Why Twitter’s Brooding Sea is likely a faker, and some other musings on the top of game

The other day I went on a Twitter talk about how you shouldn’t believe everything you read, and then I stopped being oblique and said there’s a “daygame” twitter account under the name “BroodingSea” (BS) that is likely… creative… in terms of its relationship with the real world. Another  daygamer guy asked privately why BS is unlikely to be a good role model, and why I think he is, if not necessarily fake exactly, then not telling us everything. There are a bunch of reasons… 1. His results are too good. 2. His supposed pickups are way too good/smooth. 3. He seems not to get any of the negative streaks other guys do. 4. There are almost no details in any of his stories. While it’s possible to get “yes girls” who like you / are horny at that moment / fuck you with much game on your part, they are rare (in some respects this girl was a “yes girl”… it can happen, but every girl? No). At some point, Twitterers called BS on how unlikely his stories are, and then he began integrating more supposed “failures.”

Put all those pieces together and the bullshit siren should be going off louder than a Marine Corps drill sergeant the first morning at Basic. Unfortunately, BS disappeared, so we’re unlikely to see further revealing statements from him. He may have made the mistake of using some of his primary contact information in online profiles… always go with the burners… despite the improbability of his stories I don’t support doxxing, including of people I disagree with.

So what is going on with him? He’s not the first and won’t be the last guy with extremely improbable stories. Most likely, one or more of of several things is at play… 1. He’s paying / using some money in his “game.” I don’t think this is bad (if a guy wants to do it, fine), but he should say as much and describe the role money/payments play. If he has sufficient money to pay, he can get a lot of lays that way, particularly in eastern europe, or with eastern europeans online. A lot of girls who are in the partial escort market have a sliding scale in their minds, where the more masculine/attractive the guy is, the less he pays (not all girls… some are super professional… using some money may also allow him to generate the unique pictures that can be claimed as daygame lays). Years ago I did something like what BS may be doing, for $500/mo…. in a number of ways I got lucky quickly… and I probably shouldn’t have done any money transfer at all… but I did it and it should be admitted for the sake of completeness. Back to BS, 2. He’s probably mostly online, with great pics, and getting girls who are much less hot than he says/implies (I have slummed it at times, usually when I’m horny and some girl shows up who’s less attractive than her pictures but also requires minimal work… not proud but it’s true…). I think he posted a pic or two of himself in which he appears to be jacked. If those pics are honest, he’ll be able to get girls -2 or -3 relative to the ones he should be able to get from the real world. 3. A bunch of his stuff is just made up. You know how people in real life who are full of shit often tell skeleton stories, and when you ask follow-up questions, you can see that they’d never considered an obvious point? Brooding Sea’s stories look like that. Some could be authentic… a bunch don’t seem like they are, though.

I don’t know why BroodingSea is bothering. He doesn’t appear to be selling anything. Does he want validation from random guys online? Maybe.

Search Krauser’s blog for “pickup police” and you’ll see other examples of guys whose results are really unlikely. If someone seems too good to be true, they likely are.

He could be an egomaniac… if someone seems off, he probably is. Or she. We have all probably chased some girl who seemed off, and been burned. BS might be a “gamma,” to use this taxonomy. If he’s been an outsider his whole life, he sees this as a way to be “popular” among dipshits like myself on Twitter… except that his popularity doesn’t work if his stories aren’t coherent or likely. When he is doubted, he sees his core identity as being attacked, and then lashes out because he’s being made into an outsider again… even in a community of outsiders. But, if his results are improbably good, people will see through him, and thus lower the validation he’s getting. It’s like the guy who leases an expensive car and has expensive clothes and yet is living paycheck to paycheck and getting deeper into debt. He’s one financial bump away from ruin. To credulous people who don’t know any better, he can look like a baller, for a while. I think there is likely some truth to BS’s stories, just that the truth is some combination of money, online, and girls less hot than he claims.

It’s possible to bamboozle the hopeful and inexperienced for a period of time, but it’s very hard to live a bullshit narrative for a long period of time. It’s so hard that it’s a popular subject in fiction (spies, con men, Wolf of Wall Street, etc.).

