Open or poly relationships from the superior position or inferior position

If you read The Red Pill, you’ve seen guys slagging open and poly relationships because those guys are thinking of themselves in a relationship with a chick who is continually getting laid by new guys, while he doesn’t have the game to go sleep with new chicks (he might be subsidizing her financially, too). The … Continue reading “Open or poly relationships from the superior position or inferior position”

“Failing at Trying to Have an Affair” with Ashley Madison

Another day, another great Red Pill piece written by a woman. The most interesting thing about this woman’s affair is her premeditation. Most women who have affairs don’t consciously decide to do it, I think. It “just happens” when they get in the right situation. So this woman is a little different. In the intro, … Continue reading ““Failing at Trying to Have an Affair” with Ashley Madison”

Good Looking Loser is dead; long live GLL. Why Reddit only works for newbies

Good Looking Loser reappeared, for the first time since 2016, with a 3,500-word post, “The Most Important Good Looking Loser Concepts to Get Your Sex Life Right.” It’s a rehash of the rest of the site, but that’s fine, because the site is more or less “complete.” It can be read like a book. There … Continue reading “Good Looking Loser is dead; long live GLL. Why Reddit only works for newbies”

Skin in the game, marriage, The Red Pill

The new Nassim Nicholas Taleb book Skin in the Game explains why men shouldn’t marry. Men have a lot of skin in the marriage game and women have none. But you should not trust many of Taleb’s specific claims; he likes calling so many other people charlatans that you begin to wonder about his own … Continue reading “Skin in the game, marriage, The Red Pill”

Women don’t make emotional contracts

This post began as a reply to Nash’s comment, but it got so long that I decided to turn it into a post. It’s not about actionable game tips, so you might not find it very useful. “But it was in that context that I heard myself say, ‘women don’t make emotional “contracts.”‘ I like … Continue reading “Women don’t make emotional contracts”

The deep psychology that keeps men in the game

I think most basic guys who get into game just want to find a pretty, acceptable girlfriend, and when they find one they drop off. Maybe they eventually break up, only to start the cycle anew. Or they have kids, and that’s another set of issues not conducive to game writing. Then there are the … Continue reading “The deep psychology that keeps men in the game”

“Where PUAs go to die”

Tom Torero has an interesting essay, “Where PUAs go to die,” which has some notes you’ll recognize from “I was also wondering if I really wanted to stay in the Game.” Beginner guys should not read either in my opinion. Intermediate and advanced guys aged 30+ might find them profitable, though. I think that Torero point #3, … Continue reading ““Where PUAs go to die””