Ms. Slav: the latest updates

I’ve been in a sex whirlwind… not of my own making, for once. Not entirely of my own making, that is. I’ve given Ms. Slav her own tag, so you can see the series of posts, but she is more into group sex and non-monogamy than just about anyone else I’ve met. She’s totally sexually uninhibited and, while most people who say they don’t experience jealousy are lying, I think she’s telling the truth.

I should recount what we’ve been up to, but there has been too much to hit all of it. The foursomes have probably been most interesting. She is so young and pretty that she attracts pretty much anyone, online and off, such that I feel like I’m being fed this steady stream of really great food… more than I really want to eat, but as the possibility of it presents itself and I get a whiff, I keep sampling.

It’s clear to me why normal women hate women like Libido Girl or Ms. Slav: those women are highly disruptive to the social order. They reduce female bargaining power and not a little bit—they reduce it substantially. Because of hate, the Libido Girls and Ms. Slavs of the world hide who they are. Ms. Slav is too young to have taken on a sex-positive identity, but I believe she is taking one on now, and that identity can help immunize her from female haters. As she surrounds herself with sex-positive sluts, her identity will shift and the hate will mean less to her. This is what normal women hate and fear… another woman who will f**k their boyfriends and not be susceptible to slut-shaming.

Ms. Slav is unusual because she is if anything not discerning enough for my taste. Most chicks don’t like most other guys and/or are not really bi. Ms. Slav loves sex, loves it with an array of people, and will have sex with seemingly almost anyone she fancies, and she fancies pretty easily. This makes her a potent weapon but also one with drawbacks. I’ve had a bunch of sex since taking her to the parties, some with an “8,” and it is amazing to watch her become one with the scene. But it is also odd to see someone so uninhibited, to the point where she is less specific than I would like. Usually the opposite happens… I encourage a chick to hook up with other chicks, do her part with other couples I like, etc., but Ms. Slav is not like that.

I have very little if any control over her. Most normal chicks need to be encouraged. They feel jealousy when I nail another chick. They want to make sure that we’re a team. Ms. Slav doesn’t appear to be like that at all. It’s unusual for me to not have to push the chick forward, and instead to see her go zooming ahead of me. She is not like any other girl I’ve started in the non-monogamy scene. It’s pretty common for a new girl to bond with one or two other people and to have a small group of regulars. It’s uncommon to have someone who just loves to f**k and has been seeking this kind of permission and opportunity since puberty. She has probably been seeking permission to go wild her entire life and now has it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her become some kind of sex educator or sex missionary more generally.

Going to sex parties with Ms. Slav is like playing a video game with God Mode turned on. She’s so young and hot that the possibilities are only really limited by the other girl’s interests and proclivities.

Ms. Slav reminds me a little of down-to-f**k (DTF) girls I’ve met online and offline. They like sex and are uninhibited about it and if you match some baseline threshold, she’s a “yes-girl.” Most girls are not like this, but when a guy finds one he merely has to smoothly escalate. That is another reason normal girls hate the Ms. Slavs of the world: the Ms. Slavs undercut the willingness of guys to invest lots of time and attention in more normal girls. Most normal girls won’t have sex within an hour of meeting, but the ones who will, hurt the market positions of the ones who don’t.

When I’m dating, I usually probe for interest in drugs and drinking, interest in sharing or hearing sex stories, and reaction to light physical touch. There are no doubt more sophisticated algorithms, but the simple one seems to have worked for me.

Two days ago, we met a couple off an app; the woman is very pretty, more attractive than the guy, and very quiet. At my favorite bar (the staff have asked me about my ways… they have seen a lot) Ms. Slav, myself, and the other guy did most of the talking. Then back to my place, blindfold over the other woman, and less foreplay than I would have thought. Ms. Slav stripped her quickly and began going down on her. I have learned to prolong the foreplay, longer than I think it needs to go on for, and been richly rewarded by that practice. The other woman has sensational breasts and I spent a lot of time on her. Great body overall. Face looks very good in the right circumstances. The guy couldn’t get off. I offered some pharma assistance in that regard and he declined. They are not super experienced. Not yet. Hard to know if they will get there.

