because I’d rather focus on my career and doing other things than trying to minutely game how to “trap” a girl (the girls on the podcast talk a lot about how to “trap” guys, but the guys they get, they then don’t want…). Like if I want to see her I invite her over for dinner, and the implied sex. Going out and getting drunk with a bunch of random fools who are 3/4-but-not-all-the-way exerting mating effort has never appealed to me… I am just the right person to find sex clubs appealing, since they have a bunch of the virtues of “going out” without many of the costs. I could keep railing on this subject but it has been done to death all over. Relationships, even repeated medium-term relationships, are good for building a career because you spend less time seeking sex, evaluating sex partners, etc., and more time building real skills, making connections, etc.

Girls who really want relationships, get them, and don’t spend the ridiculous time hooking up these two girls do, or say they do. This is not a slur against hooking up! It would be funny if it were, given my own history. They also manage to be hot and pretty good on the mic… many people manage to do one or the other… they do both… and they are talking about topics that are of great interest to lots of people but don’t often get discussed with the level of directness we see here, even if the discussion is probably not as honest as I’d like. Directness has much to be said for it… I have f**ked a bunch of girls like these girls and I like them. I think the girls themselves haven’t managed to define their true goals… they can’t be fully honest with listeners because they’re not fully honest themselves. What they crave most is excitement and strive to manufacture it. The excitement is the goal. They don’t want real relationships but can’t bring themselves to say it, or, if they do want real relationships, they can’t bring themselves to do the things they’d do to get them.

Basically, their podcast is kayfabe. Extremely entertaining, like professional wrestling, and I’m not opposing kayfabe, but let’s understand what it is. That CALL HER DADDY may speak to a large number of women, is interesting to a student of female psychology.

Their problems are also going to get worse over time: no man with real career aspirations will marry either one. Bringing your wife, who’s bragged about f**king dozens of guys, to a business dinner or event, is a non-starter. Neither of them will be able to get most professional jobs… they can work in various low-level “marketing” gigs, but those are the same gigs most women age out of around 30 – 35. Lots of girls have colorful pasts but, as noted above, many will do a repentance thing and be okay… unless they’ve created copious documentary evidence of that past. Lots of girls have their nudes leaked, but these days that’s all part of the game. These two have created relationship and professional liabilities for themselves… and the way out is by taking the better deals that have apparently been offered to them.

By now they may have alienated too many listeners… and their main source of material appears to be going out to bars, getting drunk, and hooking up… which is not available during coronavirus season… and may not be available for six months or more… and their audience wants to hear about that and do the same for themselves… but can’t… and may not be able to for six months or more… this is not a wise time to have a big public spat.

All that said I have heard many girls talk in private like these two do, and surfacing that discourse has real value. Can it be sustained? I dunno, maybe. They are entertaining but as I write this “Total nonfarm payroll employment fell by 20.5 million in April, and the unemployment rate rose to 14.7 percent.” Holy shit we might be on the verge of a 2nd great depression, and it is much more palatable to focus on getting drunk and hooking up with hot guys in big cities when the unemployment rate is below 4.7 percent than when it may hit 20%… or higher. Most girls in their demographic can’t go to parties right now and many are living at home… making their whole appeal much less “relatable.”

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

12 thoughts on ““Call Her Daddy” the podcast, and what guys should take from it”

  1. > they’re not really trying to be monogamous and develop real relationships, but they’re also not really trying to be authentically non-monogamous.

    Seems to me a lot of the women I’ve slept with in the last couple years are like this, and it’s extremely confusing–both for me, and I imagine even more so for the chick. It’s like, they don’t want to invest and give the kind of attention and affection it would take to make a guy like me think about commitment or monogamy, and yet, they don’t like the idea I might be sleeping with other women. I never talk about it, but eventually they want to be exclusive and I have to shoot the puppy.

