“Aggressive and Humiliating Sexual Play” are highly desired by most people

Aggressive and Humiliating Sexual Play: Occurrence Rates and Discordance Between the Sexes.”

More than 70% of participants found at least one aggressive or humiliating sexual play desirable, whereas about half of the participants found at least three such acts desirable. Significant sex differences were also found, with men desiring to engage in such play more than women. This discordance was moderated by the willingness of each party to partially accommodate each other’s desires.

Players know that, used correctly, aggressive and dominant sex is extremely powerful and desirable. The key is using it correctly and in the right circumstances.

There is a well-regarded book called The Sex God Method that is probably still available on the Internet that goes into some of these methods.

The same acts that are disgusting to women from the wrong man are arousing to women from the right one.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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