Before them, we had another, bad date, with a couple whose pictures were 10 – 15 years out of date. The guy was a personal trainer of some sort and the woman an administrative assistant. They are the stuff stereotypes against swingers are made of: older, annoying, low culture (but not in a fun way), lack any semblance of glamor or poise. I noped us out of that one. I like girls who are smart but also sensual. Not a big fan of older, dumb chicks. They were an exception, though. Most people are more or less as they present themselves. Lying in online dating is not a high-quality move, because it wastes a lot of time and doesn’t result in much.

Still not quite connected to Ms. Slav. Still waiting on the IUD thing. One big problem with me and non-monogamy is the condom thing. It is possible to move past it, after everyone swaps test results, but condoms are the default.

I’m starting to understand the whole “mid-life crisis” thing, which I used to think stupid. In most ways my life is really good. Yet I feel somehow hollow, or colorless, a lot of the time, and I’m not sure what to do with that. The old ways seem not to be working for me anymore, but I don’t know what the new ways might be. I don’t see myself continuing indefinitely down this hedonism path, but I also know too much to approve of some other paths. Some I’m kind of stuck. Many of the earlier life challenges, I have surmounted, or surmounted well enough. What next?

I’m not complaining, mind. If you’re my age, have adequate funds for housing and books, and are still railing a Ms. Slav, things cannot be that bad. In the future, however, I might shift away from her and towards someone more substantive. Good Looking Loser has a new podcast up, not very intersting or actionable, but he is also older and not so interested in sport f**king randoms anymore. I get where he is coming from. Simultaneously, I have built this whole ecosystem and just system to deliver pretty good, pretty consistent casual sex, and I’m reluctant to give this one up. Like many things in life, it was hard to build but will be easy to dismantle or let atrophy. Yet that may be my destiny anyway. I have been exploring some local political work, so maybe I will do that instead. There are one or two women in the background who could, I think, be long-term prospects. But I’m very particular about a woman who is going to be around over the long term, so I have a fundamental challenge there.

There are also some very hilarious Red-Pill comments she has made. She’s been tooling a try-hard guy for months… he kept trying to get her out last weekend, and by one in the morning she finally told him to leave. I remarked that I would never put up with that kind of behavior. She said, “I treat different guys differently.” He asked if she was home yet… and she said to me, as if she were going to write it in a text, “Baby, I wasn’t home. He should know that.” He is giving her unearned attention, and while she is enjoying it, it isn’t getting him anywhere. He texted her that he would rather be out with her than anyone else in the world. This to a young girl he barely knows. Folly. I made those mistakes… in high school and college… not for a long time. If anything I err towards not giving enough attention and not doing enough comfort.

Training Ms. Slav has been interesting. She has required very little training, though. With her… I think I can keep up, but I don’t think I want to keep up. Seems like a minor distinction, but I wonder if she’s my last ultra-high-energy girl. One down side of guys dating chicks half their age is that those chicks can be much higher energy.

“Don’t fall for a girl half your age.”

I’m having a Twitter chat with @tddaygame:

Don’t fall for a girl half your age.

Realize it’s only about sex and act accordingly.

Good advice. I see these “Red Pill” guys saying, “Who would EVER pick the older chick over the younger one?” But it depends on what the guy is looking for. If the age gap is too wide, a deeper or longer relationship won’t work. If I’m looking for a longer-term relationship, and I might be (I can’t fully tell… and uncommon position to find myself in), the youngest I can consider is probably 27 or 28. A 24-year-old girl is just not developed enough for me. Her likely trajectory is another two to four year relationship, breakup, then she finds a longer-term prospect. She is great for sex and I can nudge her development as a person, but as a long-term partner? No.

tddaygame said,

People on-line tend to exaggerate. When they hear “older chick” they think 50+. But as @GeorgeBruno shows, the answer also depends on how old and how experienced you are.

