A lot of guys are pussies, but that means opportunity for the few who aren’t

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A depressing Reddit thread, Why are young men giving up on dating? (not going to link it), is full of guys saying they’re tired and their feelings are hurt. The highly upvoted comments indicate that a lot of guys are pussy… could be that Japanese herbivore culture has come to America. Women already have a pussy, so they don’t want or need to date a pussy. Let’s hope guys posting on Reddit aren’t representative of guys as a whole. But, if they are, their weakness is your opportunity: if all these guys are so weak that they can’t compete at all, where does that leave you, the guy who’s decided he can and will compete? Jeff Bezos says your margin is Amazon’s opportunity. These guys’s whining, is your opportunity.

The Reddit thread is disturbing because the guys in it don’t think about history… to them, only the present exists. They have been raised by the consumer culture of TV and video games, not the producer culture of men. They are the anti-Elon Musk. Despite their whining, they do not properly realize how they are the results of thousands of generations of unbroken male success. Any guy who is alive today is alive because his father managed to get laid, as did his father before him, as did his father before him. Guys not long ago fought in Vietnam (think also of the guys on the North Vietnamese side, facing American firepower). They fought in Korea, World War II, World War I. Not long before that, most guys were agricultural peasants, barely scraping a living out of the land. They didn’t even have sunscreen. Can you believe it! What about skin cancer? Before that, they were hunter-gatherers who couldn’t even play the latest PlayStation or XBox. How did they even live? Your ancestors took spears in the chest and managed to soldier on. Seriously, read some history. Read SAPIENS. Whatever. The world is not safe. As of 26 February 2022, Ukrainian President Zelensky is refusing U.S. evacuation offers, as Ukraine resists the armies of evil despot Putin, and Zelensky is saying he needs more ammo, not a ride. Seriously, think about that, and think about the guys you hear whining on the Internet about how hard it is to ask out chicks.

Every person alive today has incredible, unbelievable opportunities in the world, if he or she pursues them. There has never been a better time to be a player. The amount of information available about game, nutrition, lifting, and social skills has never been higher. Yet these guys throw that all away, to play more XBox, skim more Reddit. They don’t connect their behaviors with them not getting laid.

Yes, it’s true chicks are savage. Last weekend I was at a bar with a buddy and a group of nurses he’d run into. “Nurses!”, you might be thinking, “how hot.” No, these were a bunch of women who’d been on the shelf way too long, whiling away their one and only life over beer and vodka. I opened this group of girls with my buddy, who has much better game than the older women would indicate. Didn’t get far, bar too loud, gave up, opened another set, not much. I was ready to go home… my buddy and I met another of his friends. Two of the girls from the first, big set wound up standing next to us and I was like, “Hey, you’re back.” Proximity often implies interest. “Not for you!” one of them said. Pow! Hard rejection.

I laughed, as did my buddy… it’s all in the game… we’re not in Ukraine waiting to get shot and raped by the Russian invaders, waiting also to become Putin’s vassals, run by a dictator, existing under the dictator’s jackbooted thugs… life could be a lot harder. Few weeks ago, I see a cute chick I’ve talked to a bit running around on a Friday or Saturday night, I ask her what she’s up to and she goes, “It doesn’t involve you!” Pow! Hard rejection. She’s a high 7, maybe low 8. Life is hard and chicks protect their value. The guys whining on Reddit and upvoting their whining are pathetic. One post of whiners on Reddit will get 1000x the traffic Red Quest does over an entire year. People prefer to whine, over changing. The moderators there will facilitate bitchy whining and ban anyone with real answers, many of which start with attitude and psychology, not to mention lifting + physicality. You are not a disembodied brain, not yet. The guys who most need to read this, aren’t going to read it, because they’re too busy being coddled on corporate Reddit.

I tell the story about the girl’s stone-cold rejection not because it is rare, but because it is common. It also doesn’t matter. Fire and maneuver, over and over again. Try, adapt, try again. Rejection is life. Women invest more in reproduction than men and are the choosier sex as a consequence. All of this is knowledge available in any good library, but you will not find it in multiplayer Halo. Try or die. Try, or some guy like me will f**k the girl you’d like to be f**king.

Chicks, bosses, colleagues, employees, underlings… they have been mean to me many thousands of times. They will be mean to me many thousands more times, before the void. It doesn’t matter, the universe is indifferent to my suffering. The universe wants to know, “Are you a man, do you produce value?” The spergy beta males of Reddit do not. Chicks try to protect their value. Most high-value men aren’t spending lots of time on social media, they are out working, building, f**king, playing with their kids, etc.

