Xbtusd game updates: many leads from many girls

Over the past six months, I haven’t had much enthusiasm, time, or energy for game. Around the end of 2021, my carefully managed ENM relationship nearly blew up, because of a girl who’s been in my life (we’ll call her “long distance boyfriend girl”), for many years. I met her through someone in the same sex-party community as me. Initially, I had to turn down sleeping with her even though there was a strong mutual attraction, because at the time the rules between my girlfriend and me for sleeping with other partners weren’t clear, and my gf was out of town. Sadly, that small opportunity window closed, and long-distance-boyfriend girl started dating a dude…long distance. Most long-distance relationships are effectively non-monogamous relationships, they just lack the crucial “ethical” part.

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Brad P’s dating education memoir “Diary of a Pickup Artist (PUA)”

This post, like all others, is now on the Substack.

I’ve read too many boring, unsubtle field reports (FRs), but Brad P’s are the opposite, full of life and hilarity… someone should turn his memoir into an audiobook, and sell it, cause if the audiobook is well done, it’ll sell to thousands of guys who can’t read (video games rot their minds), but do like a good story, will buy. Brad P has many good stories, and everything in his memoir is at the intermediate and advanced stages, which is precisely the material there’s too little of. The best part is the incipient consensual non-monogamy material, which he doesn’t develop (the preconditions weren’t right at the time), but I spot them, and talk about them later on, in the best part of this essay. One example of advanced material, he writes of sleeping with a girl who was at a concert with her brother, and telling her brother to (improbably) hit on hot Brazilian chicks. Brad_P says,

I think the guy knew he had no chance with the Brazilian girls, but he was doing the typical “Fake Player Routine” that most guys will do in this situation. Admitting that he doesn’t have the skills to nail the Brazilians is not an option, so he just pretends he’s gonna go for it. I framed it like I was doing him a favor running wing man so he could nail the 2 hotties. Like his sister was in the way or something. It’s always very easy to get a guy out of your way if he’s doing the fake player routine.

I don’t think it’s common to run into a girl out with her brother like that but he did admirably, and part of being a player is perceiving what to try in unusual circumstances. I don’t think I’d have managed the brother nearly as well. It’s cool to see how a guy succeeds in situations where I think I’d probably have failed.

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A story about introducing another couple to non-monogamy slowly, and the virtues of moving slowly versus quickly

I want to talk not about how, during a holiday, I wound up naked with my then-girlfriend and two other couples while rolling on MDMA, but about how we got there, over time, and through deep knowledge of the other participants. Neither of the other couples had ever done anything like this before… I’m going to name the other couples after the girls in them, “Allison” and “Zephyra.” “Hot girl in her 20s gives me a blowjob!” could the salacious, pornified headline, and, don’t get me wrong, it was great… I could write a whole story from the perspective of that moment, and me being such a baller player, but, as with The game’s endgame and picking up a girl at a private party, the moment of hot consummation isn’t the most educational, relevant element (there are many educational, relevant elements in the free book). Neither is the fact that our other female friend, Zephyra, offered a bit of a contribution, so, technically, two other girls were involved. I know of zero straight guys who don’t want to look down and see two pretty girls knob polishing (if you are one, feel free to comment on why you don’t want to see this).

“Build wealth slowly” xbtusd likes to say. Like many things he says, there’s an oracular, inscrutable quality to that… in another life, he could be one of those Buddhist teachers, wapping their acolytes with a stick and emitting peculiar koans. What’s “Build wealth slowly” mean? We’re all familiar with “get rich quick” schemes, which never really work out and which ensnare the unwary. They don’t work, but they’re appealing because of their speed.

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Cocky funny with two girls in a bar [FR]

Xbtusd comes with a spicy field report straight from the streets.

