Asian guys, dating, the game, and embracing the struggle

I’ve met Asians guy who f**k lots of girls, of any and all races, and they have a few things in common: they lift or are at least fit, they’ve got good fashion/style, they have good interpersonal skills, they’re not afraid to approach chicks (or they conquer their approach fear)… there are probably a couple other things they commonly do that don’t come to mind right away, but, if you look at that list, you’ll notice that none of it is specific to Asian guys. It’s what guys who’re good at sleeping with lots of girls do. The topic is on my mind cause I’ve talked to Asian guys who’re learning the game, and at the start of their journeys, they often think they have some special stigma around being Asian, when most often they don’t: what they have is weak game, and, like any guys who do poorly with chicks, they have to learn good game, if they want to wildly succeed. And wild success is extremely possible for Asian guys. The topic arises cause of this extremely lame, but slightly interesting, article, “Men’s Rights Asians” Think This Is Their Moment. Asians have men’s rights activists?  I hesitate to call it an “article” cause the writer spent a few hours on Reddit and then boom! calls it research, but that’s what passes for journalism today. Journalists are too lazy to leave their couches.

The article says that there are Asian race traitors who’ve joined the anti-Asian social-justice warrior movement… and that is true. But the article also gives examples of loser brigading Asian guys who’d be better off sharpening their game than harassing randoms on the Internet. A lot of these guys are very interested in what Asian chicks do…

“The posts are dotted with contemptuous mentions of WMAF: white male–Asian female relationships. Bananarang refers derisively to an Asian woman who’s previously dated white men but is currently seeking a relationship with an Asian man. PAA, or ‘progressive Asian activist,’ is a pejorative term similar to ‘social justice warrior’ for Asians who ascribe to liberal, feminist values.” Okay, some of these are pretty funny, and I hope to one day accuse a hot Asian chick of being a bananarang. I personally don’t care much what Asian or white or Hispanic chicks are doing unless they’re hot and bending over in front of me… it’s most helpful for guys to focus on improving themselves, not worrying about what everyone else is doing. Asian chicks are chicks, doing chick things and having chick desires. The vital question is, what is any given guy doing to fulfill those desires? Whining about being Asian on the Internet isn’t going to make a guy into a superior player.

In my view, guys who want to f**k more and hotter girls have more in common with one another, regardless of race, than we do with chicks, regardless of race. I believe this qualifies me as an “intersectional feminist.” Chicks are going to want to f**k who they want to f**k… for chicks, telling guys not to prefer big boobs, a high tight ass, smooth supple skin, solid shaving/grooming, etc., is a loser’s game. Guys aren’t going to change our preference in response to chicks telling us we should. Tell a guy he should prefer older, heavier chicks and he might nod along… but he’s still going to seek the hotter chicks. The other way around is also true, telling Asian chicks they should prefer Asian men cause of some kind of race solidarity or whatever isn’t going to work. Chicks like hot, just like guys do, although the average preferences of chicks and guys differ.

If there’s anything Asian-specific to customize in the game for Asian guys, it might be to be a little more aggressive in pursuing girls, to counteract the stereotype of Asian guys as being overly passive. Apart from that, though, the way Asian guys do well in the game is pretty much the same as the way guys in general do well at the game. The challenge seems to be that Asian immigrant parents prioritize scholastic achievement over everything else, driving their kids from an early age to ace school tests. All else being equal chicks prefer “smarter” guys, but chicks really really prefer hot guys who make them tingle. An Asian guy who doesn’t start optimize for generating tingles and flirting until college or later is going to be behind a typical white, black, or Hispanic guy’s stage of social development for a given age, if he’s had that sort of parent. This level of being behind doesn’t apply nearly as much to Asian girls, though, because guys will begin hitting on Asian girls whenever the girls reach maturity. By the time a cute Asian girl is 20, she’s likely had dozens or hundreds of more aggressive guys hitting on her. An Asian guy may have to develop those flirting skills, that other guys learn from older guys or from locker rooms and such.

Life course makes a difference, but regardless of a guy’s age when he learns about the game and how to systematically practice and master it, what’s the alternative? He can’t go back in time and make himself start learning the game when he was in middle school. There are Asian guys who grew up with academically obsessed parents who learned the game later on. Go find those guys and learn from them. Much game knowledge is free, online. Learn it, practice it, tell others what you’ve found. Some Asian guys appear to have mental barriers to success. I don’t know how to overcome those, but I do know that lifting heavy, practicing jiu-jitsu, opening one’s self emotionally with psychedelics, developing positive mindset, and similar strategies are important. Learning to understand and forgive one’s parents is important too.

