Does the game have a limit? I’m still learning

For a while, I’ve thought I’ve maxed out my knowledge of the game… I know what I know, and there’s not much left to learn, cause I’ve been at it for a long time. Few days ago, though, I went out with friends and made a somewhat minor modification to the overall game, and the minor modification seemed to result in significantly improved opens and retention. “Shit,” I thought to myself, “there are still things I can do that result in what seem to be big improvements,” depending on crowd and environment. I don’t want to get specific about what I did because doing so is too revealing, but say something privately if you want to know more. If there are still things I can try to optimize, maybe game is a field that goes to infinity… you can never truly know it all. Reading most large forums, like Reddit, is unsatisfying because almost all the guys there are beginners with basic problems and situations. Nothing wrong with beginners… we’ve all been there… but “all beginners” is boring. A lot of beginners would be better off hiring a coach and spending less time on forums.

The other thing I got to thinking is a classic, but one I repeat because I saw it happen so clearly: girls get in their own way. A friend opened this hot girl, and the girl’s friend was hideous. I tried to get another guy to entertain her, but he said no, so I was like, “Fuck it, I’ll do it.” I entertain the friend for a while, maybe half an hour, then make my other buddy do it. The main friend is hitting on the hot girl. We bounce venues, and the hideous girl tells me the hot girl is out of a relationship and looking to process the breakup, or some similar girl nonsense that means, “My friend wants to hook up and have a great time.” At the new venue I entertain the friend a bit more, have a loop, open some other girls for laughs, and then I go home early cause I’m a good boy now.

Next day, apparently the hideous girl who said she was going to let her friend go fuck, didn’t do so, and hooked the hot friend into leaving. I thought it was a done deal, despite knowing that what seems to be done, isn’t, until it is. The hot girl let her “friend” get in her way. Such is the way of girls, and seeing this happen over and over again is why I laugh so hard at “feminism” and “girl power” and “girl bosses.”

My buddy is a good guy overall, and the hot girl should have done him. Whoever else she gets is probably going to be worse than him. Such is the game. Girls turn down a cornucopia of beautiful opportunities, and hold each other back, like crabs in a basket. Some men do this as well, and if you find yourself among men like that, find new friends.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

4 thoughts on “Does the game have a limit? I’m still learning”

  1. Social dynamics are always changing (rise of Tinder, “Instagram game”, decline of nightclubs etc.). Also generations change — 18 year old chicks today are not the same as 18 year old chicks in 2012, or 2002, etc. So there will always be improvements to game.

    I think Chris from GLL defined success as “knowing you can get laid in X amount of time” (three nights out at clubs, one week on Tinder, etc.). I hope to be getting laid enough in five (or at most ten) years, so I can move on and focus on other things in life. I’d hope I’m not in my late 40s and still chasing 19-year-olds, working on my Tinder photos, and mass approaching.


    1. >>Also generations change — 18 year old chicks today are not the same as 18 year old chicks in 2012, or 2002, etc.

      I’d argue they’re MUCH more similar than not, though… “girls just want to have fun” encapsulates a lot of what the game is really about… being able to tease effectively has been an important skill for a real long time… if you go far enough back, the game does change, but that’s because the whole society and culture are so different. But, there are differences, mostly via social media + smartphones… but the core remains.

      Agreed regarding late 40s… regarding mass approach, guys who learn to do non-monogamy effectively,, probably won’t have to do long stretches of mass approach, if they don’t want to, which is one potential gain from it. But, the guy has to get that first girl, which may not be easy,

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    2. There is nothing wrong with chasing girls if you’re in your 40s, or if belonging to whatever group really. Height, looks, age, colour, income, ability, religion, nationality… They are factors to consider but the basics of game are the same for all.


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