A week in the life of the beta male

I am not fond of the ubiquitous “alpha” and “beta” male labels, yet sometimes they just fit, as they do with this week in the life of a subsidized beta male. There are two notable things in this story, or, I should say, absent from this story: the gym never appears and cold approaching never appears. This guy could likely improve his life substantially through both. He doesn’t, and he doesn’t understand chicks, so he is a safe, boring choice for chicks who have nothing better to do. He has a fake, girl-like job, and that fake, girl-like job should give him some access to chicks but he seems not to leverage it. This is a guy who needs to learn to stop hiding his dick.

He lets a Tinder date come over, sleep in his bed, and he doesn’t bother f**king her. No wonder she’s unimpressed and disappointed. She came over to get f**ked and he couldn’t even do that. This is an example of “what not to do;” if a chick comes over to your apartment to spend the night, she wants to get f**ked. He seems to be getting some sex but he lacks the fundamentals and killer instinct needed to consistently f**k, and f**k hotter chicks.

At age 18 or 20 this guy’s mistakes could be seen as part of growing up, but at age 30 they are pretty sad.

“When the U.S. falls into a recession, a credit bubble will explode”

When the U.S. falls into a recession, a credit bubble will explode.” This is outside my typical purview, but it has been long enough since the last recession for everyone to have forgotten its lessons. In the mid-2000s, I knew lots of ballers who were buying very expensive cars and a lot of stupid people who suddenly got into “flipping” houses, because real estate is a can’t-lose proposition, right?

Except for the way real estate value tanked in ’91. The way it eroded in value during inflation in the ’70s. The way it really fell in the ’30s. Even in the ’01 recession, it at best held steady.

A lot of those ballers in the mid-2000s were bankrupt by 2009. Right now, I’m seeing a lot of the same signs: stupid people eager to get into real estate. Too many cars being bought relative to the number of drivers. Student loan debt problems are already well known.

You make a lot of money by being bold when everyone else cowers, and by being cowardly when everyone else is bold. Right now it seems like a lot of people are bold… I’m going to cower over here in the corner and let the ballers do their thing. People with cash on hand during recessions can make the real money. I wasn’t able to do so last time. I might not be able to do so this time.

Part of game, IMO, is being able to stand aside from the herd. The same thing is true in financial markets. Most guys never learn about 1. Game. 2. Evolutionary biology. 3. Cooking/food. 4. Finances. in school. We then pay for our ignorance throughout our lives.

“The Problem With Feminine Women”

The Problem With Feminine Women” matches my experiences (sorry for the bullshit sales popup on that blog… seems annoyingly common these days). If you’re a guy who wants feminine women, you have to be a masculine guy. Pretty much what you read here. The more experience you have with women, the more you understand this.

Hell, you don’t even need much experience with women. Just go about your everyday life and notice who is paired up. Usually the feminine women have masculine guys (and vice-versa), while the androgynous match up. Most people are within five or six years of each other’s ages. Etc. Some things, of course, cannot be changed… you cannot change your age. But some things can… it is possible to date hotter-younger chicks. That is what you’re learning from game. But many guys, maybe most guys, if you’re going to get the hottest chicks, you have to be the best dude… you start off working for the chicks, then you end up working on yourself.

“It is not your job to match your boyfriend’s libido.” Yes, it is.

At least the guy in “It is not your job to match your boyfriend’s libido” was not stupid enough to marry this woman, because his relationship with her is likely OVER. Unfortunately, the woman dispensing advice to another woman is just reinforcing the bullshit view that it’s a great idea for a woman to repeatedly refuse her man sex… which is going to lead to the end of the relationship.

Soon, she likely to be doing 100% of the housework, because the man is going to leave (if he has any balls… maybe he doesn’t).

A man, however, is only as good as his other options, and this mainstream press piece reminds us that in today’s world we must always have and be cultivating other options. You cannot give up. There is no coasting. It may hurt to imagine that, but it’s true.

If the genders had been reversed, it would of course be the man’s responsibility to match the woman’s libido, and, if he cannot, it would be her right to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

To give the woman her due, it’s reasonable not to want to be routinely woken up for sex in the middle of the night if you’re not into that kind of thing… but a reasonable woman would also say, “Instead, I want to have sex in these times and ways, and I’m making it work for both of us.”

“Truths About The Red Pill, Seduction And Why RP May Actually Be Hurting Your Success With Women.”

Truths About The Red Pill, Seduction And Why RP May Actually Be Hurting Your Success With Women.” It’s a post from a game blog I’ve only recently heard of. Don’t believe everything you read, but it’s an interesting post. He also links to a post I wrote and submitted to Reddit, “Ride a motorcycle—for fun, transport, and dating.” A lot of the Reddit commentary was in fact bitchy and missed the point.

