Transsexualism, bodybuilding, anorexia: body dysmorphia’s many forms

Thinspo and Gender Goals: Musing on two internet subcultures is about attention and the failure to create effective identity: I read it as, when young people, specifically girls, say, “I am a man,” they really mean, “I want to look x way. And all my problems would be solved if I looked x way.” This desire will never be completed, and reaching the “goal” will never make the desirer actually feel whole, happy etc. The way the brain is malfunctioning in an anorexic state can give us some help understanding the transsexuality trend, which isn’t so different from grunge or witchcraft or other teen girl trends. What people (and especially teen girls) say is often not to be taken at face value; it’s part of some other ploy, usually related to status, insecurity, etc. Girls are more susceptible to social contagions.

With anorexia, the body dysmorphia is clear: showing how the origin of all this stuff (Tumblr) is the same, and the memes around it, the imagery, the feelings are all very similar. Somehow, we can’t see the obvious when we introduce the idea of gender, maybe because after a long period of discrimination against gays, we falsely analogize transsexuals to gays. “I hate my body, it’s the wrong one. I’ll never be happy until I can change it to be something else.” The language is so similar, the thoughts, all of it is really powerful to a small number of people. Like many things, the left might wake up 50 years from now and be like, “holy shit were we in a dream? Did we really think this shit was healthy?” No, it isn’t, and we’ll deny we ever thought it.

Transsexualism being like anorexia is interesting in part because it seems to get the essential idea that there’s no end game. Let’s say the teens who are “transsexual” achieve their body “perfection” or whatever. Then…what? What’s the point? It’s like bodybuilders (another topic discussed around here), you get the things, and then…you show it off, I guess? You search for adulation, or something else? And then, once you get that, then what? Whatever problems drive body dysmorphia are not solved by whatever body mods people think they’re feeling. With bodybuilders, some amount of lifting and being fit is good for you, but becoming obsessed and overly optimizing on “being fit” has negative repercussions. Most people want social and romantic connections: but transsexualism is unlikely to facilitate either.

At the same time, the universities have become secular priests, obsessed with offering a liturgy about race and gender and acceptance, and discrimination against men, especially white men (although they hate black guys, too, and use the Title IX apparatus against black guys). The fight against racism and sexism is basically won… that isn’t to say neither exist, but they’re at most small problems and minimally affect most people, and the insidious effects of racism can be seen in things like underperforming, predominantly black schools. The left that claims to be concerned about “racism” isn’t concerned enough, however, to end teachers unions, facilitate school choice vouchers, or remove impediments to building new housing in the tony suburbs limousine liberals live in. When it comes to women and abortion, it’s “my body, my choice;” when it comes to getting poor black kids out of failing schools, it’s “your body, my choice, you’re going to stay in your place whether you like it or not, and you’re going to do what I tell you to do.” Mostly, though, libertarianism rules: no one cares if you’re gay or various other things–people care if you can solve their problems (economically, most obviously). So…what’s next? The creation of a bunch of new categories that can be fought for. And the attempt to tell the most susceptible in our society, aka teen girls, that they must be transexual, of all things, if they’re having normal adolescent identity formation issues. Many in the university establishment lack real work to do, so they glom onto attempting to create novel identity categories, and “work” on expatiating the sins of their souls. Meanwhile, the student loan totals rise, the worthless degrees conferred rise, and no one questions the system, because everyone is too busy talking about transsexualism. Let’s talk about the incidental ridiculous thing, while we reach into your pocket and take the money out. Let’s not talk about reforming the universities so that degrees mean something.

Another idea: we’re going through a massive technological shift. This liberated women from the hearth. New options were presented. Feminism was an outcome of that technological shift. It was an answer to the question of, “what now?” We’re at the very early stages of that experiment, making tons of mistakes: feminism is not the cause, it’s the natural reaction to a huge change in technology. Transsexualism, as it’s being pushed in schools: same thing.

Ideally, teachers, parents, etc., would act as a kind of brake on the acting out, the pretending to be transsexual, etc. Instead, teachers and professors have bought into this bizarre signaling game and in the process are acting as accelerators, not brakes, and are actively facilitating mental illness in their female students. And unfortunately, those who have not bought into it don’t say anything because of the online mobs.

You’d think feminists who favor the flourishing of women would be like, “Hey, this is bad for women,” but instead they seem to have been silenced. It’s a weird world we live in, one in which notional feminists have decided that the fight for women is done, it’s time to move on to fight to help…men. And no one’s supposed to say anything about it, except Abigail Shrirer.

What’s going on? Part of it, I think, is that people online can build fake worlds online more easily than ever, and this includes the “biological sex is not real” people. The online people create their own feedback loops, disconnected from the everyday reality most people live in. One sees this with some feminists, some “red pill” guys, with “incels,” with some kinds of terrorists of the Islamic or American right wing variety, and with others, probably who I don’t know of because I only notice them when they’re big enough to hit what’s left of the mainstream. There exists a weird combination of people with mental problems connecting online to reinforce their mental problems, and university professors who don’t have real work to do and need to come up with something to justify their existence…so they’ve come up with ever-more-esoteric definitions of sex, gender, race, etc. They pitch this to undergrads, most of whom aren’t stupid or ill enough to bite, but some of whom are, and those who are become the next generation of activists, teachers, and bureaucratic school administrators.

Whoever sets the agenda wins the argument. That I have written this at all, means that the transsexualism lunatics have won. Until the parents get angry enough, they’ll continue to win. No one cares about subject-matter mastery in schools any more, and they’ve given up attempting to teach basic skills, in favor of this style of indoctrination. To me this seems bad… but I’m one guy.

