Delicious Tacos talks to Personality Girl and Default Friend about getting laid and other things

Personality Girl and Default Friend have a hilarious podcast with Delicious Tacos, a podcast covering many topics, including how women don’t (maybe can’t) understand what life and horniness as a man is like, alcoholism, writing, groupies, face, sociopathy, work, and Houellbecq (the key philosopher of the last 50 years, no one else who hasn’t done pr0n counts). My replies are disjoint and won’t make sense without listening to the podcast.

Hot, emotionally mature girls aren’t on the market much and aren’t drunk or snorting coke. Guys with alcohol or substance abuse problems are attracting girls who will accept those, and it’s dangerous to draw conclusions from that biased sample… I try not to generalize too much about women based on the women I’ve been with in the last ten years, because most of them are at the very least curious about or accepting of non-monogamy, while women who want a conventional family and children aren’t going to put up with that shit. Delicious Tacos lives in L.A. (all the normal girls stay out of California). The conversation is a very big city conversation, cause normal girls who want a husband and family live in the midwest, or Texas, or Florida, or any place that it’s possible to live a middle-class existence and have a family… they’re not in the big famous cities. That’s where the sluts are, and the people who can’t afford to have kids, so they might as well do all sorts of weird sex things. I’m one of them, I’m talking about my own here, but I’ve also spent lots of time in smaller cities where women in their 20s walk around with their children in strollers and their husbands next to them. Most of them are 10 – 40 lbs overweight, which is gross, but that’s where they are.

Despite all that I have a piece coming up in the next month or two about how I was dumb to not have figured out mdma earlier in my life, cause, used judiciously, that’s where many of the easy lays are. Lots of hot chicks lack personality, or drive, or the ability to admit the sex they want and get it, and need some external aid to get there. Trying to talk to a lot of hot girls age 18 – 24 isn’t easy, cause their knowledge base consists of inane gossip and an interest in drinking and drugs. That’s it. It’s hard to build commonality from that. Solution? A lot of conversation that uses The Game + insinuations of drinking/drugs now, or in times to come. I should’ve learned this earlier… in many ways I’m a slow learner.

Very true: pussy begets more pussy. Absolutely. Sex clubs are apotheosis of this. DT gets this. He says something like, the difference between 0 pussy and 1 pussy is a million times greater than 1 and 2, and pretty much everything in game is about moving from 0 to 1. Red Quest might be less interesting cause it’s mostly about moving from 2 to a million, via sex clubs + non-monogamy.

Agree that guys who get a lot fuck a lot of chicks, almost all of varying quality levels.

Delicious Tacos should get a counseling degree and do counseling for men. He’d be great at it, and he’d get out of the corporate grind office job, become more of a prophet than he already is. I’d refer guys to him. “You want to get laid, get your life in order? Talk to this guy, Delicious Tacos.” Would he be popular, though? Most therapists seem to need to take 20 sessions to get to the obvious, because they have to wait for the person they’re talking to to get to the idea on their own… I think Delicious Tacos would be like, “Your family’s fucked up, go learn the deadlift, and get in touch with your feelings that way.” If more guys mastered the deadlift and pullup we’d have less need for therapy.

His voice is peculiarly similar to mine, as are many of his life experiences, although I’ve never had alcohol or substance abuse problems… although I have been accused of being a sex addict (DT discusses “sex addicts” on the podcast). I don’t think I am, though, because I usually have some standards, and after I get my fill I go read a book or whatever.

He says that he used to get groupies when he showed his face… but then he sadly got doxxed… I’ve speculated to other guys that, to build a bigger following it’s necessary to show some proof-of-lay and become a public figure. Krauer and Tom Torero did that. Andy from Kill Your Inner Loser has done the same. I don’t think I care enough to want to take red quest to the next level that way, but it’s useful to hear ideas echoed. Like Balaji says, “we’re going to need to build a pseudonymous economy, where over the medium to long term, you separate out your real name, your earning name, and your speaking name. And in fact, you have multiple earning names and multiple speaking games, just like you have multiple usernames at different sites.” Balaji goes on,

Let’s say, for example, you have a large Twitter following, and you boot up a new pseudonym, that pseudonym starts with nothing. And so it takes you time to boot up a new following, that’s a whole effort, that deters a lot of people from doing it, they’re starting all the way from scratch. And I thought about this problem, because the thing is that with cryptocurrency, we’ve actually solved this where you can set up a username and another username and you can use ZCash to transfer money from one name to another pseudonymously.

So money can be transferred, reputation though didn’t seem to be, until I realized that actually you might not be able to do it for followers, which are non fungible, that to say, one person is not, like, the same as the other, but you could do it on a site like Reddit, where you had Karma that was accumulated. And so someone who had 10,000 Karma under one pseudonym just like you use ZCash to transfer digital currency, ZCash was basically like the truly anonymous version of Bitcoin, the truly private version of Bitcoin. Just like you use ZCash to transfer cash from one name to another, you could use ZKarma to transfer Karma from one username to another and thereby a reboot under a new username.