Look, I’m not a hyper-masculine barbarian, and I’m not roleplaying one online. I arguably have some effete qualities. But I understand the basics. This sort of shit, the guys whining, makes me wonder if we do need to bring back the draft, so that guys will have something authentic to whine about. Young men aren’t dating because they are pussy: the main question they should be asking is, “Why am I pussy, and how do I stop being pussy?” Instead, they are gathering together to celebrate their condition on Reddit, trauma bonding like women, with no agency or plan to fix or do anything that might change their condition.

Five years ago: Most guys are weak. Be different: “Today’s men are not nearly as strong as their dads were, researchers say”. That is yours truly writing. Please read the comment as well where Magnum says, “This alone is why I believe game is relatively ‘easier’ for men like me in their 40s these days when dating younger women. Women are repulsed by weak men. They find men who are still strong, have testosterone, and in shape (old school or whatever you want to call it) very sexy, especially when compared to all the soy boys in the younger generations.” Magnum has recognized that the sad-sack men in their 20s is his opportunity, which he is taking full advantage of. Magnum:Jeff Bezos::game:business. Guys being pussy is Magnum’s opportunity to get with younger, hotter, tighter chicks. Women yearn for masculine guys, and there is a shortage of masculine guys. Guys spend their time on Reddit, instead of being men. They get together to reinforce one another’s folly.

Many hot women, average women, below average women, yearn for a man who behaves like a man, not a child or another woman. There are ways of becoming that man, though most guys don’t pursue them, because they are busy with PlayStation & McDonald’s. They live a corporate-sanitized simulacrum of life. They eat fake corporate foods and talk about their favorite “brands.” The buy idiotic pickup trucks because they’ve been convinced by advertising that their manhood depends on giving an extra $15K to mega corp Ford, and then giving Exxon an extra $1k/year for the privilege of commuting. I don’t spend a lot of time around gamma/omega males in real life cause I have nothing to say to them, and they have nothing to say to me. The things I do, they can’t do, the things they do, I have no interest in. They may want to do the things I do, but they choose PlayStation instead. Gotta get those points distributed by game developers! Gotta “own” that other guy, thousands of miles away, in a contest that doesn’t matter, and that is a pale imitation, a pretend copy, of contests that do matter.

I’ve not always loved Bronze Age Pervert (BAP), but at times I think he has a point. Come to learn the game, stay to learn how to live.


Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

15 thoughts on “A lot of guys are pussies, but that means opportunity for the few who aren’t”

  1. > This sort of shit, the guys whining, makes me wonder if we do need to bring back the draft, so that guys will have something authentic to whine about.

    Not a fan of this solution, I disdain armies, military and the blind obendience mindset that is being taught in such places, it does more harm than it does good.

    “Everyone should go to the army” – might as well say everyone should do art.


  2. On the one hand, I get what you are saying here and partially agree… On the other I can relate to the sentiment that says fuck it, it’s not worth the trouble. In any case, if those Reddit guys are content with their video game life why is that even an issue?


  3. Just to remind you, there are countries with mass conscription which *do* have simiar epidemics of “pussy men” as you phrase it. The Republic of Korea and Singapore come to mind, with the gender issues in the ROK especially. Also ROK conscription is pretty shitty, compared to say the conscription in Scandinavian countries. Oh, and the ROk and DPRK are still technically at war and have had border battles within living history where people have died from them….

    I don’t think war ill “de-pussify” men. The best argument you can make is that it (in extreme levels) modifies the se ratios of countries to give surviving men a better position.


    1. Where are you hearing about this “mass epidemic of pussies”? Korean men don’t strike me as pussies. And how many singaporeans do you know? As an American, I hardly encounter any.


      1. Not an expert on South Korea but recently I have read that feminism has been making huge inroads there, gender relations are messed up and their fertility rate is abysmal (even from a developed country perspective).


  4. “I laughed, as did my buddy… it’s all in the game… we’re not in Ukraine waiting to get shot and raped by the Russian invaders, waiting also to become Putin’s vassals, run by a dictator, existing under the dictator’s jackbooted thugs… life could be a lot harder.”

    I know you will probably scoff a bit at this, but my pet theory is that for some men it is precisely a situation like that of the Ukraine which is “easier” psychologically, because there they don’t have to play most of the games of polite society.

    I also recall reading that when wars break out, suicide rates plummet. Adolf Hitler’s war comrades reported how great he felt in the trenches, probably much better than as a hobo in Vienna the years before.

    For men who are chivalrous and idealistic, war or similar chaotic scenarios can appear way more enticing that “normal life”, going to the gym, socializing, trying to score on girls, playing all those moronic but unavoidable games with them… Not my case really, I am way too comfy for war, but I can see that working for high-T and more or less (in a broad and not psychiatric sense) “antisocial” people.

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