“Open marriage considerations”

Open marriage considerations” is a post by Rakish Love.

I used to believe that an open marriage is a good end-game for seducers, but after this past year I am reconsidering this. Here’s the rub: an Open Marriage is only good if you have a high number of leads available at a given time.

I write that open relationships and even marriages usually work best when the couple interacts most commonly with other couples. If the man and the woman separately pursue their interests, the man is almost always going to have a lot more problems. Women who signal openness to casual sex will be overwhelmed by men. Men who do the same will usually not be.

Marriage is dangerous: the man’s wife can decide she luvs another guy and then, in the United States, take half the man’s assets and often part of his earnings for many years to come. Pair-bonding with another guy increases the probability of this happening.

I don’t know a lot about Rakish Love’s background or arrangement but it also seems that, once a marriage is opened, it’s often very hard to close it again, particularly if one party (usually the woman) is successfully f**king other people and the other party is not. New relationship energy (NRE) is a powerful force that destroys many conventional marriages.

I will also commend guys writing honestly online about the bad/dark parts of game, non-monogamy, etc. I have read far too many guys with extremely unlikely stories, success rates, experiences, etc., but in reality very little in male-female interaction/sexuality is 100% good or 100% bad. Stories by guys who are always 100% killing it and getting the hottest chicks…  I don’t really believe them. I don’t see anyone who is always doing great, always getting the hottest chicks and retaining them, etc. There are more greys than blacks/whites.

Reciprocity & value.

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2 thoughts on ““Open marriage considerations””

  1. As difficult as it is for me to game for new girls (right now) with an open marriage, there’s no way I’d close it. My wife *rarely* sees other men, genuinely dislikes the dating scene, and isn’t a socialite. If she was going out, fucking a bunch of guys during times where I rarely even get a number, I’m sure my perspectives and thoughts about this would be much different.

    There’s a ton of stories out there of couples opening up and have it all blow apart when one/both of them get blindsided by NRE with some stranger. People ought to see NRE coming a mile away and deal with it before letting themselves do something stupid.


  2. Very much appreciate Rakish’s honesty as well. There’s a lot of chest thumping out there in the community and it’s nice to see people write about when things don’t go right. We learn more from our failures than our success.


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