Seriously, that Balaji podcast is some of the best and most mind-blowing stuff I’ve listened to, so go listen to it after you’re done with the Delicious Tacos interview… if you have a choice between long-form Balaji and long-form Red Quest, Balaji is the right way to go, on all topics apart from getting laid. Some people are badass enough to go by one name, sorry to the rest of the Balajis of the world.

Delicious Tacos also mentions that online dating stopped working effectively around 2015, which I’ve speculated about too, “I’ve had some success with regular online dating many years ago, and no success from regular online dating recently, and by recently I mean in the last six or so years. Sometime around 2015 I had enough things going on in real life that I had by then mostly quit.” Search red quest for “2015” or “2014” and you’ll see other examples.

His story sounds like Tucker Max’s (remember him…?), lots of debauchery, followed by some “what am I doing with my life?” desire to start a family.

Delicious Tacos hates his working an office job for money. What’s missing from the podcast, maybe his life? Craftsmanship. Of a physical sort. It’s a topic in Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance but more than that it goes back to Plato, one of history’s first big cucks. Craftsmanship can be done in spare time, and it can turn into full-time work. It doesn’t need to be furniture making or whatever. It can be making amateur internet porn. Seriously, some of the top verified amateurs or onlyfans ppl are craftsmen, forever trying to better their last creation. Lack a sense of craftsmanship and life will seem more meaningless than it would with craftsmanship. These people should learn woodworking or whatever. Bookbinding.

The top programmers and engineers are craftsmen, the money follows the craft. Unfortunately, the pussy doesn’t follow the money in their case, unless it’s paid for.

Although many people complain about work, very few live like Mr. Money Mustache and radically decrease their spending. Decrease spending far enough and the need to work goes way down as well. This works best outside of expensive Los Angeles. The problem is often not work, it is spending. DT doesn’t appear to have learned bike repair and physical dwelling repair, as Mr. Money Mustache has… if you hate work, there are ways to structure your life to minimize it. But it seems possible to minimize spending or maximize sex, but it’s difficult to do both at once, or at least I don’t think I know anyone who is really doing it. How big is DT’s circle of control?

Contributing to a larger community, like xbtusd says. W/o community, alienation, etc., and you can only having f**king be your main source of meaning for so many yrs. If you try to spend your whole life chasing pussy, instead of doing some family as well, you’ll likely end up some combination of miserable and, worse, pathetic (“likely”… if you’re the exception, fantastic, you’re the exception). How long it takes will vary by guy… some guys can be players successfully into their 40s or even 50s… despite saying that, if the reader really doesn’t want to have kids, don’t, there are sadly too many kids resented by their parents for merely existing. Someone who doesn’t affirmatively not want them should give it a shot.

How many marry out of tiredness or desperation?

I know a couple people who moved from alcoholism/substance abuse to becoming workout freaks, so maybe there’s something to the idea of the addictive or extreme personality. Or maybe it’s random variations and salience bias.

A make a meta comment, this post is almost like the old days of blogging… Default Friend and Delicious Tacos have websites separate from the major “social” media platforms (only Personality Girl is slacking in this regard, cause she does Twitter not blog). I’m replying on a site that’s also separate from the major data hoarders. There should be more independence and less Facebook leviathan. We can do better. Get off the big sites, be informationally independent, that’s what Balaji thinks crypto can help us do, we can do it ourselves in the ways we can right now.

Link again to the DT, Personality Girl, Default Friend pod ep. I read DT’s book THE PUSSY, it’s a fine book but one I think I read when I’d become too old and too earnest to love it. Earnestness is in today, existential irony is out. Onlyfans is the expression of earnestness in the smut market, fake San Fernando Valley surgically altered bimbos are the expression of existential irony.

Chicks want you to make the first move, so do it

The Graphic Designer Who Hates Making the First Move is a universal story of a woman who can’t or won’t make the first move: she finds a guy she likes, “I think he’s cute and wish he’d just make the move and ask me out. I don’t get it.” Why doesn’t she make the first move? She doesn’t say. About another guy, she says, “I could ask him out myself, but I really want someone to take the lead and I want to be pursued.” Despite what you’ve heard from feminist teachers in schools, despite the bullshit you may have imbibed from the media, women are passive and won’t make the first move. As a man, it’s your job to make it, and it will almost certainly remain your job as long as men and women exist. Eggs are expensive and sperm is cheap, so, if you’re a man reading this, you’re going to need to be the actor, not the acted upon.

Sure, you may have heard women say “Ew, I can’t believe that guy hit on me.” Guess what? She’s making a female social power play, by saying that she’s so desirable and popular that she routinely rejects guys. That’s her game when she says something like that. Or, she considered the guy to be below her level (this always happens). The other day, I was walking along a strip of bars near me, and there was this woman, cute, wearing an outfit that was like 55% business / 45% T&A, skirt that was almost too short, tits almost hanging out too much, and I opened her with, I don’t know, something about business, something about the time of day, and she said something like, “Ew, no.” Or maybe just “No,” I don’t remember exactly, but it was an uncommonly cold rejection, particularly for a woman dolled up like she was.

And it doesn’t matter, the rejection, I mean. Continue reading “Chicks want you to make the first move, so do it”