I think most 40+ guys couldn’t stand a 18 yo girl for longer than it takes them to cum.

I definitely can stand (and am right now, in fact) an 18-year-old girl, but a) Ms. Slav is very unusual and b) I’m not under any illusions about this being a long-term thing. I enjoy her company. She is more mature than a lot of mid-20s girls I’ve met. Even though she is different in many ways, I am not delusional enough to think we will be together over the long term. We won’t be. She also too into the non-monogamy and group thing for me to consider her for a longer or deeper relationship. She has gone “all in” as I have not truly seen before. By default, the chicks I’ve brought into the scene have clung to me, for the most part, and needed my encouragement to go forth. Ms. Slav is likely to become one of the central players in the scene over time. I have a longer piece on this I should write but haven’t yet.

I’m also pretty directive, especially with younger chicks, so I’m very able to say, “We’re going to do this… follow or don’t.” Most young chicks won’t follow. That’s okay with me. Some will. I’m also peculiar in that I have a small number of very deep interests and no interest in most things. I don’t want to go to pop concerts. I don’t want to do some other things that most 18 – 24-year-old girls love. There are some things I love doing and if I can get the chick to go with me, then great, and if not, then we can just do sex.

Bike Girl was good at being malleable to the things I want to do. But she is also not 18.

Another Ms. Slav update

Part I, and then Part II. A lot has happened with her. We have been to more sex clubs and have even been on a date with one of my lovers and her guy. On that date Ms. Slav had sex with three people over the age of 30, so that is impressive.

She feels alienated from people her own age, which makes sense. She reads a lot of books, thinks a lot, but also has a very high libido (maybe not as high as Libido Girl, but very high). She said something interesting: if she is having a lot of sex, she gets hornier, but if she’s not, she gets less horny. Other women have made similar comments. It’s part of female sexuality being more reactive than proactive, I think. I’m the opposite: when I’m having a lot of sex, it’s good (don’t get me wrong), but I’m less compelled to seek it out. When I haven’t been having much sex, then I get ridiculously horny and want to seek it. Different systems among different sexes.

At the sex club with Ms. Slav, she’s hot enough that I have my pick of other partners or couples. I have written before that guys who combine some game with non-monogamy see compounding returns. Guys who are known in their area for bringing in hot chicks, in turn get other hot chicks brought to them. I have thought about cooling my involvement in the sex-club scene, but I’m reluctant to throw away the reputation I’ve been built there. For me, that world is now “easy mode.” Ms. Slav and I actually have a girl we’re seeing mostly together. Originally the girl had a guy she was bringing into the scene, but the guy didn’t want to handle it and she backed off him (this is pretty common). She will find another guy, I’m sure, but for the time being she’s been great. Sex has been pretty consistent, in the neighborhood of every other day with either Ms. Slav or The Third (as I’ll call her, although I don’t know if she’ll stick around) or both.

Ms. Slav still has a friend, another 18-year-old, who is making gestures towards the threesome. Not convinced it will happen, but if it does I won’t complain.

I think I am playing the same role for Ms. Slav that Libido Girl played for me. For guys, it is useful to remember that, when it comes to younger hotter chicks, you may be up against guys like me, who can offer chicks crazy shit that they’ve never attempted. With Ms. Slav, I’m the first group sex; the first time she’s used a vibe during sex; the first time she’s used a butt plug; the first time she’s been to a sex party; and probably a couple of other firsts. I’m not sure she will ever go back to normal sex and dating.

Unfortunately, I had an old injury flare up this week, so I’ve been in more pain than usual.

Still no IUD in Ms. Slav, although I am gently pushing her towards it. She has an unusually busy schedule, which is a net good thing, but it plus some other logistical challenges have prevented her from getting her IUD put in.

I wish I’d kept better notes along the way, as a bunch of other things have happened. Ms. Slav is among the more extreme girls I’ve introduced to the sex club and party scene, as most girls don’t take to it this fast.