    I’ve also found that a lot of chicks will talk about their sexual exploits in great, gory detail, presumably bc they know I’m a player and I’m not judgmental when it comes to that–which is true. But then, as a guy, it’s kinda like: if you’ve been a huge slut and fucked a ton of guys and make it very clear you can fuck other guys whenever you want…well, that’s not exactly going to make me want to commit, or view the chick as a potential long-term partner.

    The final thing I’ll say about chicks like this is that it seems the dynamics of the current dating market often leads women to be leveling up–esp w/ online dating, to guys that are +2 SMV or more–and then wanting those guys to stick around, but they won’t, bc they know they can do better. What it seems women have a very hard time understanding is that for a guy to want to get married–esp today–it’s got to be a clear win for him, as in: this is probably about as good as I can do, so I better cash my chips in now. But as things are currently, it’s very rarely a win for the guy, unless he’s a total chode–but if he’s a chode, as you say, she’ll stop being interested in him.

    So there’s this strange paradox that’s developed where a lot of chicks complain guys don’t want to get serious or commit, let alone get married–which is what a lot of women seem to want (it’s all over their bios on OLD)–but the chicks A) aren’t showing the qualities guys want to see in terms of a long term relationship, and B) aren’t interested in the guys who might actually stick around.

    It works fine for me, and for other players, but I have to imagine there’s a lot of frustration out there for women who want committed relationships, and men who do as well, but find themselves locked out of the dating market–or at least, unable to match with women who are on their level.

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    1. I think the chicks don’t really want to be monogamous, except maybe with a man at least +2 SMV above her. https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2019/05/06/mismatched-sexual-market-value-smv-diagnosis-and-cures/. But if a woman is a high 7 or an 8… the number of men much higher than her is vanishingly small. So she’s incoherent, even with herself. I think that is why a fair number of the chicks I introduce to non monogamy go for it… they are already basically doing it, just without any framework or coherence.

      Smart girls figure this out… and stop doing it… if they don’t like it… but I think the Call Her Daddy girls like drama above all else… and that’s another thing they can’t/won’t admit to themselves.

      Psychology is tricky, man.

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  2. I think the key words there are excitement and drama. I remember reading a post saying, ‘hot chick’s lives are boring..’ In my experience this is absolutely true. I think a lot of men (not here) really underestimate beauty privilege and how the whole world just rolls over and supplicates to you if you’re a young female and hot. Every 9 I’ve know (not that many granted) had to manufacture drama in her life because there was none inherently. There’s no challenge or hero’s journey when you’re a hot chick. Everything is given to you. The necessary corollary is hot chicks are often very very bored.

    Back in the early 2000s I dated a reasonably well known model. One of the 10 grand a day girls. She worked maybe 2 or 3 days a month. She’d call me at work sometimes in tears because she had nothing to do and nobody to talk to. I bet you these girls are the same. All their friends and family are Most likely living fairly normal lives.
    Meanwhile they’re making 500g working one day a week. It’s incredibly isolating. The only other people living that lifestyle tend to be those who’ve inherited wealth or have big family money. Lots of money. Lots of free time. Very little meaning. No surprise that cohort often turns to drugs.

    What hot chicks never ever seem to fully process is the expiry date on their beauty. Every girl I’ve known who has aged out has been genuinelysurprised when the free dinner invitations stopped flowing and people stopped laughing at her jokes or nodding their head to her poorly thought out theories and ideas. I think that’s actually the biggest shock for them. Because they were literally born with it hot chicks often underestimate their own beauty and are even quite insecure about their looks. They assume all the positive affirmations they’re getting are because of how interesting,smart , funny they are. Facing the truth is an extremely bitter pill to swallow. Many never do and spend the rest of their lives going crazy with the cognitive dissonance. Naomi Campbell is a good example. The only thing that saves them is as you said. Cashing in. Marrying and having children. Most hot chicks realize that wayyyy too late

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  3. Kayfabe – fascinating:

    “Kayfabe also seems to have discovered the limits of how much disbelief the human mind is capable of successfully suspending before fantasy and reality become fully conflated.”

