A few years ago I started writing on Reddit about what it means for men to live, date, and die in contemporary society. At the time I threw off what I thought were some random fluff posts, but as I kept writing between parts of my job, I began to realize that I was creating a body of work that should live somewhere beyond the Reddit ghetto. This is that place. Maybe some of you will stumble on here through search and see what you have always been missing, or what you have suspected but never been able to implement.

Some dates and other details are intentionally fuzzed to prevent identification or doxxing.

The free book is the most valuable contribution I’ve made, and it is an open work: it is up to you, the reader, to complete it, by trying out its ideas and sharing your own experiences.

Your journey may start at The Red Quest but shouldn’t end here, as many other guys have fruitful things to say:

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Contact me with good game writers.