I’ve been trying to get Ms. Slav to ride a regular bike with me, but she’s not much going for that. Still like her, though. Ms. Slav has made dinner for me a couple times, although she doesn’t eat much. This is so rare that I want to note it.

I’ve hit on a few other chicks here and there, nothing to report. My favorite was a chick who was doing some dangerous, crazy shit on a bike, which formed the core of my opener. Got the number but no reply via text or Snapchat. Too bad, as she told me she is a nurse and that she bikes to work for her night shifts. She checked a large number of boxes in a short conversation, but all players know that most leads go to nowhere.

By the way, there are also one or two ecosystem things I haven’t written about publicly but which act as an aid in my general game, compared to raw cold approach. It’s not like a famous person or musician or similar, but I think it’s fair to say that one or two things are in place that put the momentum at my back rather than against my face.

That Ms. Slav likes me but isn’t likely to want to convert me to a 1:1 monogamous boyfriend is very attractive to me. I still like her, I still like sex  with her, and yet I cannot find myself fully, 100% into the sex, which is uncommon for me. It might be the condom things. I do like being the guy who opens up the door to the place she’s always been seeking: being the guy who offers her the red pill or blue pill, the guy who opens the door into another universe. You might call it the “Wizard” role in the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine schema, if you like that sort of thing. In my view every guy should read that book, so if you haven’t yet, quit the Internet and go buy a copy. Game tactics and strategy work best if the guy also understands the underlying nature of masculinity, masculine identity, and femininity and feminine identity.

More on Ms. Slav

Interesting things from Ms. Slav (and a post that is almost perfectly opposite to the preceding one):

* She says she prefers experiences to wealth, and that most people in her home country are materialistic, boring, and obsessed with money. I tried to tell her that the extent to which people focus on pleasure and high-order things depends on a country’s economic development. When people fail economically in the United States, the social safety net catches them, and almost no one starves to death (this is part of the reason guys should specialize more in game and lifting and being hot than being a provider-guy: chicks don’t need provider guys, mostly). It’s possible for almost anyone to survive by getting a retail job somewhere, doing something. For people in less-developed countries, failure can lead towards death or a level of poverty almost unknown in the United States.

Being indifferent to wealth, even superficially, is much better than being a spoiled rich girl. I’m describing Ms. Slav, not whining about her. If she were a typical spoiled rich girl I would likely not get along with her.

* Ms. Slav says one of her relatives is among the richest men in her country. Based on what I’ve seen of her, I believe it. She’s rich but prefers not to overtly flaunt it or talk about it. I believe she doesn’t like talking about it, but she almost can’t help but flaunt it, through her clothes. The things she says and does scream, “Money.” When I was her age I worked a fairly typical job and had nothing like the things she’s had or the experiences she’s had. I wasn’t poor, but her family has only a “small” yacht. She lives in a different world than normal people. Including me.

* Her friend, the one she was staying with previously, wants to watch us have sex. The friend is not that attractive, but whatever, I’m down.

* I think I wrote this previously, but she says she’s not been really dominated by a man. I find this a little hard to believe, but it could be true. She seems to have had more experiences with women than men. I’ve now spanked her very, very hard (after extensive warm up), and she said she loved it. She also says she loved being at the party and being dominated there, and that was the hardest she’d ever climaxed. Is it true or flattery? I’d give it 50/50.

* She says she doesn’t feel sexual jealousy. We’ll see about that one. She has an ex she says her parents like and she doesn’t, and she says she keeps denying him. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’d give it 70/30. I told her I’d do a three-way with him.

* She admitted in writing to a sexual fantasy that shocked even me. I’m pretty depraved. Not as depraved as her. I like encouraging chicks to share their fantasies with me.