The older you are, the better your bullshit detector gets. Your parents are right, most of the time, if it looks too good to be true, it is. If a “financial advisor” tells you can beat the market, he probably can’t, and his true goal is to take the fees off unsuspecting suckers. If the good or service is too cheap, be suspicious. If a guy claims unlikely results, apply your critical thinking skills.

So BS was entertaining, and entertaining is fine, but it’s obviously dangerous to mistake fiction for nonfiction. A lot of young guys unconsciously absorb forms of fiction, without understanding its limitations… they absorb sex, sexuality, and male-female relations from entertaining movies, TV, and books, but those are designed to 1. appeal to chicks, 2. appeal to men who think sex will just fall into their laps, and 3. be palatable to a mainstream audience. Look at porn, for another dangerous example of fiction. Porn has no plot, or not plausible plot… an attractive woman or women just starts f**king. That’s the male fantasy (and the gay male reality), and porn overwhelming caters to male fantasy. Seduction is reality, and reality hurts. Porn and mainstream entertainment culture leads to a lot of men being unhappy and confused… cause they want what they see on TV or whatever to work for them… and it doesn’t… because sex rarely happens in the way it’s depicted in the media. If someone like BS inspires a guy, that’s good… but if he’s unhappy because he doesn’t get BS’s “results…” it’s because… they’re not real! (Female fantasy is best encapsulated by romance fiction. You should read some if you haven’t. It all has the same structure, in which a woman tames the wild bad boy, who also happens to be rich/cool, and convinces him to stop being such a wild bad boy through the magic of her love/p***y).

I tweeted recently, “The most interesting guys are almost always “reporters.” They go out, do stuff, talk about it, then repeat. The most interesting stuff is not necessarily about getting laid… a great story may be about what’s learned from rejection, what’s changed because of rejection, etc.” BS, whatever his flaws, was sort of doing this… his reports were unlikely… but he wasn’t merely repeating platitudes so that was good. Unfortunately, he’s still nuts. I’ve seen his interactions with people on Twitter. People without problems don’t say the kinds of things he does. I don’t know what those problems are… when some mentally ill guy is flailing on the streets, I don’t ask, “is it schizophrenia, or a brain lesion, or alcoholism, or other drugs?” I go around the the long way to avoid him.

Another question about two guys on Twitter, “Hector Beaman” and “Nathan Alexander“. They real? Don’t know…. the second one is mostly real, I think, although I would probably describe what he’s doing with a different emphasis than he’s (mostly) used. He also used to write more about game and has instead moved on to rural living and political crankery. The first one might be real or might not but he tweets so many empty platitudes that I have no idea or real interest in his work, as I’ve seen it.  The question went,

I wonder what these guys refer to as “Game 3.0”? The part that confuses me is, let’s say you’re a high quality girl and you KNOW you’re a high quality girl. Why would you let yourself be exclusive to a guy that won’t be exclusive to you? These guys might respond something like blah blah women happily share a high value man, but you’re telling me in today’s society, with a dearth of high quality women, the only high-quality guy out there is one that demands that type of situation? Am I missing something or is this all BS?

Hector Beaman seems a bit improbable and unspecific, but I haven’t followed him closely enough to have a strong opinion… I don’t think he has a blog and I don’t really follow most people w/o a blog. Too many generalities for my taste and too few specifics, going back to the “be a reporter” thing. BS is funny cause he’s cartoonish.

Nathan Alexander seemed plausible and not cartoonish, because (I think) he said he’s a pro photographer, so he’s got a potentially very strong ecosystem. Most guys who are really successful with women aren’t doing cold approach exclusively because cold approach takes a huge amount of time and effort… almost any way of f**king bulk numbers of women does, but CA doesn’t build much off other skills (I am interested in building social structures that promote game long term, and “how to do that” is my big contribution). NA’s got a built-in pipeline, although I don’t know if he’s a true pro photographer making most of his money off it, or if he’s doing some shoots here and there and finding girls on model mayhem or whatever the latest thing is. He’s also got a primary girl helping him and that’s super useful… if a guy has a true bisexual woman as a wingwoman, he can wind up with a lot of girls because he’s offering a pretty rare scenario to other bi girls. There are various posts on these ideas in my own archives, here is one.

