“Women cheat because they LOVE their husbands”?

Women cheat because they LOVE their husbands” is nonsense, fascinating nonsense but nonsense nonetheless. For guys, the “why” is less important than the all-important “don’t get married” and “DNA test for any kid she says is yours.”

If you stay with a woman long enough, you will be as bored of her as she is of you.


‘Why Do New Mothers Hate Their Husbands?’

‘Why Do New Mothers Hate Their Husbands?’

For a guy, the right answer is, “Who gives a shit? Don’t get married.” If you marry anyway, don’t say you weren’t warned.

“Female Intrasexual Competition: From Demons to Better Angels”

Female Intrasexual Competition: From Demons to Better Angels” shows the striving and conniving most women don’t want to publicize but will admit in private. I’ve heard numerous stories just like these, but usually after a drink or two, or during that beautiful vulnerable open period after sex, or from women I know well.

Guys who don’t know and talk to a lot of women don’t really internalize the intensity of female rivalry.

“My First Much Younger Woman”

Black Dragon’s “The Story of My History with Women – Part 10 – My First Much Younger Woman” rings basically true to me. I do think online dating for older guys chasing younger chicks is harder than it used to be, simply because everyone is online. This particularly is true: “those few younger women naturally attracted to much older men and who don’t really like guys their own age.” When I was in college and in my early 20s, I would sometimes run into girls my age with a boyfriend who was 35+. That shocked me at the time. Now that I’m the older guy, I realize that most women prefer a guy within a few years of their own age, but there’s a significant minority of women who like much older guys.

The bit about flaking is also dead on. But in my experience women in general are incompetent, or only as competent as they need to be,  so flaking more generally is everywhere.

A long time ago I found good bars that will be chill with younger women. The simplest solution for the older guy is to arrive concurrently with the chick.

I’m amazed Black Dragon closed even after the “party” or friend group or whatever that the younger chick pulled.

“My husband pressured me into sex for years” #DontGetMarried

There is a vile article on Vox.com, “My husband pressured me into sex for years. #MeToo must include sexual assault in marriage,” which I’m not going to link but you can find if you must hate-read it. You get the basic idea from the headline.

The article dovetails nicely with Rollo Tomassi’s point, “You cannot negotiate genuine desire.” Any man who attempts to negotiate genuine desire to destined to fail, as the writer’s husband should realize. But like most guys he’s probably never been taught as much, and he probably thought that marriage is a contract or system involving reciprocal obligations and duties.

In modern marriages, that isn’t true. A marriage is a one-sided contract in which a man serves at the whims of a woman. Smart guys realize that marriage is a terrible deal and refuse to enter it. Guys like the one married to the anonymous Vox writer get shat on in public.

There is a concept in engineering called “The Five Whys” that are designed to get beneath the apparent surface of a problem. In the Vox worldview, the problem is the man’s behavior towards his wife. And to be fair, his behavior might be very bad (though we can’t tell from the article). But the deepest root cause of this situation is biology. A couple levels up from that, however, is marriage. Take this guy out of the marriage contract and he’d likely realize “his” woman isn’t into him and he needs to find a woman who is. That’s at least three levels down from the Vox article, however. You’ll never find an honest exploration of male-female relationships in Vox.

Strangely, you will find many honest explorations in other female-centric publications like New York Magazine. But those explorations won’t be framed the way I frame them.

In a Tweet, Vox’s editor Ezra Klein called it a “searing read.” It is searing, but not for the reasons he thinks. It’s a searing indictment of marriage as an institution and that guy for being dumb enough to fall for it.

I propose men start a hashtag, #DontGetMarried, pointing out the reasons why smart guys don’t contort themselves into the horrible position that is marriage.

“Harley Davidson’€™s EV debut could electrify the motorcycle industry”

This is very much off-topic for this blog, and the headline is deceptive, but “Harley Davidson’€™s EV debut could electrify the motorcycle industry.” I say the headline is deceptive because HD won’t electrify the industry, and the company is pretty messed up because of the demographics of its fan base. HD is damned if they do electrify, which is where the industry is headed, and damned if they don’t. If they do electrics, the old timers won’t like the electrics. But if they don’t, they’ll be way behind the technological curve, and the old timers are dying off or becoming too infirm to ride.

Other companies like Zero, which makes my bike, are growing and gaining expertise in electrics.

I love motorcycles and think guys who are debating one should go for it. As I wrote in “Ride a motorcycle—for fun, transport, and dating

Riding a motorcycle will obviously not fix broken fundamentals of personality, weight, social presence, etc. You cannot buy your way out of who you are. But riding a motorcycle is super fun, makes a super fun date or part of a date, makes you look badass in the eyes of women (who almost never know any better) and is a fun, low-carbon way of getting around. I get opened all the time when I dodge into stores with my helmet.

You cannot buy your way out of who you are, but motorcycles are very fun and set a guy apart from most guys who are fat and complacent in their SUVs. One of my favorite lines is, “I usually only let girls on my bike after we’ve slept together.” Ideally we will all live in walkable cities with good public transport, which lets us open girls on the street or on the bus or train, but the American development pattern over the last 50+ years has gone the opposite way, leading to social isolation and sexless misery for both men and women. We should fight back as best we can by getting out of our dirty cars and living in the real world.

It’s definitely harder to have an electric bike in an apartment building than a detached house with a garage, but many landlords and management companies are now willing to install electric outlets for small fees. The landlords and management companies also know which way things are going and standard 120v, 15amp plugs are fine for Zero bikes.

“Why women prefer male bosses”

Why women prefer male bosses” won’t entertain the obvious answer: because on average male bosses are better and less likely to leave the industry.

Feminists don’t like to say this, but in industry everyone knows that most women who have kids quit work or downshift their careers. Yes, there are exceptions. One of my key mentors was a woman who didn’t downshift, but she’s the exception and she knew she was the exception. She was reluctant to mentor younger women because she’d tried before. She’d mentor them, then a couple years in they’d have a kid and goodbye.

That’s also why jobs like nursing, teaching, and pharmacy are so popular among women. They have relatively short training periods. Women can get up and running by age 25 if not sooner. They don’t have a lot of headroom or upward mobility, but those professions are all ones that make it easy to drop in and drop out of the workforce.

You could just, you know, look at women’s real priorities and infer labor market outcomes from that, or you can screech DISCRIMINATION and PATRIARCHY on Twitter instead of working.