* We met another one of her friends, who is also quite young and who told Ms. Slav she is depressed, but she also told Ms. Slav that she is interested in sex parties. The friend showed up an hour late to our meetup, just before Ms. Slav and I needed to leave. Ms. Slav’s friend is a classic example of, “When the problem is not the problem.” The friend couldn’t be bothered to show up on time, so we didn’t get to talk about sex positivity and how to find the sex-positive community, and she’s depressed because she can’t connect properly to people, and she can’t connect to people because she doesn’t do simple things like… show up on time. In person she was pretty but underwhelming, unlike the Instagram pic Ms. Slav showed me. In the right circumstances I’d sleep with the friend or have a threesome with her, but she’s not worth pursuing. She is her own greatest problem. A lot of chicks have this issue. Some guys do too, but I don’t try to fuck guys, so I don’t care as much about that.

I’ve written in places about how incoherent a lot of women are. Guys can spend hours and hours on the Internet trying to analyze behavior that is often random. There is no explanation. Good Looking Loser is the first guy I read who emphasized this fact (be careful on his website, because he’s now pimping bogus supplements… don’t fall for that shit). There seems to be a rand() function in female psychology. Endlessly micro-analyzing an individual situation is often unproductive, because the answer is often “she doesn’t like you enough” or “she wasn’t actually available at that time” or “she just couldn’t get it together.” Ms. Slav said her friend was really looking forward to the meeting but that the friend also checked the time and place three times. I’m sure the friend has also jumped guys within 10 minutes of meeting them. What’s the difference? It’s just the friend being random. Take natural female changes due to time of month, add the random function, and you get situations that are immune to logical male analysis.

Young players need to understand this. I did not properly appreciate it when I was younger.

* Ms. Slav continues to be on time. She has her own life and seems to be fine with pursuing her own projects when I’m not around. Refreshing!

* I wish I’d been writing down all the batshit, bonkers things women have said to me over the years. I see how women are portrayed in the media and in film, then I think to my real life and see the wide gulf between them.

* Still no IUD from Ms. Slav. Am pushing that angle. I’m still not as excited about her as I really ought to be.

* The vast majority of women want to be seduced. The word “seduced” is important because it implies that she has no agency or choice in the matter. Women believe they are child-like and thus want to have whatever control they have stripped.

Ms. Slav is back

Ms. Slav is back. She finds her home country and city too small, provincial, and most of all conservative, so she’s happy to be in the United States again. She’s staying in the same swank hotel as her parents, but in a different room. We met in her hotel room, and without saying much I stripped her black dress and found her new lingerie underneath; she said she’d been shopping for it a couple hours prior. So I left the thong on.

After, we took a nap and started chatting. I told her I had a surprise for her, and I pulled out a package with a vibrator in it. She was pleased, and also surprised, and said, “Guys give me flowers and candies all the time. I would much rather have this.” That perked my ears. How many guys? “A lot. A hundred?” I want to think she’s exaggerating. Conceivably she isn’t. She said that for most girls, flowers are the best thing they think they can get. She’s fond of drawing distinctions between herself and “most girls,” which is almost a red flag for me, but not quite.

She also said that she’s never been very submissive before. With women she’s dominant, and with men she’s never really been made to submit. But she said that when I move her where I want her to be and hold her down by the throat, it turns her on. Like spanking during foreplay. Like most chicks, she can take more than I think she can. She may also like the way I use raw strength. I remember a session with a lover from a couple years ago, and she was playfully resisting by moving to the top of the bed. I grabbed her ankles, dragged her entire body down, and forced her legs open. She said, “I forgot how strong you are” (I’m not that strong… just stronger than guys who don’t follow a weight lifting program). Her comment was a major turn-on, largely because I don’t think it was planned.

There was something about sex with that girl that was unreal. Unfortunately, I lost her because she knew I was dating someone else and didn’t really like that, but I wasn’t willing to commit to her. The situation persisted until she went to a party while I was out of town and… yeah. Still have a bunch of great sex videos I made with her.

With Ms. Slav,  I meant to tie her up and really paddle her, but I was too focused on the sex to do the more elaborate pieces. Also meant to bring my favorite massage oil and forgot it as well. Did remember the camera. She still likes the photos and being shot nude.

She washed the vibe and I plugged it in. She used it the second time we had sex, and she kept coming, over and over again, incredibly hard. So hard it was hard for me to hold off, and eventually I couldn’t. She said she’d never had sex while using a vibrator.