Some girls do deeply invest in a single guy and don’t require monogamy of him. They’re out there. Not super common but it’s possible and I’ve seen it… for an extreme example, look at all the girls with hollywood actors, musicians, etc. Normal guys can’t become an actor, but guys with more normal lives, if they find the right girl, can get her to invest and not require monogamy on the man’s part, particularly if she’s a true bisexual. Over time most but not all girls will want equality in terms of open relationships. It’s possible to train a girl who has some bi tendencies into being heavily non-mono with other girls. Andy from Kill Your Inner Loser has told some stories like this, here is one, browse his site for some others.

The guys who do this are probably 1. good looking, 2. good ecosystem, 3. good money, and 4. worked hard to find the girl or girls they’re with. Lots of sorting through girls who won’t go through with it and won’t accept a one-sided arrangement (girls who want conventional families and relationships will reject non-monogamous arrangements altogether, most of the time). Impossible? No. Hard, somewhat unlikely? Yeah. If a guy has good game and especially good frame, he can move through hundreds if not thousands of girls, searching for the ones who he can get non-monogamy for himself, without non-monogamy from her, from. The risk is that at some point she’s likely going to tire of the arrangement or want some novel d**k for herself.

Furthermore, a number of people have met NA and his girl (see the linked thread for their comments), so that’s a lot of evidence in favor of him being the real deal.

NA emphasizes the importance of a guy’s frame, his view of himself as creating his own reality, etc. There’s some truth to that, yet I’d put a different emphasis on the situation, with foregrounding a few things: searching, sorting, building value, etc. My foregrounding versus his is like asking a priest or shaman about his religion, versus asking a biologist or anthropologist. The priest will tell you about how God exists and what the love of God does for you, etc. The biologist will tell you about how religion helps cement communities, create functional societies, etc., and how monogamy makes men calmer by ensuring just about every man gets a wife and children, instead of the male elite monopolizing most women. Frame and that sort of thing matters, but delusional self-belief without underlying value is a road to frustration. The average guy interested in cold approach who doesn’t have a pipeline and who hasn’t gotten jacked from working out and who hasn’t been practicing his social skills but thinks, “Oh man, it’s all about the iron frame” will probably be disappointed with his results. I like Andy’s blog because he has a lot about his journey and a lot of specifics about how he got from being a below-average guy to one who has foursomes, etc. The girl he calls “Woody Allen” helps recruit other girls for and with him.

I want to articulate what NA does in a way that demystifies it a bit. “You are the king” and “she brings me whiskey” and “I’ve got two naked chicks with me right now” is not helpful to guys who want to learn what he’s doing. “He is probably attractive to begin with, works out, has life experience as a bouncer, and has developed a photography ecosystem to get girls, plus his main girl helps him” is more useful… but I don’t think he’s ever said it like that. Lots of people want to develop their mystique… I’m not opposed to it… but I have gotten a lot of guys asking about veracity and, implicitly, how it’s being done if it’s being done, and that’s what I’m laying out here. It may be cool to imply something can be done by anyone and relatively simply, when in reality there are some pre-conditions and challenges that haven’t been directly admitted.

What the Nathan Alexanders of the world are talking about can happen. It can be a lot of work but it’s possible, particularly with an ecosystem. I doubt many of them are straight daygamers. I think NA tweeted the other day that a guy should give the girl his number… not a good move for cold approach daygame or nightgame. It can work okay in a warmer environment, like she’s your model already, where the target girl knows you’re part of a couple and are seducing her for a threeway (a very unusual approach for 99% of girls). Could work in a bar if you and your main girl are seeking a third. If you do that 10 times and one or two girls bite, that’s a big win and only the most-interested girls will bite, and the ones who do will already be in your frame. Advice can be good or bad depending on who it’s being given to and what circumstance that person is in. I approve of daygame but it’s real hard, for most guys. An average guy trying to emulate him without knowing whatever led him to where he is today is likely to miss a bunch of steps. Imagine trying to assemble a car from a bunch of parts without any instructions. I think NA is real or mostly real, but unless I’ve missed it, he hasn’t explicitly laid out the background and conditions I’ve been blathering on about in the last few paragraphs.