I don’t know how to fix this dynamic apart from pointing out that most people are normal, most women like being feminine and receiving male attention, and most parents are going to be very unhappy about this transsexualism brainwashing. I support charter schools and charter schools would be a step in the right direction, because “not encouraging mental illness in students” would be a good founding principle and step in the right direction. But school unions will likely keep working to prevent charter schools from spreading. Some problems don’t have solutions, the weirdos obsessed with transsexualism make it their top issue, it’s not even my 10th most important issue.

Not all problems have solutions, the only thing a normal person can do is oppose the freakish gender + sex denialism in universities, and encourage… normalcy. Today, tacking “normal” is among the most radical acts a person can do in many cities or states. Normal is not good in all areas but it is good in some.

A surprisingly large number of teachers read Red Quest, and they report what’s happening in schools. Transsexualism is a social trend, not a real one (if that distinction remains). If you’re not a conventionally pretty girl, you’re going to get far less attention on social media (guys are most interested in the pretty girls, and the pretty girls are most interested, still, in masculine men: you cannot fool the genes). Women will follow what’s socially acceptable; the interesting question is what made this socially acceptable or desirable in the first place.

These girls who say they are really “men” often date more pretty girls, but they lose the pretty girls to the prototypical chad who comes along. We’ve swung so far privileging the weird, gay, transsexual, etc., that we’re going to see the pendulum swing the other way. Pretending doesn’t lead to long-term relationships or satisfaction. Being normal is going to come back. Treating unhappy girls with hormones and surgery is crazy, and stories about how crazy it is are coming out and are spreading.

Teens are perhaps more obsessed with attention than others, and that’s driven by social media, and I’m not sure where that’s finally going. There’s a move towards androgyny, but it’s not attractive, and the lack of dimorphic sexual attractiveness is going to reverse. Teachers are annoyed by this shit, but many are indoctrinated. No one stands up to the herd, except maybe male PE teachers and a lot of male math teachers. We’re being gaslit. We can do better.

There is a syndrome that makes people think their limbs are not really their limbs and that the limbs ought to be amputated. It turns out that it’s possible to use transcranial magnetic stimulation to fix or reduce that problem. We are going to look back at this era and think, “god, what a weird time that was!” We’ll be on to another social disease problem, then.

Meanwhile we see the rise in obesity, which is inevitably described as “stunning.” Somehow we are obsessed with transsexualism, when maybe we should be obsessed with heavily processed foods and liquid sugar consumption, if we’re going to talk about body issues. That’s not where the elite consensus has coalesced, sadly. That article claims 18.5% of youth under age 18 are obese. Like the original article comparing transsexuals to anorexics says, “The pro-ana ideal is a beautiful, waifish female figure, the Tumblr trans community often idolizes beautiful, waifish men.” So… they want to be thin… they never imagine themselves as fat. The big story of today isn’t transsexualism, not by the numbers, and yet our collective response is, “Whatever.” The most serious bodily problem facing Americans isn’t the transsexualism that affects well under 1% of the population.

Around here we try to talk about what’s important, but in this post I’ve mostly failed. I’m reflecting the failure in the media class more generally to talk about what matters, instead of what doesn’t, or shouldn’t. Sad. The goal is to live a great life. Leaning into mental illness in order to virtue signal isn’t how to do it.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

6 thoughts on “Transsexualism, bodybuilding, anorexia: body dysmorphia’s many forms”

  1. A question (unrelated to the post, sorry!). Suppose you’re in an open rel and the relationship with your primary partner is solid. When dating a new girl, when do you bring up the fact that you’ve got a partner? a) right away; b) after 1st kiss; c) after 1st sex; d) never ? Assume you’re a regular guy without a “player vibe”, so a priori she doesn’t expect you to have multiple partners at the same time.

    a) seems too early (she’s not invested yet in the idea of dating you, might bail), c) and d) feel dishonest (d) certainly is, c) also feels like it violates her expectations, not very nice).


    1. Depends on too many factors. Xbtusd says right away, basically, or perhaps first date. I think it depends a lot on circumstances but will often do after first sex if I don’t think I’m going to get there if I reveal it first. But if you’re already doing player vibes, you’re 80% there already.

      There’s also a contact form somewhere in the menus.


  2. I was messaging recently with a friend about the women’s swim competition where the trans Yale swimmer defeated the trans Penn St swimmer. I’m enjoying this moment in history. It’s constant entertainment if you don’t take it seriously. More broadly, while longer term repercussions are unknowable, Some trends seem clear. The virtual world is becoming ever more important. Younger generations increasingly prefer to interact with each other online and over text than in person. More and more people meet sexual partners and even their spouses online. COVID has accelerated these trends.

    I’m a trader by profession so try to approach trends as neither good nor bad. It’s just my job to adapt them. 10 years ago I would never have considered online dating. (Ironically when it was probably the highest ROI it’s ever been) Now it’s virtually all I do. Does that make me an old weak loser who no longer has the balls to approach women in real life> Or does that make me someone who recognizes social trends and adapts to them? Everyone will have their own opinion. My real world observations and experiences indicate the following. Meeting girls in real life is becoming ever more anachronistic. Girls date and fuck guys in their social circles if they are extroverts and online if they are introverts. Stopping a girl on the street post COVID is done.

    Yes going to festivals, social events etc. makes the approach warmer and increases your chances at the margin. That approach naturally selects for younger, more extroverted guys. The type least likely to be reading pua blogs in the first place because they are too busy going to festivals and fucking. It will not work for older and more introverted men. All power to men who still daygame. But I believe it will only get less efficient in the future. My sense from reading redpilldad is he is an extroverted ‘thrill of the hunt’ type guy who loves going out. I believe that is a minority of men, and again, an even smaller minority of men who read pua blogs. That doesn’t mean they can’t learn from him. I know I have.

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