Chasing a girl in Latin America [FR]

Xbtusd is back, with a story about chasing a hot woman in Latin America during lockdown.

Last winter the obvious move, for anyone childless who could suddenly work remotely, was to leave dense urban areas and head to warmer climates. I rented a place with my girlfriend and three friends: life was idyllic, the women were stunning, yet our social life was still a bit stunted by COVID. For the most part, our house rules roughly translated to, “you have to get permission to hang out with anyone not already on the approved list.” Back then, rapid tests and vaccines weren’t widely and easily available, and the rules made making new friends and dating a tough sell. As the winter passed, the fear of sickness abated, and the desire to socialize came back with a fury.

One of the guys staying with us had a younger former student in the area, so we invited her to hang out.

When he read this story, RQ asked the obvious question… why not all of you? She gave off strong sexual vibes but said she hadn’t had sex in a long time and that she hadn’t felt ready to since her last relationship. It was hard to square her strong apparent boundaries around sex with her palpable desire and her sexual heat. It also seemed like she might be just a flirt/tease. She made it clear that she wasn’t going to be sleeping with any of us as we were friends of her former teacher, but it was hard to read whether that was just her “anti-slut defense” or a genuine boundary. It didn’t strike me as a situation where she was going to hook up with more than one person, if she did with any of us. Despite that, she genuinely talked about sex 95% of the time in a group or 1 on 1 setting, perhaps using the talk as a substitute for the action.

She told us about her ex-boyfriend and the bad sex that they had. She talked about coming from an Asian country where sex was not talked about and her family’s relationship to sex. She asked each of us about every sexual experience under the sun. What makes for good sex? How do you like a blowjob? Have you ever had group sex? Are you kinky? Do you like anal? I am not exaggerating that week we spent 20 hours in a group with her talking about sex, and her and our relationships to it. By the end I was yearning to talk about math. We all would have made a move sooner, except that some logistics prevented it. She actually came to hang out with us two separate times separated by about a month. The first time, she was with this awful beta guy she told us she was not fucking but had been dating/living with for a month (an American dude she met on Hinge: if what she said is true, then men really do need to learn the game and stop simping). She had ditched him by the second trip to visit and was there for a longer period. It was also tough to get her alone, so it was awkward to really make a move when we were in large groups, and the other guys and I hadn’t coordinated a possible gang bang. Lastly, we’re all friends and didn’t want to fight over her, or make ourselves look like a bunch of thirsty bumbling fools falling all over each other to get to her.

We had a very large four-bedroom house with a pool in a walled, compound-style home. As a result, we often hosted small parties: sitting by the pool around a big table drinking, snorting freshly cut cocaine, skinny dipping, dancing, etc. On one of her last nights, the usual crew was hanging out, and we were playing “Never have I ever,” like high schoolers, and she said she’d never done cocaine. Immediately a line was poured, and she hoovered one like a pro. I can’t remember how I made the transition, but I then asked if she had ever had a line done off of her? She responded in the negative, and I inquired if she would like to have one done off her tits. She confirmed that she would and hopped on the couch removing her top. I poured up a fresh line and inhaled, followed by a long make-out with everybody watching. My girlfriend took her cue and came over and poured her own line and joined us in a three-person make-out.

My mind raced to logistics. One dude + 2 chicks, with 3 dudes watching. We returned to the table and went back to playing cards. How was I going to get her into my bedroom without the awkwardness of everybody seeing and her feeling the awkwardness of seeming like a slut? As the night wound down I eventually found a moment alone and whispered to her to follow me into my bedroom. I invited her to stay over with me and my girlfriend but she quickly turned me down, saying that she wasn’t there yet. It was clear that this was a boundary and knowing her pretty well at that point I knew that she drew very firm boundaries and so I didn’t push. I thanked her for a fun evening, gave her a goodnight kiss, and sent her on her way.

We all eventually returned home, and she hit me up after a bunch more traveling. The first time we met up was a long day of drinking in the streets. She was hours late and, when she arrived, much to my surprise she told me she had fallen asleep after a marathon night of fucking that ended at noon that day. I was shocked, as sex had previously been off the table, but when I inquired she began telling me about a shift that had happened in her after she left us. She had done an ayahuasca ceremony where she had been transformed and now felt like she had reconnected with her sexual self (demonstrating the power of psychedelics). She had been on a rampage running through every interesting/hot guy she met and was radiating sexual energy, as usual.

Taking my cue, I started flirting hard and floating the idea of having the threesome I had been hoping for earlier in the year, but she quickly nixed that idea, saying that she didn’t want to sleep with friends and make things too complicated. Once again, it was clear this was not a point that she was going to be swayed, so I figured I would let our friendship evolve, and I assume at some point in the future she will have another psychedelic trip where she is instructed to have threesomes with her friends and I will be her first call. Looking back at all the events, I don’t think there’s much I could have done better/differently, but as I’ve mentioned, I’m a fan of the long game, especially for women I genuinely enjoy spending time with. No point in burning any bridges and I get a free call option for later.

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Author: The Red Quest

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3 thoughts on “Chasing a girl in Latin America [FR]”

  1. Fun story but… The stuff about that girl were rather cringe-worthy. It seems she was up for some fun any time but… nobody cared to cut the crap and organize the necessary logistics.
    To be fair, my wings and I have had similar problems (minus the luxury setting).


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