Maybe this whole post is mental jerk-off, but I think it illustrates some issues for beginner guys who don’t know what’s going on or how to evaluate many claims. Go ahead and follow Hector or NA and judge for yourself… don’t take my word for it. There are many “levels” in the game/seduction world and if you are trying to access later levels without understanding the earlier ones you may have a hard go of it. Twitter is super fragmented and that makes evaluating claims even harder.

ADDED: Krauser (or someone claiming to be him) leaves a contextualizing comment, “I met Brooding Sea, a month ago. I can’t vouch for his results- I wasn’t there when he got them- but I can believe them as within the realm of possibility from what I know of him, and the photos/text chats he showed me. Additionally add in the “lucky start” hypothesis and a range in quality of which Twitter pics were the better end. He’s not a typical daygame dweeb. He’s a jacked, high-T, pretty good looking guy with some presence about him. You’d expect him to do better than Little Achmed or MicroAsian.”

Does this, a private message from Brooding Sea, sound like a guy secure in who he is?

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  1. I take almost everything I read on the net these days with a huge grain of salt; particularly lay stories. Guys have exaggerated our sexual prowess since the dawn of time; it’s what we do.

    If someone posts proof, then I believe them. Otherwise I assume they’ve “taken some creative liberties” with the truth.


    1. And you should… I’ve written on Twitter at various times, “Assume everything I write is bullshit and try it out for yourself.”

      I’ve not publicly posted proof for the usual reasons (desire to maintain anonymity), but a few guys have seen some evidence… I’d still say, “Try it for yourself.” The main thing I’ve talked about, sex clubs, are obviously closed right now, but eventually we’ll have a vaccine and they’ll re-open. Have also gotten some feedback from guys who have tried some of the things I’ve described. Yoylo wrote a guest post on the subject https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2019/10/11/yoylos-first-sex-club-experience-fr/ and he was building momentum when covid hit…

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  2. > I think it illustrates some issues for beginner guys who don’t know what’s going on or how to evaluate many claims

    I think “spotting BS” is important. For three reasons:

    — You should learn to spot BS as part of YOUR OWN SOCIAL CALIBRATION. At some level we are experts in communication. Spotting lies is part of how we evaluate girls, and we should be able to do the same with guys that lie to us too. It’s noticing they are “uncalibrated” = “something isn’t right.” Very important skill. When my wings can’t spot a liar, it makes me worry about them. I agree with TRQ that it’s easier to do when you’re older (or you’ve trained harder).

    — BS stories give us “FALSE ASSUMPTIONS.” So, if we’re following their advice as we’re trying to learn, we’re baking in the wrong ideas. Sometimes they are just “wrong for us” (EX: Advanced ideas pass off as practical advice for everyone), or sometimes the stories are outright lies and generic garbage.

    — BS stories give us “FALSE EXPECTATIONS.” If you’re struggling to know if you’re “normal,” and you are listing to a bunch of liars, you gaslight yourself. Game is hard. If we listen to liars that make it sound easy (or claim impossible results) and we assume “we’re not doing it right” – and a lot of times we quit.

    That last one is why I have no patience for liars. The bogus success rate of a liar will convince other men (men that have actually tried but couldn’t match up to the faked stats) that Game is “impossible.” Game IS hard, but it’s not impossible, and seeing realistic stats can help men make it “across the river.”


  3. BroodingSea aka “Mr Truth:”

    Here is the last time I interacted with Mr Truth.

    That conversation is from a year ago. He was saying he had 10 lays in his FIRST 135 approaches (1:13 ratio). He was claiming to have clocked 1:13 girls he approached, over and over again, in HIS FIRST 100+ sets.

    At that point, I knew he was not only a liar, but a terrible liar. And I called him out that day, for the reasons I stated above… I don’t want other guys to think any of that is real. The “% of beginners” in these conversations is very high, and I want them to know what is real.