Many stories about heroes overcoming adversity entail physical and mental training, often together… an Asian guy with mental blockages between him and tight p***y may have to undergo those trials. There is no easy way: there is only the hard way. Maybe there’s an analogue here to what some black people think, if they internalize the message that blacks are dumb or violent or whatever. Coddling, though, doesn’t work. One reason the military successfully makes many boys into men is that, whatever the flaws of service may be, coddling isn’t one. Time on reddit complaining about racism against Asians isn’t going to get any guy p***y. Maybe some of these Asian sites and reddits about resentment can ensnare Asians with anger… but to advance, it’s necessary to move past anger and into action. Being mired in anger is like being a mammoth stuck in a tar pit.

Will you be the guy changing the media dynamic by uploading your homemade Asian male, white female pr0n? Or will you be the guy jerking it to someone else’s material? I could be an Asian guy: you don’t know. I am no one, but the voice in your mind, whispering about how to better f**k more and hotter chicks. Will you listen?

This image is completely gratuitous, but it’s been claimed that posting pics of attractive women increases the number of people who read the article, so here one is, let’s see if it works.

Author: The Red Quest

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8 thoughts on “Asian guys, dating, the game, and embracing the struggle”

  1. This is a great post, though I would generalise it further by saying this probably applies to guys in minority communities. Typically these communities assign greater importance to what you point out, academic achievement, which leads to quite predictable results.

    It just so happens that these are the exact same people who want to bang hot, white, blonde, big chested young women partly because of their personal egos or because they need to feel that they belong somewhere.

    And that’s where they either really make it (learn game, inter-gender dynamics etc., practice like there is no tomorrow and reap the benefits) or break it (marry the girl next door in the same ethnic community).


    1. Having run into plenty of black/brown/yellow guys who fuck hot chicks… what they do to fuck hot chicks is basically what white guys do, look good, work out, talk to chicks, work their game, etc. etc. There’s more in common among guys who fuck hot chicks than there is separating them.

      I do think there are more young white chads who learn how to be chads from their families/larger social/family arena, so that is significant… but very guys are at peak game, and most can improve their game, if they want to. I was probably not at peak game, in many ways, until I was in my 30s… though it was easier for me to fuck chicks 18 – 24 when I was in that age range, simply through proximity and social dynamics.


  2. I can personally relate to this post, being an asian guy with high academic achievement. High academic achievement and doing good with girls are mutually exclusive. High achievement is good in the sense that you become a high earner (not always but generally), it gives you lifelong good habits and girls like winners and high earners. Some girls are into high academic achievers too. Otoh it comes at the cost of being good socially and makes you too analytical/nerdy/boring. No edge – unless you go easy on studies/career side and actively work on your social/chick getting aspects. I don’t think it’s possible to be in top 1% or even less of your work/academic field and still be doing good with women, unless your work involves making you into a player, which most high paying jobs don’t. You develop authority and leadership skills though at top end of most jobs. I have gotten around to this by dipping in and out, phases where i focus on my studies/work and phases where i let go of that to focus on stuff which makes me more attractive to chicks – lifting weights, going out, cold approaching, focusing on flirting in social circle. Now i am at the point where i am letting go of trying to be 1% at work and trying to be more balanced and well rounded. Cost of that is having to tolerate being average/mediocre in career which is a bit painful and affects my vibe, makes me feel like a bit of a loser as that’s the value set i grew up with, doing good academically/at work gives me that winner affect/vibe, makes me feel like i am winning and dominating. How do you square that circle?


    1. >> girls like winners and high earners

      Don’t agree on this. Here’s something I once read that stuck with me: “[W.R.T. game and girls,] it is better to be a societal loser and a SOCIAL winner than a societal winner (high earner) who is a social loser.”

      >> I don’t think it’s possible to be in top 1% or even less of your work/academic field and still be doing good with women

      Agreed but I don’t see why being 1% matters. IMO, the only reason to make a lot of money is to provide for a family. But if one wants to be a player, providing isn’t an immediate concern.

      >> How do you square that circle?

      I have no doubt that some of the best players run businesses of their own


      1. Eh don’t want to be a societal loser. I’d much rather be a bezo/musk/gates with some game than a homeless guy picking up chicks.

        “Why being 1% matters?”

        Because it’s a power move/a dominance ploy. Some men like chasing excellence. Look at bezo musk gates etc, these are guys expanding horizons of human potential, dictating how the world is run. Look at the effect their one move can have on the whole world.

        I’m fine with being a player for now but don’t want to do this forever. More of the same gets boring. I want to be an alpha provider in next few years, want to have kids with a higher quality higher education hot financially stable chick with good habits who can raise strong and smart children.
        I want to develop intergenerational wealth.

        Yes i am heading towards investing in businesses gradually and cut down on my job if that goes well. To develop a good business, you need capital and unless you get inheritance from parents, that’s where a high earning job helps. Business will give me most control over my time while making me the amount of money i want. I only recently realized that. I used to love my job but no more.


  3. Having lived in Asia, and particularly Thailand, for a few years, the model you gratuitously posted looks suspiciously like a ladyboy.
    You get good at noticing things like the shape of the jaw, width of the shoulders, and the face that she’s wearing a scarf around her neck to possibly cover an Adam’s apple.

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