    This is what I think of when I see the Tate phenomenon.

    I get that many guys view him as entertainment… But I see the way they will take his persona seriously one minute and then “ah-haha, I just follow him for tht laughs” the next. They slip back/forth between fantasy/reality.

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  4. > I do feel like girls, particularly younger ones, have just gotten more openly carnal in the last five or six years.

    Five or six years? Why that period?

    In general I vote girls can’t, won’t change, not in less than 10,000yr timespans.

    What a girl SAYS/DOES are not the whole story. What she FEELS is what I am getting at.

    1. What she thinks she would like to do, when she is alone in her own head (INTELECT).
    2. What she says/does while under group pressure/exposure (CULTURE AND PEER PRESSURE)
    3. What she FEELS while under group pressure/exposure (CULTURE AND PEER PRESSURE).
    4. What she FEELS when she alone.

    I think the latter (what she feels when she is alone) is personal and timeless.

    Certian INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOLOGIES have always been slutty and decadent (=timeless), but most others FEEL bad about decadent choices, later, when they are alone in the dark (=also timeless).

    It’s like a guy that thinks being an assassin sounds “cool.” That is his intellect, easily fooled, it is a low stakes game to think. If a lot of “assassin movies” come out, he is more likely to think about it and talk about the idea in public, and make claims that he is the type and can handle it. If he has to kill some one in a group setting, he might still be able to keep the mask on, as others push him to “feel good” about that choice. But once he is alone…

    When we (men/women both) have these culturally introduced fantasies, we don’t appreciate the PTSD that will follow those actions.

    It is that PTSD that can’t change easily, it’s not guided by peer pressure/culture. It is timeless and hardwired. And some girls fantasies (influenced by feminism/etc) or her self reports (public declarations) are not good indications of the PTSD she will feel 10 abortions and 100 cocks later.

    She can talk a big game, but I don’t believe her. She can even do it… But that doesn’t mean she is happy about it later.

    You aren’t hallucinating. You’re seeing more girls play the role. But they haven’t changed. They are just LARPing at a greater rate… And suffering when Instagram isn’t watching.

    (And in my opinion, a girl LARPing is not sexy at all.)

    Culture can steer us into LARPy fantasies and even more misguided experimentation… But it can’t help us when we close our eyes.

    Really sex positive girls exist. And I think guys that can kill without PTSD exist. But they are biological exceptions (biology controls the FEELS) and no way the population is moving in that direction.

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    1. >>Five or six years? Why that period?

      Some time around 2014 or 2015, the conversation around non-monogamy and sex positivity started to get a lot more traction. A lot of girls seemed to become more open about wanting to f**k around. I dunno, maybe it’s my imagination, or me noticing what I want to notice.

      >>Certian INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOLOGIES have always been slutty and decadent (=timeless), but most others FEEL bad about decadent choices, later, when they are alone in the dark (=also timeless).

      I think sex positive decadence has become much more normal and accepted than it used to be. Today, every girl can see every other girl’s almost-naked pics on Instagram. The movement is happening.

      The other thing is… girls have never had more access to +2, +3 guys, via online dating. A lot of girls will do this, get (predictably) burned, and turn bitter, like oversteeped coffee. They don’t quite get the role their own behavior plays.

      Girls now have a theory that fucking around is okay, maybe even cool/desirable… and the Internet is helping to spread it… some girls will like it, others won’t, but the proportion seems to be shifting some.


  5. The way you talk about women is very concerning. There is a current of mistrust in all of your posts about content women create. As in, we as women don’t fully understand what it is we are doing and saying (silly, sexually liberated women!) and you have us all figured out. We are not merely our sexual currency, it is absolutely our prerogative to cash that in should we so choose, and it does in no way invalidate us or cheapen us. It’s very condescending and simple minded, like I’m reading a man’s thoughts from the 1950’s.


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