All in all I’d call it a very successful session. I know guys in The Red Pill are against giving chicks gifts. I agree with that stance… BEFORE sex. After sex, some small gifts are okay, particularly if they’re sexually related and treated like they’re no big deal. See my old post, “The holidays are coming up: shit tests, comfort tests, and gifts [intermediate and above].” It is bad to give a chick anything as an implied exchange for sex, but okay in my view to do so afterwords, particularly if the chick is younger and inexperienced.

I like experimenting. Many chicks have told me that, when they’ve tried to bring toys into the bedroom in the past, their guys have been threatened. Not me. I see man as the tool-using animal.

Ms. Slav also says she’s going to get an IUD. I hope so. That may be the barrier preventing me from being fully into her. She’s been on hormonal birth control in the past, but that disagreed with her. She said that she was tempted to get it in her home country but didn’t trust the medical system there.

The 20-year-old is also back, but I can’t be arsed. She seems too likely to be a problem and too flakey for me. I’ve had some other adventures as well I mean to write more about.

Ms. Slav story update

Ms. Slav left for home on Monday, and we spent two weeks seeing each other every other day. She’s bisexual (or, as she says, she prefers “pansexual”) and was also having some sex with the girl she stayed with. The other girl is essentially straight but also inexperienced. She’s not into sex enough for Ms. Slav’s taste, and I would guess from seeing pictures of her that she’s not very competitive.

Ms. Slav is into being my nude model and making sex tapes with me, so that’s a major plus. I think she’ll be into posting them online when we get there. Like most chicks, when she sees nudes of herself taken by someone with a real camera and some small knowledge of photography, she’s really impressed. To the point that she’s now talking about buying a camera (a good move in my view: if you develop your aesthetic eye just a little, iPhone pics will not satisfy).

Despite that, I still find myself not as excited about her as I should be. Fucking her was really fun, don’t get me wrong, and I’m happy to have done it and will do it again, but I can’t get totally into her.

This is embarrassing to admit, but on two separate occasions when I was fucking her, an unwanted thought came to the top of mind: “96% of guys would kill to be in this situation; why aren’t you totally into it?”

Maybe it is just the condom thing. I don’t know. Or it is true that sometimes we just don’t get into a person who is objectively very attractive.

On Saturday I did bring her to a pretty large party. I may function for her the way Libido Girl did for me. She loved the party, despite some hiccups due to some guest-list challenges caused by the organizers, and after we had some (very intense, very good) sex, she wanted to find a girl to hookup with. She wasn’t clear about how to do so in that environment, but I sure was, and practically the first couple I saw had a woman who was ALSO looking for another woman. She was probably in her early 30s but still very hot. They had never been to a full-on event before and had only gone to non-sex events, so they were excited. The other guy and I watched and participated a little bit. They had that mind-blown look that people get at their first orgies. Eventually, Ms. Slav and I had sex again.

The other woman got Ms. Slav’s number. I warned Ms. Slav that, in the clear light of the next day, many people are less interested, but Ms. Slav said, “Girls always text me.” And the next day the other woman did text her, very promptly. They couldn’t meet before Ms. Slav left, but I’m now confident they will again.

Ms. Slav reminds me of something Nash said: very young chicks can get trained quickly by older guys into sexual experience and knowledge (I can’t find the specific posts where he talks about this). Ms. Slav started having sex at a very early age, and, although I haven’t heard about her oldest partner yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to find him 30+. Guys mostly have to develop on our own, while many girls get accelerated by older guys.

At the party, I was helped by my reputation and by the fact that I knew many people there. I led, Ms. Slav followed. A very good dynamic.

Ms. Slav also talked to her roommate/host about going to the party, but the roommate expressed a lot of interest, then didn’t go (a much more typical experience with women: interest, but failed execution). Behavior like this, and experience with it, is why a lot of venture capitalists are reluctant to invest in female entrepreneurs. The roommate had a good path to adventure and another, non-judgmental girl to go with, but just didn’t bother. The whole path was open! Then the roommate expressed intense regret the next day, because she went to some boring average party and left after an hour.