Girls can be self defeating, an idea best explained through a story: I’ve been holed up for around a month due to getting COVID, and then with everyone I know going back into lockdown hibernation mode I was craving some social energy, so a friend and I headed to a local bar. It’s a great spot, designed to look like the inside of a log cabin, with a working wood stove in the back room. It’s cozy and was poppin last night. As I’ve said before, my bar game is pretty bad, but I’ve committed to approaching every time a certain set of conditions is met (“committing to doing something” and then doing it is how you get better at anything). As I entered, I noticed two reasonably cute girls (6/7s) sitting at the bar facing each other; the tall one faced and stared at me like she knew me. I often meet people and forget them, so I started racking my brain as I paused to figure out if I knew her—and not snub her if we had met. Like most dudes, usually my memory for cute girls is better than my memory for people in general. 

I couldn’t remember her, so my buddy and I just kept walking. We grabbed some drinks and settled into a spot against the wall and were just hanging, having a good time. I wanted to approach those two girls but also was slightly wary they might be either doing “girl time” and would get pissed if I approached, or that they were maybe on a date with each other, which can get you killed for interrupting where I live. I wanted to avoid that mistake so I figured I’d try and do some recon. Eventually a spot at the bar opened up next to them so I grabbed it (proximity can count as flirting), and tossed my jacket onto the bar and tried to get the bartender’s attention. As I did that, the girl on my left (“Lauren,” as I later learned) said, “is this your jacket?” and we both kind of bumped arms. I said yes, and then she smiled and said, “I was just looking for a way to start a conversation with you.” These two girls were not only NOT on a date with each other, NOT looking for girl time, but wanted to get fucked and were at the bar with the explicit intention to meet dudes. Okay, I’ll bite.

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Chasing a girl in Latin America [FR]

Xbtusd is back, with a story about chasing a hot woman in Latin America during lockdown.

Last winter the obvious move, for anyone childless who could suddenly work remotely, was to leave dense urban areas and head to warmer climates. I rented a place with my girlfriend and three friends: life was idyllic, the women were stunning, yet our social life was still a bit stunted by COVID. For the most part, our house rules roughly translated to, “you have to get permission to hang out with anyone not already on the approved list.” Back then, rapid tests and vaccines weren’t widely and easily available, and the rules made making new friends and dating a tough sell. As the winter passed, the fear of sickness abated, and the desire to socialize came back with a fury.

One of the guys staying with us had a younger former student in the area, so we invited her to hang out.

When he read this story, RQ asked the obvious question… why not all of you? She gave off strong sexual vibes but said she hadn’t had sex in a long time and that she hadn’t felt ready to since her last relationship. It was hard to square her strong apparent boundaries around sex with her palpable desire and her sexual heat. It also seemed like she might be just a flirt/tease. She made it clear that she wasn’t going to be sleeping with any of us as we were friends of her former teacher, but it was hard to read whether that was just her “anti-slut defense” or a genuine boundary. It didn’t strike me as a situation where she was going to hook up with more than one person, if she did with any of us. Despite that, she genuinely talked about sex 95% of the time in a group or 1 on 1 setting, perhaps using the talk as a substitute for the action.

She told us about her ex-boyfriend and the bad sex that they had. She talked about coming from an Asian country where sex was not talked about and her family’s relationship to sex. She asked each of us about every sexual experience under the sun. What makes for good sex? How do you like a blowjob? Have you ever had group sex? Are you kinky? Do you like anal? I am not exaggerating that week we spent 20 hours in a group with her talking about sex, and her and our relationships to it. By the end I was yearning to talk about math. We all would have made a move sooner, except that some logistics prevented it. She actually came to hang out with us two separate times separated by about a month. The first time, she was with this awful beta guy she told us she was not fucking but had been dating/living with for a month (an American dude she met on Hinge: if what she said is true, then men really do need to learn the game and stop simping). She had ditched him by the second trip to visit and was there for a longer period. It was also tough to get her alone, so it was awkward to really make a move when we were in large groups, and the other guys and I hadn’t coordinated a possible gang bang. Lastly, we’re all friends and didn’t want to fight over her, or make ourselves look like a bunch of thirsty bumbling fools falling all over each other to get to her.