    1:100 is pretty good and will change your life. 1:50 is showing a lot of skill (don’t believe me, go try it). 1:30 is about where Roy is (and I think Roy is real, and also exceptional). 1:20 “could” be true, for guys that DON’T approach much, have high value, and great skill… they are essentially cherry picking. But 1:13 (Mr Truth’s claim), over 100 sets, his FIRST 100 sets… is a terrible, terrible lie. And it stinks up the crew when we let guys lie like that.

    And HERE is where I became even more certain Mr Truth is a liar: Have you ever heard the guy say anything interesting? Bragging isn’t actually interesting at all… I mean real INSIGHTS? He was posting screenshots of chat with girls and they are cut/paste Tom Torero stuff (Tom is fine… but it’s very beginner-intermediate, Tom is a beginner’s coach). Mr Truth was saying completely generic, “copy cat” stuff to girls and in his advice to men…

    It is possible to have outrageous stats. But IMAO those stats will match some incredible insights and comments about the nature of the SMP and femalepsych. Right? If you’re going to completely outperform the rest of the world, you’re going to need to have some unique qualities and they’ll show up in how you move, what you say, your insights, etc.

    For EX: TheRedQuest tells some great stories here, he portrays an unusual lifestyle, AND… has some absolutely amazing, insightful things to say about game. TRQ has his own “intellectual ecosystem” that makes sense, fit with his unique characteristics as a man, and helps me see he is real.

    I have met so many guys as I have studied game. I have my own experience (lots of it). I can compare what I have heard before, and what I know personally, to TRQs stories and I see actual truth and insight. I have learned from TRQ. I know TRQ has an incredible lifestyle, and I believe it, because I can hear his experience in his comments.

    So when Mr Truth wants us to believe he fucks 1 girl for every 13 he talks to… and yet… his comments about girls I could get from a bad Facebook PUA page… completely scripted stuff from Tom’s beginner content… no way I believe that. Average thinking brings average results.

    Brooding may have been average, but as he is a liar and has some serious personality issues, I’m not even sure that is true.

    I think he (like so many men) wants to “SEDUCE” OTHER GUYS. And it worked. Many guys believed his shit.


    1. >>And HERE is where I became even more certain Mr Truth is a liar: Have you ever heard the guy say anything interesting? Bragging isn’t actually interesting at all… I mean real INSIGHTS?

      A good point… I think some guys can be “naturals” acting on instinct… but he doesn’t strike me as one of those either… he could be though. We’re talking probabilities. There’s still at 15 – 20% chance he’s pretty much as he depicts himself, with maybe some exaggerations.

      There are also people who aren’t storytellers… https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2020/07/13/curiosity-leads-to-sexual-freedom-and-threesomes-and-storytelling/

      I didn’t catch that exchange you had with him. And I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to him. But more than a few of his dubious claims have caught players’s eyes. Plus, I think he was posting pictures that could bedazzle the credulous. I do feel bad if he was doxxed.

      If he’s not for real, I hope he get gets some professional help… I think he needs it… this is not me trying to be insulting… it’s a genuine comment. I read his DM to me and think that this person has some other stuff going on…

      >>For EX: TheRedQuest tells some great stories here, he portrays an unusual lifestyle, AND… has some absolutely amazing, insightful things to say about game. TRQ has his own “intellectual ecosystem” that makes sense, fit with his unique characteristics as a man, and helps me see he is real.

      I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m still surprised I haven’t run into other guys who have figured this stuff out and talked about it… by the time I began writing, it felt super “obvious” to me. Then I tried explaining it… and the nuances… and realized there’s some subtle lessons there…

      Yoylo and a couple other guys have been applying it, so that’s been cool.

      >>Just like most guys reading this can’t easily walk out and crush sex club game like TRQ – the TRQ is special.

      I don’t think most guys can do this, today. But I’ve been pretty explicit about laying out a path for how to think about it, how to pitch it to chicks, and how to execute it, along with some common pitfalls. A guy who has some underlying value and game… could go pretty far pretty fast… once we have a COVID vaccine…

      I think Red Quest is also an expression of my midlife crisis, although I didn’t think so at the start.