Ms. Slav is also unusual because she’s extremely punctual and extremely straightforward. When she said, “I want to hook up with a girl,” I found an acceptable girl and she did. As many players know, a girl’s statement that “I’m interested in other girls” is often, if not bullshit, then at least not something she wants to execute. Finding chicks who say, “I want this thing” and then do this thing is too uncommon. I really like it when it does happen, but I don’t expect it to. I wonder how many chicks would have better sexual experiences if they showed up on time and learned how to cook (Ms. Slav also likes to cook and says she’ll cook for me when she gets her apartment set up).

Like Libido Girl, I think Ms. Slav would make an excellent wing-woman for threesomes.

I meant to update the story sooner, but work has been nuts and when I’ve not been working I’ve been dealing with personal stuff, or stuffing Ms. Slav. Now I wish I’d taken closer notes on what she said, because there are other amusing game-related things, but I have been tired and today is the first day I’ve had mental space to talk about Ms. Slav. The media-outrage articles don’t require as much deep thought, because typically they either exemplify an important Red Pill idea or need simple correction that Red Pill and evolutionary biology guys will already know. I would guess that, over time, as I transition away from the game, that will become the bulk of this blog.

(I still don’t know what should replace the game, but I do still feel it should be something.)

By the way, the 20-year-old came to town for a day to look for apartments, but I didn’t see her Snapchat saying as much until after she’d left. That’s just as well: she’s flakey enough that I may stop responding altogether and maybe re-initiate later on. I worry that I’ve been feeding her way too much attention relative to her behavior.

Correction: I know I’ve been feeding her way too much attention. She does reply within minutes of everything I send her, but if the logistics aren’t there I need to ease out till they are. I’m not convinced I’m going to have sex with her again. Her behavior is strange. Must be other dudes in the picture.

I did talk to Ms. Slav about getting an IUD. I want to go all the way, raw, and see if that ups my feelings about her.


Ms. Slav story

I met this girl in a semi-warm atmosphere, and I met her because she was reading a book that I recognized: I asked her about the book, then showed her what I was reading, and when she seemed genuinely interested I asked if she wanted company for a minute (I had an errand elsewhere—a handy time constraint). In the land of Internet seduction everything is about “assuming the sale” and “asking forgiveness, not permission,” but in real life I don’t think it’s a good idea to be menacingly close to a sitting chick one has just met. Better to check with a simple, “I’ve got two minutes, mind if I sit down?” She was down and we chatted for a bit and I got her number. She’s got an accent and is from Central Europe, which is unusual, though her English is near flawless. She said no to a drink over text but did get a coffee, and at the coffee she admitted that she “kind of” had a boyfriend. She is also 18 (!), though I figured her for early 20s. We have some people in common, and that helped.

(If you’re a novice guy and want more detail on approach, see this.)

She drifted off at the time but did show up to a couple of events I was putting on. Then she went home in late May but said she’d text me when she got back. Around that time I was wrapped up in other matters and chicks, so I didn’t think much of her, as she seemed improbable. I was probably too intellectual with her, though she seemed to respond to that side of me.

On Tuesday Ms. Slav texted me to say that she’s back in town. Wednesday morning I proposed an adventure on Thursday. She said yes, and we met near a bar I chose. She was completely cool with it and maybe not surprised by the destination. I ordered us drinks at the bar and we talked books. One is about psychedelics, a topic that should interest many of you. I know people who’ve dropped acid and taken mushrooms, but this book felt like it scrambled my brain, because I didn’t know how amazing psychedelics can be.

I do know, however, that it’s not a bad idea to indirectly bring up drugs and sex, just to see what kind of girl one is dealing with. This one, it turns out, was lightly involved in some aspect of drug dealing in the city where she went to boarding school. F**k: that means she’s sex-positive and likely to want to get to it. We had lots of talk about drugs and their ability to help a person achieve their best self. The talk has a hippie-ish tinge, which is fine by me.

