5 thoughts on “All future updates will go to https://theredquest.substack.com”

  1. End of an era. Consider adding a search bar before you ditch WordPress? You’ve certainly amassed the oeuvre to make it worth it for your readership’s navigating the archive


  2. Thank you for writing the blog, both here and now on the new platform. I’m still working my way through all of the archives.

    One thing I have come to realize is that even if we think we understand women and the red pill, it’s helpful to check in with the community and good writing from time to time. That’s because media and society are so saturated with the opposite. There is a risk of getting sucked right back into it, if we don’t stay alert and keep refreshing our understanding.

    Game and the red pill can be key components to understanding society more broadly. It appears that men do what they do, to a large degree, because they believe on some level that it will impress or satisfy females.

    Virtually everyone wants and needs to promote a blue-pill worldview. It’s not only women. Media, politicians, businesses, churches and all the rest need men to keep working long hours, pay big taxes and make big purchases – because this is what keeps the freak show that is modern society on the road.

    It seems I am in a similar situation to the Red Quest in many ways, with soon 20 years of PUA experience and thoughtful non-monogamy.

    I used to be part of the London daygame crowd in what was perhaps its heyday around 2010. We threw big parties, organized bootcamps and study sessions, and ran around the streets like horndogs. Looking back, it was a ton of fun, with a degree of male bonding I have not seen before or after. More recently I have been taking breaks from game and focused on other matters… but the knowledge is always there, as part of who I am.

    The fact that you are putting out all these advanced, life-saving insights for anyone to read speaks volumes. If that’s not a demonstration of higher value, then what is?

    By publishing this, you have also come a long way with regards to helping the next generation. Of men, families, and ultimately everyone. Of course, many cannot be helped, but those who seek the truth will find it.


    1. You’re welcome.

      I think of game and pickup as a chain of knowledge. Before guys began systematizing game and pickup online, very few guys figured out women. Women remained a mystery. But once the Internet let us start comparing notes, we solved the puzzle. We couldn’t do it alone, but we could do it together. And we can continue to learn… together. There’s a group endeavor to all of this.

      I’ve written in many places about how and why non-mono work, https://theredquest.wordpress.com/free-book-on-sex-clubs/, and, when I began writing, I hadn’t seen anyone talking about this. So I decided to be the pioneer. The guy who is on the frontier and writes back East about what’s happening.

      You seem to have had some great experiences… if you want to write any guest posts, you’re very welcome to. There are several that are basically done in the comments you’ve left so far. Over time, anyone pursuing any art with sufficient vigor and intensity will learn subtle and powerful things about that art.

      I am trying to convey those things.


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