Roy Walker: “One hundred daygame lays”

Roy Walker commemorates 100 daygame lays. He finds that “As expected, there are no medals, revelations, epiphanies, or deep learning points… I didn’t even get an MPUA card. The 100th girl, although extremely hot, felt just like all the others. I banged her, and then more or less instantly couldn’t wait to get rid of her. EE’S BREUKAN.”

His blog is more like the lads and bros telling war stories than like the educator offering lessons in how to dismantle and reassemble the mechanism. He seems like a guy who played a lot of sports and was a social leader at school… and thus unlike most guys writing about the game. Some guys need a nudge that this is possible, and the stories can provide that nudge, as well as a glimpse of the varieties and randomness of chicks, from the ones who pop right into the bed to the ones who are a titanic struggle. A guy who can’t effectively get dates isn’t going to get much from reading him as he’s too advanced, and the potential reader likely needs to work on his own value.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

3 thoughts on “Roy Walker: “One hundred daygame lays””

  1. > His blog is more like the lads and bros telling war stories

    Yes. He told a story recently about sex w/ a virgin, and he did it in 1/2 paragraph. He is light and factual.

    Historically… he has freaked some “mere humans” out, because his numbers are too good. Lots of guys feel like they suck, comparing themselves to Roy – and I think that says much more about Roy than about reasonable expectations for daygame results. I believe Roy is 100% real. I think he represents “about as good as you can possibly get” in daygame. I think almost everybody that claims stats at his level… is a lying. But I think Roy is real.

    I have learned very little from reading him. The main thing I learned is when he repeats something I have heard many times someplace else – and I only notice that, because there is something truly excellent about Roy, but he doesn’t articulate it. And that even really excellent guys repeat “mediocre” ideas.

    > He seems like a guy who played a lot of sports and was a social leader at school…

    I think he is fundamentally “very masculine.” If that were true, he could have the impact required to have an approach:lay ratio like he does. Imagine a guy with “top 1%” impact on women, without being super amazing looking.
    What could it possibly be? Roy isn’t “artsy” or anything like that. He is not slaying girls with poetry. My guess is he has a very pure masculinity – he rings girls’ bells. And that is how he puts up very, very high numbers.

    BTW – his 100 lays from daygame… that’s just daygame. He had a lot of history before daygame. And was recently in S.Africa, doing online Game, and taking down girl after girl… none of which counted toward his daygame totals.

    He is an unusual guy. I like him. And I am curious to see what he does with his time post-100. He claims to want to switch to a GF, and I’m interested in how that transition goes for him.


    1. >>He is light and factual.

      I’m probably over-interested in trying to figure out how and why things work, and then explain them… there is a right “level” of explanation, for guys interested in explanation… like, if you tell someone with a bike problem, “Oh yeah, pull the chain, true the wheel, see if that works…” that’s insufficient detail for a novice. How does one “pull the chain?” Once it’s pulled, then what? If you start with, “Here is the materials science behind the chain, which begins with raw ore mined from…” that’s too much detail, at the wrong level, but in another way.

      >> He is an unusual guy

      Yeah… probably the average guy interested in learning game will learn less from him… the larger lesson might be closer to, “be very masculine, be very present.” He might also be verbally fluid and quick witted, which is being present and in the moment… and likely doesn’t notice much about rejection, cause it’s part of the game, like missing a shot in basketball…


  2. From blog and twatter his vibe looks great. Playful, never complaining, smart but not nerdy, doesn’t take esp girl but also himself or anything too seriously. Unlike many daygamers, he doesn’t strike me as a bit of an autist.
    His latest briefer posts give off a no big deal attitude and a present energy that at this point I find more instructive than many detailed analysis. When I’m on a game run, I don’t think much about what I do or say to girls, I guess most players can relate to that. Roy seems to be able to keep himself a lot in that flowy headspace.

    I have the feeling that he is insanely good at spotting horny/available girls, which is paramount to getting good ratios.

    Yeah agree that a beginner/ inexperienced guy proly couldn’t get much out of what Roy says. His lessons are subtler.

    Keep up the blog Red Quest. It’s good.


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