    2. Even if he is telling the truth… I still don’t want to be around him, cause there’s something psychologically or psychosocially wrong with him. What is it? Not 100% sure, and don’t care. It’s enough to make me not want to associate with him.

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  4. One more comment here…

    “GAME 3.0” is a flat concept for me. “Getting girls to bring you girls” is more male fantasy stuff. It can happen, but it’s so low probability to live that way… it’s a waste of your time to think about it. Learn to go out, meet girls, seduce them, bring them into your world. That is real and it’s hard enough. Game 3.0 is wannabe “PUA SUPERHERO” stuff. I think it’s mostly boring.

    > The part that confuses me is, let’s say you’re a high quality girl and you KNOW you’re a high quality girl. Why would you let yourself be exclusive to a guy that won’t be exclusive to you?

    This is a great point. I see some guys “seduced” by this idea and I have been asking it myself lately. I am not hearing any good answers. Again, it’s much closer to fantasy than reality for >95% of men. And fantasy concepts are “concepts of no use.”

    I will comment on NATHAN, because I think he is the EXCEPTION THAT PROVES THE RULE.

    I think Nathan is for real. I really do. I like him and admire him. But I don’t think his advice is useful for most men, even proper intermediates. I have learned from him, but in abstract ways. I won’t have his lifestyle, because I am not him. That is the point to know about Nathan and “Game 3.0.”

    Nathan is a PHOTOGRAPHER, but I that isn’t his angle (as I see it). He was also a BOUNCER at one point (that is a big clue). Can you see the profile here isn’t one that will match many other men? Can you see it?

    And the thing to know about Nathan IS “HIS MAIN GIRL.” She is integral to his game, I am convinced. She is hot (we’ve seen pics) and she really likes him, and she works hard to make his version of game come alive. She helps “program” the other girls and to enforce the “reality” than she and he build and bring other girls into. She is very special and unique herself, so is their particular relationship as a couple. These details don’t apply to most men/couples.

    He is also good to her. I have asked him about trust with her, and he has that worked out.

    The biggest lessons I have taken from Nathan are his gut-read on trust with his main, his management of jealousy, and his enforcement of boundaries. Very real comments on those topics from him.

    When Nathan is “trying” to teach, it mostly sounds like “bragging” to me (real stories, but not useful to me). But “between the lines” I can hear UNIQUE COMMENTS, REAL INSIGHT that I don’t hear from other men… and that PROVES for me that he is real. I am not talking about “out-there, crazy, 1 of a kind theories,” I mean interesting, specific ideas that I can test against what I know and that come out feeling real.

    So… Nathan is real. He is a very special man (in a very special relationship with his main). But to imply that he can “teach that system” to guys, even solid guys, is to miss that he is special. Just like most guys reading this can’t easily walk out and crush sex club game like TRQ – the TRQ is special. I trust both men because they are actually rare, special men, their stories make sense, and they have insights from there POV to prove it.

    The other guys… mostly “MAKE BELIEVE” and BS… and I’m not interested. That is all “noise” to me.


    1. Don’t have time to reply properly right now, but I didn’t realize he’d been a bouncer. That’s also a key and telling detail I’d missed.

      IMO it’s also easier to follow people’s stories on blogs… with Twitter, the stories are so fragmented that it’s hard to follow the thread.

      There is a lot of noise online… for good and bad… I hope the guys who stumble onto red quest don’t stop here… the links to other sites are there for a reason, even if I don’t agree with a lot of what’s on them, I think they all have something to say. A lot of guys seem to find the pickup/red pill worlds with an accidental search engine engine, a hint from a friend… I want to be a useful node in the network, and to encourage other guys to do the same.


      1. Here is one of my favorite exchanges with Nathan about his girl.

        He was emphasizing “Keep her on her toes.” But I asked about “Trust.” He actually does both, but he only emphasizes the “3.0” stuff. He is more than the rest of those guys, for sure.

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    2. Like I said I like/respect Nathan. I have been watching his story unfold for a long time. He isn’t really a teacher, so you just catch it in bits/pieces here and there.

