Pablo Picasso, the artist and player

Pablo Picasso, artist and hard-core player… we can see the hard-core player shine through the shrewish writer’s blinding hate in The entwined lives of Françoise Gilot and Pablo Picasso. “Over the previous three years, Gilot and Picasso—who were 21 and 61, respectively, when they met—had a drawn-out courtship and then spent a short period living together in Picasso’s Paris studio. The relationship hadn’t been entirely smooth, but it had been magnetic and intimate.” Damn, that guy was still tapping prime in his 60s. The artistic form of seduction gets too little play among Red Pill guys… it needs to be better foregrounded.

Picasso knows women better than any writing player I know of, “After reprimanding and trying to comfort her, he offered up his grand solution for Gilot’s problems: She should have a baby.” “You won’t know what it means to be a woman until you have a child.”

“By the time she met Picasso, Gilot had determined that she was going to be an artist.” One of the best ways for an attractive woman to get help is by f**king the artist. This route isn’t available to guys… we have to get by on our merits, not our p***ies. Now, second-rate women painters are getting their works put on in art museums because they f**ked first-rate male painters. Women can f**k their way to fame… I sound like I’m knocking it, but I’m not… if I could, I might. That option is foreclosed to me due to gender. Men and women are different.

Guys also know that a chick who is “artistic” in some way is really communicating that she likes to f**k… being “artistic” is like having tattoos… it says, “My parents divorced…” or “seduce me…” or “I am a s**t.” As is usual among women, Gilot doesn’t take responsibility for her romantic choices. She knew Picasso was a player… she got involved with him anyway… she later regretted it… then the regret became her reality. To women, the only reality is the one she feels right now. Women are fundamentally irresponsible, and as men we should know that. But we should also believe women who are trying to tell us they are irresponsible and not capable of consistency in their romantic affairs. Picasso’s personality is 100% clear from the beginning, but Gilot likes him because he’s famous and interesting. She was beautiful and could have had any stolid provider guy she wanted… but she chose to sail into the tempest. Beautiful women have all the choice in the world.

The tragedy of women is that their peak value hits in the mid to late teens, peaks in the mid 20s, and begins to decline by age 30. For some women value may remain pretty high but really begins to crater by age 40. The high value window is so brief. Many guys, if they work hard, can achieve peak value from the mid 20s all the way into the 50s. For women… that peak is far earlier. By age 40, a woman without a family is like a horse without legs: a tragedy. The other tragedy is that fewer women today see this fact coming. Instead, many women spend their days cramming their faces with sugars and wheat, staring into their phones like their phones will product a happy life (they will not), and complaining bitterly about where all the good men are.