Some men are stupid and need the Red Pill

Some men are stupid and need the Red Pill, as you can tell from this girl’s guide to being a cam girl:

You probably know about whales. Whales are the rare, wonderful person who comes along and gives you a significant chunk of your income. Most girls I’ve talked to have about 50-70% of their income coming from 1-3 people. Pleasing a whale is really important once you have them, whether that involves being nice or mean to them I don’t know, but usually it involves giving them a lot of free stuff and offline attention.

This makes no sense, though: if a man wants female interaction, he can just go buy an escort. Why pay for a bunch of pixelated images on a screen, when he can f**k live chicks? This camgirl uses the word “attention,” and men are wasting their attention and their money with chicks they have no shot at f**king.

The girl, however, understands the lives of men in ways most girls do not:

I don’t think women easily empathize with the life of unattractive men. Women get constant messages that you are beautiful and you are desirable – they get social support and easily accessible casual sex, if they ever wanted it.

Men do not live in a world where people are supporting them even when nobody seems to want them. Men are lonelier and have fewer options of healing that loneliness. They also have a greater (initiatory!) sex drive, and are stuck with the social burden of being the one who has to act and pursue, because if they don’t, they will be alone forever.

And so for you to smile at them, laugh at their jokes, be warmly interested in what they have to say, to be willing to bare your body for them and feel pleasure with them – this is something that they crave.

“The social burden of being the one who has to act and pursue” is only a burden for guys who don’t realize it’s also a gift. Most women never learn how to get the guys they want, so they have to choose from the guys who ask them out. Many women are frustrated today because guys are too scared to ask them out while women are inhibited for psychological and evolutionary reasons from doing so.

My overall reading of this post is that there are some really stupid men out there, and they’re online watching camgirls instead of offline practicing their social skills.

I don’t fault camgirls. They’re providing a service for money, like everyone else in a market economy. If guys were less pathetic, there would not be camgirls.