We had a very large four-bedroom house with a pool in a walled, compound-style home. As a result, we often hosted small parties: sitting by the pool around a big table drinking, snorting freshly cut cocaine, skinny dipping, dancing, etc. On one of her last nights, the usual crew was hanging out, and we were playing “Never have I ever,” like high schoolers, and she said she’d never done cocaine. Immediately a line was poured, and she hoovered one like a pro. I can’t remember how I made the transition, but I then asked if she had ever had a line done off of her? She responded in the negative, and I inquired if she would like to have one done off her tits. She confirmed that she would and hopped on the couch removing her top. I poured up a fresh line and inhaled, followed by a long make-out with everybody watching. My girlfriend took her cue and came over and poured her own line and joined us in a three-person make-out.

My mind raced to logistics. One dude + 2 chicks, with 3 dudes watching. We returned to the table and went back to playing cards. How was I going to get her into my bedroom without the awkwardness of everybody seeing and her feeling the awkwardness of seeming like a slut? As the night wound down I eventually found a moment alone and whispered to her to follow me into my bedroom. I invited her to stay over with me and my girlfriend but she quickly turned me down, saying that she wasn’t there yet. It was clear that this was a boundary and knowing her pretty well at that point I knew that she drew very firm boundaries and so I didn’t push. I thanked her for a fun evening, gave her a goodnight kiss, and sent her on her way.

We all eventually returned home, and she hit me up after a bunch more traveling. The first time we met up was a long day of drinking in the streets. She was hours late and, when she arrived, much to my surprise she told me she had fallen asleep after a marathon night of fucking that ended at noon that day. I was shocked, as sex had previously been off the table, but when I inquired she began telling me about a shift that had happened in her after she left us. She had done an ayahuasca ceremony where she had been transformed and now felt like she had reconnected with her sexual self (demonstrating the power of psychedelics). She had been on a rampage running through every interesting/hot guy she met and was radiating sexual energy, as usual.

Taking my cue, I started flirting hard and floating the idea of having the threesome I had been hoping for earlier in the year, but she quickly nixed that idea, saying that she didn’t want to sleep with friends and make things too complicated. Once again, it was clear this was not a point that she was going to be swayed, so I figured I would let our friendship evolve, and I assume at some point in the future she will have another psychedelic trip where she is instructed to have threesomes with her friends and I will be her first call. Looking back at all the events, I don’t think there’s much I could have done better/differently, but as I’ve mentioned, I’m a fan of the long game, especially for women I genuinely enjoy spending time with. No point in burning any bridges and I get a free call option for later.

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Field report: meeting an intrigued Indian doctor

Xbtusd is back, with a field report. He writes at Whatisityouseek.com.

My in-person game is generally pretty terrible (i.e. cold approach), but from time to time situations arise organically that make me feel comfortable hitting on girls in public spaces.  Last summer, we had street shutdowns that essentially turned into 24/7 block parties.  On Friday and Saturday nights, people would come out and gather, and there was a guy who used to run a mobile DJ unit, dragging around a PA system on a little trolley.  DJs die after a sufficient period of time without music and attention, like an animal denied water, so I understood why he did what he did. I’d befriended him after multiple run-ins in different parks, joining in on his impromptu dance parties.  I saw him playing and called out to him as he was walking away with two girls in tow, though it was early for a threesome.  I was with a small crew of around 8 people just out and about drinking and enjoying ourselves on the streets.  The DJ and I began chatting and immediately the two girls with him started berating me for not wearing a mask.  For clarity, I’m pro-mask, pro-vax, but within reasonable contexts.  By  last summer, it was clear  that being outside was totally safe without masks, especially with the low COVID #’s where I was.  

That said, I’m almost as annoyed by the blindly pro-mask as I am by the blindly anti-mask.  I love to fuck with people (hence this website, and me being on Twitter), so my knee-jerk reaction was to go into character as an anti-mask Trump nut.  I like this character even more given that my outward appearance makes it confusing for people.  I began ranting about how masks were stupid and that COVID was a hoax created by the government to control people.  I have become a particular fan of the rhetorical style of a now-famous whistleblower who goes by the moniker “Q” and whose identity remains anonymous.  I sprinkled in some lines like, “follow the money”.  “Who benefits”.  “The storm is coming”.  And tried not to break character or laugh for a good five minutes.  Think of Sasha Baron Cohen as Da Ali G or Borat. Being good liberals, they took this as an opportunity to engage with a lost sheep and see if they could bring him back to the flock.  Eventually I couldn’t keep the comedy going and dropped the rhetoric.  This would probably fit into the idea of “push-pull.”  There was an immediate connection once I started speaking normally and explained the nuances of my view, that I didn’t feel the need to wear a mask outside but did wear one indoors in public spaces.  I could’ve said, “Masks are like condoms, everyone says they always use them, but will make an exception this one time.”  They were both Indian doctors, and so were pro-authority and erring on the side of caution, and they believed I needed to show data to prove that wearing a mask was safe, while I viewed the proof as self evident based on the lack of a spike in cases post BLM protests (I wonder if gonorrhea cases rose: protesting seems to have a strong hookup component, after the protest).  As this debate evolved, a few pieces of logistics fell into place.

