Lessons from a story about a Chad taking a chick to a sex party

This is a story about a Chad taking a chick to a sex party, told from the chick’s justifiably neurotic perspective, and it echoes what you’ve heard here at Red Quest. The basic problem for the chick is that the guy is way higher sexual-market value (SMV) than her: he is good with women and has game and is a successful actor living in L.A. He can have almost any woman he wants and therefore does. Chris Rock famously said that a man is as loyal as his options. They’re officially in an “open relationship,” but it’s obviously a relationship that she’d like to be closed, yet she won’t demand the Chad close it because he would leave her in response to that demand. She seems, somehow, vaguely surprised by this least-surprising thing in the universe.

For players and aspiring players, however, the important part of the story, the part that generates important lessons, is how the Chad handles himself and the chick at the sex party. You have preferably read the free book on sex clubs and non-monogamy, so you’ll recall that it’s useful to ease chicks into sex parties. Take her to one first, but don’t swap with other people. Maybe get her to kiss other girls a bit. Most chicks can’t get past their latent conditioning in order to experience pleasure without a lot of guidance from a man. Don’t be like the Chad, who lets his date wander around the party, and then…

12:10 a.m. I find Harry sitting on a bed talking to a gorgeous woman in a latex bodysuit. She tells me her name and asks us if we want to have fun. I nod and she responds by kissing me. We make out and when she pulls away I see Harry watching us intently. She and Harry begin to make out and I’m extremely turned on. Harry kisses me and by the time we pull apart I see that she’s gotten completely naked. She asks if she can take off my dress and I let her while Harry strips naked. I’m vaguely aware of a crowd starting to gather around us and suddenly grow very uncomfortable. I stand up suddenly, disrupting the mood, and tell Harry I need to go to the bathroom. He awkwardly looks from her to me and asks if he should stay. I tell him he can if he wants to, hoping the look on my face is enough to tell him he better follow me. Without waiting for his response I make a beeline for the door.

That’s a chick for you: she seems like she’s cool with it and then suddenly she’s not. For the Chad in this story, that’s irrelevant. For a guy with more normal SMV, the strategy is to politely tell the gorgeous woman in a latex bodysuit that it’s the girl’s first time, and you’re holding back. Let the two girls fool around while you stand back. This chick is “extremely turned on” until she’s suddenly not. Chicks, man, are random.

On the Chad’s part, this is also, for normal guys, a mistake: “We’re both naked but not touching. Sometimes I feel like he’s only affectionate when he wants to have sex. I lean into him to see if he’ll move away. He doesn’t.” For normal guys who want to retain chicks, this is a mistake, but Chads can make mistakes more normal guys shouldn’t make. Be affection with her if you’re f**king her. Hold her after you’re done f**king. I’m hardly Mr. Etiquette but there is too little basic, fundamental etiquette today. I blame social media because why not? Everyone else does. Basic things, like holding her after sex, make the experience so much better for her. Few girls want to feel like prostitutes who’ve been hired, f**ked, and left. None of the emotionally whole ones do. Ghosting is also bad and you should be a man and send her a text if you’ve f**ked her and aren’t going to see her again. Something simple like “I appreciate the time we’ve spent together but don’t think we are a good long-term match” is fine. So many guys botch the basics. True wealth, and true success, is almost always built slowly, one day of doing the right thing at a time.

The Chad has sky-high SMV, so he can get away with whatever, but most guys, including me, can’t afford to be complacent. We need to optimize our game. Red Quest is about learning how to do things right, one day at a time. Many of you are seeing the end state of a decade+ of effort. If you are a hard-core Chad like the gentlemen in the story, maybe you don’t need to do many things right, but for the rest of us, there is much to be learned and practiced.

I do feel a little sad about this image,

I’ve been sitting in the bathroom in just my red lingerie for 20 minutes. Finally, Harry walks in and finds me. He’s holding the dress that I left in the other room. I tell him I want to leave, right now.

because it’s the image of a pretty girl without self-respect, but she’s also done this to herself. A person who lacks self-respect is going to wind up crying in a bathroom, or angry in a bathroom. Happens to guys who simp all the time. Red Quest is about many things and developing self-respect and boundaries is one.

Would a Chad take this woman to a sex party? Would you?

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