She also says, later, she lost her virginity at 13 to a guy who was 18. If her stories are remotely true, she’s had more experience at age 18 than most people have had by age 25. I can see that most guys her age would be unable to handle her. She’s too mature-seeming and experienced.

Ms. Slav said she has a fake ID and told me about her and psychedelics, which are, it turns out, her favorite kind of drug.

Needless to say, she checks all the “yes” boxes. We make out a little in the bar and I take her back. I slip a performance-enhancing drug, because I’m not sure how I feel after the Wednesday adventure. She’s wearing nice underwear, so she’s been thinking about what would happen. With Ms. Slav it’s good, but somehow I’m not 100% in the game. Maybe the desire was not hot enough in me: On Wednesday night I had a long, intense session with an occasional partner, so I was not at my physical peak.

She stayed over, and the next round in the morning was also good, but Ms. Slav says she’s not on birth control and doesn’t have an IUD, so finishing through the condom was tough. Maybe tough psychologically as well as physically. Good news is that the session lasted a long time, and Ms. Slav seemed to like the way I (man)handled her. She left, and then left town for the weekend and is supposed to come home pretty late tonight. I’m suposed to see her tonight or tomorrow night. I’d gauge 50-50 odds for it happening.

Friday I was worthless at work, and when I got home I took a very late nap, then went to the gym. Saturday I did some of the work I should have done Friday. Today I have a few free minutes.

Oddly, though she’s probably more attractive, Ms. Slav didn’t generate the huge, ridiculous boost and intense obsession that the 20-year-old did. Maybe because I’d been totally drained by the bedroom adventures of Wednesday night? Or maybe because I couldn’t totally hit it raw? Whatever the reason I am NOT complaining (if a guy complains about getting with a young hot girl half his age… just hit him in the face, like he deserves). I am *noting* it, however. The chemistry that makes one girl pop like a hit of MDMA while another is merely very good is mysterious. With this girl, texting discipline is easy, while with the 20-year-old I was besotted.

It’s an amazing world when like a week separates a single mom hitting on me and tagging a young lithe firm-breasted chick. Apart from the initial open, I think she picked me more than I picked her. I’m guessing too that she needed to see some social superiority/skills and some intellectual acuity. I never met the “boyfriend” but did see a few pics on her Facebook, so I’m guessing he was real, but with chicks… you never really know. No mention of him at drinks on Thursday. I didn’t ask and she didn’t tell.

If it weren’t for reading the stories of other players on the Internet, I think I’d still be under some serious misapprehensions about chicks. But when I see that other guys are experiencing some of the same things I am, it strengthens some of my hunches and lets me put together the strange pieces of the female psyche. Other guys’s stories also tell me that if they can tag young chicks, I can sometimes do it too. Which means you, the guy reading this, might also be able to do it.

Ms. Slav also let me make an AMAZING sex tape. I just looked at it for the first time. Holy hell, that girl is tiny and hot. Great at sex, great sounds, great body. I wonder if I’ll see her tonight or tomorrow, when I’m properly rested. Until today, I feel like I’ve barely had a spare moment to savor the experience and think about her. Contact with her over the weekend has been good, and she messages me far more than I message her. She reads as essentially less flakey the the 20-year-old. She also reads as a budding libidinous intellectual, or sex-driven intellectual. Usually the smartest girls are not sexy and the sexiest girls are not smart. This one seems to combine both.

It was nice to get her out… I’ve probably had 25 – 30 rejections / blowouts from randoms in recent months (correction: maybe longer than that, as I don’t keep careful track, so they’ve been spread over a pretty long time). I’ve not written about those because they’re not interesting and there’s nothing to say about them: I don’t write about everything that happens to me regarding game or women—I just choose the things that might be of more general interest. Suddenly running into this yes-girl, or girl whose unusual boxes I happen to check, is very nice.

I think I’m just picking up sexually open chicks who really like older dudes. That, or I just spin the wheel enough to get the occasional hit.