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Game lessons and thoughts during an MDMA roll

Last weekend, I rolled pretty hard with a woman and spent some time wandering a nearby strip of bars, where we chatted with and encouraged a lot of strangers… MDMA can make a person feel intensely social, and we felt a lot of that energy and chose to express it by going out. We also dressed differently than most people, closer to something like this and far from the typical street clothes, dresses, or slacks and collared shirts most people wore. I realized that we were peacocking: being shiny and different, in a way that worked. My companion got most of the attention, which is fine and expected, it’s a shame she’s not bisexual. A bisexual wingwoman in that environment would have killed. Even without being bi, she create and we engendered a lot of positive feelings… we felt at one with the human species, a sense that is hard to cultivate in everyday life. And we felt at one with each other.

Trying to describe the mental state an MDMA roll engenders is impossible… those of you who’ve experienced it will be nodding along with the descriptions above, those of you who haven’t will probably be rolling your eyes. A well-done molly roll, if it’s done with people who like each other in the first place, is a powerful bonding agent, of a sort I didn’t realize when I was younger. During this roll, I felt more of that. Alcohol is common, but it sucks by comparison. Learning MDMA is like becoming part of a secret society.

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Dating unusual girls who have aspergers, or are non-reactive

Nash has a story about dating a peculiar girl, one who is “cold, confident, powerful little ‘push’ in how she receives you” and who seems to have a “bitchy hot girl routine.” Her responses to him are curt and highly factual, to the point Nash feels like “something is missing.” She’s a mystery (read the whole thing to understand more), and one possibility I posit in the comments: aspergers. She has little apparent interest in other people or a normal social life.

Psych diagnoses are overused today, granted, and lots of guys want to label unhappy chicks as “borderline personality disorder,” while 3/4 of chicks today claim to have “social anxiety disorder,” when the only actual disorder they might have is “7 hours a day staring at my smartphone disorder,” but in this chick, aspergers might fit, and that could also explain the lack of sexual debut, cause she’s too weird and antisocial to get there. I’ve obviously not met the chick Nash is describing, and sometimes it’s hard to say who’s just weird, and who is maybe diagnosably weird, but her behavior as described at least seems consistent with aspergers or similar.

I’ve run into some chicks who are a bit on the spectrum: if a girl likes to f**k for the usual reasons (sensation, orgasm, pleasure) but is also much more logical/systematic than a normal girl, she’s more likely than average to wind up doing non-monogamy, and thus I’m more likely to run into her.

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Coffee with a marginal chick, and the sex club multiplier (Keynesian)

Had coffee with a marginal chick, one I used to sleep and go to sex clubs with, cause she’s in town… high 6 for the most of the time I’ve known her, has probably slipped down to a 6 now, but she also wanted to f**k, yet I wasn’t that keen on her. She’d set aside a huge block of time to see me, and, by implication, a huge amount of time in which she’d get f**ked. Setting limits and boundaries with girls is a reversal of the typical order, since girls are usually the ones setting boundaries, delivering “let’s just be friends” (ljbf) talks, etc., but I’ve been thrust into that role numerous times, most often by girls at the lower end of my plausible range, and so I talked to this one before we met up and made my “no sex” excuse, feeling a bit like a chick with an ardorous suitor must. I also had some logistical obstacles that, absent them, I might’ve taken her for an easy tumble, despite things.

What’s off about her?

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