Notice how most guys are risk, adverse? They’re Alpha type guys (supposedly) but are afraid to get on a bike. Yes. It’s dangerous. Yes. It’s exhilarating. And it’s this exact quality of doing dangerous shit, getting into trouble and exploring the world that women fucking LOVE.

They love it.

But for the most part, it’s the artists that are able to live this type of life. Mr Tough Guy is probably not going to enjoy risk as much as the artist.

Only thing I disagree with here is that motorcycles are much less dangerous than commonly assumed. I don’t ride on highways and am very conservative on it. Young, high-risk guys are attracted to motorcycles, making the data on them highly skewed.

Chicks LOVE going for motorcycle rides, especially on an electric bike with lots of torque. Chicks find being on the motorcycle… stimulating… for the reasons you would expect. It’s a good idea to find a 4 – 10 mile route, with a good stop-off point halfway to two-thirds through. Stop there, take a kiss break while she’s revved up from the ride, resume home.

He also has a memoir-type post, recounting his journey.

Krauser on Blackdragon

The post is quite funny, so go read it. I would guess that it’s about 30 – 50% true, 20 – 30% untrue, and 20 – 40% indicative of the mind, psychology, and beliefs of the writer, rather than telling us much about the person being written about… you might apply the same tripartite structure to my own writing.

  • To my eye, Blackdragon looks fine in the pictures, though it’s hard to say how the pics would translate to real life. Anyone who has done some amount of photography knows pics can be deceiving.
  • Anyone I know who might be an “alpha male” never calls himself an “alpha male.” Or even thinks about it, really. If I ever call myself an “alpha male,” please quit reading.
  • I missed that BD said a 37-year-old woman is “what most men would consider a 9 or 10 unless you don’t like blonde white women.” Virtually no woman is a 9 past age 25 or 26. Most 8s have dropped to 7 by 30. That is fine and, for long-term relationships, there is more to be said for a chick than her absolute hotness level, but I don’t get the point of pretending. I just don’t see a lot of real-world 8s, period, and fewer 9s. Lots of 7s, especially among chicks in their 20s, but not a huge number of true 8s.
  • I also laughed at the Krauser post because some of the values expressed in the post seem to conflict with some of the values expressed elsewhere in his corpus.
  • But, I do think Blackdragon has a more realistic perspective on long-term relationships than most people do. I don’t think I’ve read Krauser views on this subject. They might be out there, somewhere.
  • I just don’t think you can make enough money in books, seminars, etc. to make attempting it worthwhile. I’m skeptical of the “make money online!” guys one sees now and then. None of them ever seems to post audited financial statements or tax returns… I wonder why.
  • It’s weird and incongruent for Krauser to be interested in truthfulness and reality while at the same time admiring one of the greatest grifters in U.S. history.

A funny story… so BD somehow got married to a 31-year-old woman, who already had a half-black kid, when BD was 25. Years ago, around the time I transitioning out of seeing the girl I call Libido Girl and around the time I started seeing #2, I met this chick online, late 20s, who already had a kid but was wise enough not to emphasize it online. Although her profile talked about needing commitment, etc., she was a pretty straightforward lay.

During the first date itself, I only remember her banging out about commitment and me saying, somewhat truthfully, that no man in his right mind will consider commitment w/ a woman unless/until he knows about sexual compatibility. Not the best argument but good enough for the time for her to tumble into bed. Low 7, low effort, I slept her like once a week for a while and brought her to one sex club. I didn’t see pics of her kid until later on… she was smart about that. She said she needed commitment and I told her, pretty honestly, that I didn’t see her as a good long-term match. She was pretty bitter about that and said all guys are full of shit, etc.

I was like, “Look at it from a guy’s perspective. When a guy sees your kid, what does that communicate to him about you?” Among other things it communicates 1. Bad judgment. 2. Low conscientiousness. 3. Ignorance (failure to deploy standard-issue birth control). 4. Poor decision-making skills. I didn’t say that, but it’s pretty obvious. She told me I’m a racist… which is probably a little bit true too, although I’d say I’m a “realist.” Any sane guy who sees a woman who makes the choices she did, is going to respond appropriately.

Somewhere in our brief fling she tried to explain why the baby daddy was a bad guy and whatever her situation was and I said something non-judgmental like, “It doesn’t matter and you don’t need to explain to me.” Things she seemed to find heartening at the time… they were true, though, because how she came to her situation wasn’t important to me, as her situation communicated more than enough of her character for me to bin her correctly.

Women who want to do better with men, have to understand men and what men want… men who want to do better with women, have to undrestand women and what women want. Without doing that, you are unlikely to go as far as you should go.

Our culture is superficially permissive and accepting, but in reality, when confronted with individual self-interest, most people make the smart choice. That is why “Fat acceptance” will never happen in the places it matters. People who really buy into the bullshit will typically suffer when they hit the real world.