      But because I AM interesting in “the best of game,” I have been watching for signs I could believe in Nathan. I think there are lots of signs.

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  5. I value RQ and many other player blogs (Magnum, redpilldad, Nash etc) because I believe they were created at least partially out of a genuine desire to help / guide / inspire other men. If I ever get off my ass and start my own player blog, aside from writing and creating part, the idea of giving back will be a big motivator for me.
    Creating false expectation levels like Brooding Seas did does not help men. DM ing another prominent blogger in the way he did to RQ does not help men.
    In his own way I think Nathan is also creating false expectation levels. No doubt there are some insights but I agree with Nash that when you read his output its almost all some form of bragging. In this sense he reminds me very much of Andrew Tate. (Krauser did a recent partial takedown on him)
    The interesting thing is, both are obviously natural alphas who I have absolutely no doubt get laid like there is no tomorrow. But in both cases that does not seem to be enough for them. Their ego is front and Centre and they both seem to have a real need to be idolized. There is no real origin story. Their personal narrative is basically ‘I’m fkn awesome and always have been.’ There is never ever admission of weakness or fault. It’s textbook narcissism And false idealized self.
    That doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them. Most modern men would probably benefit from a bit more narcissism in their dealings with women. But understand that beneath the bombastic shell there is always, always fragility. Krauser does a good job of exposing how Tate was a reasonably successful professional kickboxer. This is something any man would be proud of, the vast majority of us would not have the stones to do what he did. But that isn’t enough for him. He has to spin that to telling the world he is a 3* world kickboxing champion.
    Nathan reminds me a lot of that. Even if he is having half the success he is claiming it would be impressive. Everyone is free to form their own opinion. But needing to constantly tell the world you are the man on Twitter at least to me, betrays a deep psychological weakness. Issuing declarative statements like ‘give her your number because you are the prize’ is not someone who is trying to help men. It’s someone who wants/needs to be idolized by them.

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    1. > There is no real origin story. Their personal narrative is basically ‘I’m fkn awesome and always have been.’ There is never ever admission of weakness or fault. It’s textbook narcissism And false idealized self.

      Great comment.

      We could say it’s all “look at me” and never about the “why” it all works.


      1. In the book I’m trying to give some sense of how to get to kinds of non-monogamy, how to conceptualize them, etc. What he’s doing is a kind that is possible… just rare… and because it’s rare… I don’t emphasize it…

        It’s useful to talk about the edge cases, but I am talking about something a little closer to the mainstream… a little… not a lot closer.


    1. I think there’s underlying value somewhere, and he has decent experience with women, particularly if he’s hot and has strong masculine identity… only that he’s not quite doing things the way he’s saying he does…

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  6. I met Brooding Sea, a month ago. I can’t vouch for his results- I wasn’t there when he got them- but I can believe them as within the realm of possibility from what I know of him, and the photos/text chats he showed me. Additionally add in the “lucky start” hypothesis and a range in quality of which Twitter pics were the better end. He’s not a typical daygame dweeb. He’s a jacked, high-T, pretty good looking guy with some presence about him. You’d expect him to do better than Little Achmed or MicroAsian.

    I haven’t followed Beaman or Alexander much, but I have seen their accounts. They look like bullshitters to me. Beaman spends all day telling everyone he’s the prize, and regurgitating other played-out ten-year-old content to fools who think he’s invented the wheel. Alexander seems to be pushing a false front. Neither guy has verisimilitude. They write exactly how you’d expect zero-game fools to write when trying to impress the internet. There’s no Game 3.0. There is just a web of lying and bullshitting wannabes on Twitter.

    The sad reality is that 95% of PUA Twitter are LARPers. They want the Team Daygame badge but haven’t done anything to earn it. When people think Rivelino is a guru, it’s proof that the blind are leading the blind. You’re better off deleting your Twitter account and not letting these morons distract you.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. This sounds like an endorsement, which surprises me.

