Will public and socially acknowledged sex tapes become common and normalized?

An adult film performer has 300k followers on Twitter: it doesn’t matter which one, but I remarked to xbtusd, RPD, and another friend that she got those followers just for being attractive and naked: I said, “we live in an amazing world.” Xbtusd countered, “Attractive, naked, and recording yourself having sex.” He’s got a point, and yet I wonder if we’ll get to a world where recording yourself having sex and that recording being public will be socially acceptable to the extent that it doesn’t cause negative social and economic consequences; removing those social and economic consequences might drive out or down the premium those willing to violate social norms can achieve.

This isn’t as crazy as it might sound: in the 1950s, lots of people had sex before marriage, but it was a disaster for women to let it be known that they had sex before marriage, even though many women, maybe most, were doing it. It took until the 1970s, if not later, for sex before marriage to become common and expected. By today, it’s weird and bizarre for anyone not to have had sex before marriage.

Today, we’re in a situation where it’s extremely common to shoot nude photos and make sex tapes, but it’s relatively uncommon, and still reputationally damaging, for those to be publicly and socially available. We have celebrities (Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton) whose fame is linked to their sex tapes, and in some sense we all “know” that everybody does it. The vast majority of women let me shoot nude photos. I send them the photos, and I bet many later send those on to others. At what point do sex tapes lose their ability to shock and create negative consequences? It only takes enough women whose sex tapes become public shrugging and saying, “So what? It’s not a big deal. Everyone does it.” Maybe women don’t like their sexual value being foregrounded in this way. Onlyfans is arguably accelerating pre-existing trends. I’ve run into girls who are open about having an Onlyfans account: something I’d not have expected or imagined even five years ago.

Maybe watching other people have sex is losing some of its mystique / taboo elements: watch a show like Mad Men, and observe the etiquette of that time period… like, if you’re a married woman and you’re alone in a room with a man not your husband you better have a very good excuse for that happening. Now it’s like, “Yeah I’m married and yeah I’m going out and getting drunk with the girls tonight, we might fuck a bunch of random dudes, what of it?”

In Mad Men, Don freaks out because Betty tries on a bikini, and he slut shames her (“It looks DESPERATE…”), and Betty immediately changes. That’s representative of the culture of that day; now, thongs are common, and, as mentioned, some famous women got that way because they made sex tapes. And everyone’s fine with it. Very very soon you’re gonna have chicks that are the heads of major corporations, even presidents of countries, they’ll all have sex tapes, no one will care. Italian member of parliament (MP) Cicciolina made erotic films in the ‘80s, prior to being elected to Italy’s governing body. Maybe she’s a one-off, maybe she’s a harbinger. The last American president has more in common with pr0n culture than mainstream political culture. Maybe making sex tapes will be celebrated, an exploration of sexuality, and anyone who criticizes those practices will be ostracized… the exact opposite of what we have today (shaming women for doing pr0n). To use another historical example, recorded sex might be like tattoos; something that was shocking and outrageous decades ago becomes commonplace today (noting that many people don’t have tattoos).

I’ve had female friends whose nudes and/or sex videos have been leaked. And what’s happened has mostly been… nothing. Usually the women in question spend a bit of time trying to wipe the images or videos from the Internet, using DMCA requests, and that works. They’re unhappy for a few weeks, and then whatever fracas might have occurred dies down, and their lives return to normal. What’s most interesting is how minor the event tends to be. Most of their friends are supportive, and angry at the ex who’s done the leaking. Other women are sympathetic, understanding that it could happen to anyone. Guys routinely share nudes of chicks w/ our friends.

Trends tend to persist, similar to how Newton’s first law tells us that objects in motion stay in motion unless acted on by an external force. What external force is going to step in to curtail the growth of women’s sexual freedoms? Or the growth of smartphones, imaging, and connectivity? I wouldn’t want to be short women’s sexual freedom over the next decade. This isn’t my view, but it’s a possible view: if sex has become totally desexualized, and nobody can get hard anymore because of a desensitization to any sexual stimulus, it’s possible women might ask, “What are the costs of an unlimited growth in sexual freedom?” Cancer is unchecked cell growth but most cancer patients damaged their body long before the cancer showed up.

Soon, we’re going to defeat most STIs via vaccination. The social and cultural consequences of this still aren’t appreciated. We’re living in a changing world. Are you ready?

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

5 thoughts on “Will public and socially acknowledged sex tapes become common and normalized?”

  1. Been reading a while, first time commenter. I believe you’re right, and the analogy’s perfect: “Being known for making porn which anyone can see, will become as mainstream, non-shocking, and even fashionable for people who define themselves as hip and cool for following ‘edgy’ trends as having a tattoo is now.”

    I predict it will go even further, that “public displays of affection,” including what most people now would think of as fairly aggressive making out and groping, will be seen as “normal for ordinary non-prudes like All Of Us” among those with the same kind of trend-following mentality that led to the popularity of tattoos as a “safe” way to “be a unique and bad rebel.”

    Perhaps the rules will further shift to demand that men mind-read and provide women what they want in this way.

    A complaint to Human Resources when a man objects to colleagues “innocently, and like everyone normally does” going at it hot & heavy in the conference room while waiting for all colleagues to arrive for the Equitable Inclusion Policy Review Committee Report?

    Another complaint when “he was physically violent, pushing me away when all I was doing was complimenting him and pushing my tongue down his throat for a cute little selfie?”

    Dishing some drama to her girlfriends about “what a weirdo prude, we’d just met for coffee on a first date, I had my hands down his pants to feel him up and a good lip lock and he pulled back to tell me I was going to fast! Can you believe it, what an old-fashioned jerk!”

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  2. When I was at the grocery store yesterday, a catchy pop song came on that, as a guy, had never made sense to me. Feel free to use this as a post idea if you’d like.

    Despite its well-produced, easy-listening sound with lovely vocal harmony and its bright shiny surface of friendly caring, something always stank as wrong about it to me.

    But I now realized it perfectly demonstrates several Red Pill themes.

    “You’re In Love” by girl group Wilson Phillips:
    “You’re in love! That’s the way it should be, ’cause I want you to be happy. You’re in love, and I know that you’re not in love with me. Ooh it’s enough for me to know you’re in love, now I’ll let you go…. But now I see that you’re so happy and ooh, it just sets me free. And I’d like to see us as good of friends as we used to be.”

    * For a woman, being in love with ANY man is better than being by herself. For solipsism, therefore it must be better for a man to bein love with ANY woman than by himself.

    * For a woman, branch-swinging through the forest means not letting go of the old branch until she’s already got hold of the new branch. For solipsim, therefore it must be better for a man to not be detached from his old love until he has his new love.

    * For a woman, hypergamy means it doesn’t matter who she left behind, they should be happy that she’s with someone better now. For solipsism, therefore she is happy when the man she left behind has found someone new.

    * For a woman, solipsism means inability to empathize with a man’s loss, since she can’t love him the way he can love.

    • This is what she’d want to hear from an idealized man, therefore as a self-idealizing lover she “generously” offers it to the actual man she kicked to the friend zone, after “generously” not “letting him go” until his hand is on the next branch. Even though that means not letting him go until, as the song says at the start, it’s been a long time since she’s even seen him.


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