      We see guys get called for BS, but not usually by this particular crowd of guys. This crowd knows what success looks like. So again…

      Maybe Roy Walker (for instance) does much better than 1:30 approach to lay (but that is what I have heard him say). And I have heard stories from men that have have done 1:20 (and I trust the guy that said that). But at 1:13… for 100 approaches… his first 100? Logistics alone make that impossible for me to believe (flaky girls… fucking up what might otherwise work). A pro athlete, with “yes girls” coming to him, sure… but cold approach?

      No way. Chaos alone should provide a “ceiling” to the best a man could expect. Maybe for some guys… but this guy… is a liar.

      > add in the “lucky start” hypothesis

      I have never heard this term. I have seen “newbies” that get good reactions from girls because they are “excited puppies” – they are so exuberant and harmless that the girls find it all refreshing. That I believe in. And they get numbers (flaky ones, but…). And might even pick up a lay (that would be harder for them later, even with more skill, as the “fresheness” is gone)…

      But “Mr Jacked High T” guy isn’t harmless. And that is good. But he should have to dial in “the best results of all time.” Not stumble into those stats on his first days out.

      No way.

      And with that said… Viva Krauser.


      1. That’s the main difference between men (pussies and cowards) like you and men like me. When I first read Krauser and Roy and I wasn’t jealous. I was motivated to emulate. To excel. I didn’t go all sorority girl and throw snide remarks around like you and redquest. For the best part of a year I’ve put up with little snide, male-pussy comments from you two, and more recently Mr V who even went as far to put words in Krausers mouth in a personal message to me (I could shame him by posting the inbox, but I won’t). My response to you all has been done in private. If you have a problem, or are just naturally inquisitive, I just said to you both “let’s meet” and we can either have a beer, or ill put my fist through your nose (still have a beer afterward lol). That’s the essential difference between me and pretend men like you and redquest. You are incapable of adjusting your worldview or your baselines when new evidence comes to light. Your ego is the problem, not mine. And this is the core reason why you are the way you are. It staggers me that fools like redquest and days of game are even taken seriously. Their blogs are ad nauseum rinse and repeat of plagiarised redpill toss that’s been regurgitated and shat-out a hundred times over. You are all too “technical” and that’s why redquest admitted he paid for pussy (how disgusting is this irony given the comments on my twitter before he blocked me).

        Its hard to state the pity I have for a pair of jealous clowns like you two.


      2. > Your ego is the problem, not mine.

        So jealousy. So jealousy. I admit it, bro… you’re the best in the whole world. You literally have the best stats in the entire world. All hail Mr Truth!



  7. quote from krauser
    “He’s a jacked, high-T, pretty good looking guy with some presence about him.”

    ding ding ding – well there you go. mystery solved. And 1 out of 13 is very possible for a good looking guy who is jacked and isn’t nerdy. he had years of turn key daygame theory and systems fully tested and vetted for him to just read/watch and then go use available as well ( its not the early days anymore – the systems have been worked out ).

    When are guys going to realize 95% of game stats and game discussion is by average or ugly guys. not only that but NERDY average or ugly guys. Most of cold approach game is how you look. Game is just a way to put yourself out there and market your value. If you are a average online dork then ALL the game in the world isn’t gonna help. I remember i was seeing a figure popping up that was like the first 500-1000 sets is standard before you get a lay. If you do 500 sets and don’t have 1 lay I will bet a million dollars you are probably not good looking. And if you are good looking then you probably have some sort of mental illness the girls can detect as soon as you speak ( autism / super nerd ).


    1. Looks make the game easier, to be sure (https://krauserpua.com/2016/04/30/reveal-vs-restructure), but the overall tenor is too blackpill, too defeatist… game can be and is used to overcome looks deficits. I see it in real life. “Most of cold approach game is how you look” is way too strong a claim.

      >>If you are a average online dork then ALL the game in the world isn’t gonna help

      Too binary… I’ve met average dorks who get laid… but the typical advice for players is also to “lift, fix fitness, fix fashion.” I have posts covering that, like, https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2017/06/15/zero-sugar-will-change-your-body-and-life/ and https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2019/02/25/fashion-and-clothes-for-players/


  8. It looks like BroodingSea himself posted a comment above (July 24, 2020). From his choice of words and general attitude, I think it’s fairly clear what kind of person he is. Case closed!


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