“When you’ve done it all, what then?”

(WARNING: This post is another ramble. Skip it if you want to read anything useful.) 

When you’ve done it all, what then?” does the stupid celebrity profile things (it’s about wanker and blow-hard Russell Brand), but it also says,

When you’ve done it all, what then? When you’ve smoked all the crack, eaten all the chocolate, had all the sex, made all the money, and been on all the talk shows—where do you go next? Because there it is, squatting on the far side of adulation: nothingness. “Celebrities,” the Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman once said, “are in a very interesting position. They’ve already achieved great fame, success, and wealth, and they’ve realized that those things alone don’t bring happiness; that, in fact, they can be a real pain in the neck.” Or, as Russell Brand puts it, tunneling toward enlightenment in the 2015 documentary Brand: A Second Coming, “Fame and power and money is bullshit.”

Fame and power and money are not bullshit (look how he’s not giving any of them up), but there is a little something to this idea, and I’ve heard variations on this theme from many famous people. When enough people independently repeat the same idea, there’s probably something to it, even if you don’t buy the whole of it. Brand is asking, what happens when you’ve achieved the goals? I’ve had a lot less sex than Brand and made a lot less money and been on zero talk shows, but I have had a fair amount of sex (a lot by the standards of normal men) and made enough money to be not too worried about money. To the extent the game is for me about “proving to myself that I can do it,” I’ve… proved it.

I ask myself, what is “the deep psychology that keeps men in the game?” Despite recent posts and stories about chicks, I feel like I’m on my way out of the game: but out of the game and into… what? I don’t know. There’s a reason a lot of players hit 35 – 40 and quit their game blogs. There is some diminishing marginal utility, and some sense of, “Oh, this again.” In the moment it can be intoxicating, I don’t and will never deny it, but especially afterwards I’m still myself, still doing what I do, still wondering what I wonder.

It’s not productive to chase “happiness” (what is “happiness?”). So what is the next goal? In my post-puberty life, the goal has been chasing skirt, and that’s been good. Sometimes I chat with guys my age who are filled with longing and fantasy they think will never be fulfilled, because they think they missed out on some experience or other when they were young. I feel bad for those guys. But I also know the reality is that, the day after you fulfill your fantasy, you will still wake up and face the day and live the life. You aren’t really different after the threesome or the hottest 9 or college cheerleader or whatever the sexual fantasy may be.

For me writing could be the answer. I’ve considered writing a game blog before, but I worried it would take too much focus away from work and the rest of my life (I was right about that). But game blogs are best written as they happen. I’ll probably end up devolving into stupid stuff like ranting about modern feminism. Not nearly as interesting as banging actual chicks. But I think I’m going to end up in a longer-term relationship at some point, with someone. The horror, right? I just have to figure out what that relationship will be about.

Most male-female couple relationships are about

  1. Sex.
  2. Bearing and raising children.
  3. (Often) the guy subsidizing the chick while she does #2.

Modern relationships are f**ked up because game-aware guys don’t need long-term relationships for sex. They shouldn’t marry regarding number two. So what are modern relationships about? Helping someone achieve a life project or becoming a better person, probably. But most chicks are utterly incapable of doing either… no wonder most long-term relationships are dysfunctional. The things marriage used to be based on are dead or radically altered. We’re part of a culture that says no one should sacrifice for anyone else’s good, including the good of a person’s children.

Modern relationships are also f**ked up because chicks used to have some brakes on their hypergamy and internal disquiet in the form of family, religion, and the social structure created by both. Now chicks have materialism, unrealistic expectations, readily available divorce, and advertising/marketing. The social structure created by those is unstable, and it leads many chicks not to marry because they can’t find the “right” guy, or, if they can, they want a better one.

So what is there, for guys? Right? Most guys chase sex, money, status… the latter two just being proxies to get to the sex.

The weird thing is “getting there.” A guy gets the sex, the money (enough), the status (enough), and… then what? I’m pretty much there. Not as there as Russell Brand or other celebrities. I’m not that delusional. But much more so “there” than the typical guy. But I’m not a Buddhist. I’m not content to just be.

I don’t know how many guys get in this state. I think most guys never nail enough chicks to think, “Okay, I’ve just nailed a bunch of chicks, now what?” It’s a self-indulgent question and problem. Self-indulgent or not, I think about it. I’ve not “done it all.” I don’t think there is such a thing. But I’ve done a lot.

The true pickup “artists” may keep going into senescence. An artist keeps making art until incapacity or the end. I don’t think pickup or railing chicks is my art, despite my penchant for making porn, sometimes called “erotic art” to chicks who need that frame. I could need a true art. A kind of weird statement for a commerce guy like me.

Author: The Red Quest

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11 thoughts on ““When you’ve done it all, what then?””

    1. The question is, “How many guys want longevity in pickup?”

      When I was younger, getting laid felt like everything. Now, it’s just not. I don’t think I’m the only guy who goes through that kind of feeling.

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  1. Worthy post, man.

    >> I don’t think it’s productive to chase “happiness” (what is “happiness?”). So what is the next goal?

    The great Jordan Peterson says “dignity” is a good alternative goal vs “happiness.” And that “responsibility” is way to have meaning (“pick up the heaviest thing you can carry”). That guy is razor sharp. I like both those ideas.

    I will confess… the two “bottomed out” periods of my life coincided with me backing off of game. I’m not certain the lack of game CAUSED those periods, I don’t think that was true… but game is an organizational force in my life, and I realize the utility there.

    Going fwd… I like your idea about writing. And I think “rallying against Femincunts” is a waste of our time. I have some related writing projects, but yelling at chicks with pink hair isn’t on my radar. Let’s be at the cause, not at the effect.

    It’s the search for meaning… once again. I am so glad I am not looking for meaning right now. I respect you for look in that direction.

    For me… I know I am “mid-progress” as a player and a seducer. I think I have several more years to go, minimum… and life without a focus on game sounds a bit scary, actually.

    I am still getting a LOT out of watching my own psychology… as I explore the psychologies of the girls. I think that alone… will keep me busy for a long time. Fascinating.

    I also have a handful of business goals, but they are not as shiny as game is for me.

    Let’s chat some more on this topic when you have some time.


    1. I’m happy to do a little bit of railing and rallying against feminism, but a little goes a really long way. Most women are not really “feminists” in the way we imagine some media personalities to be. They might unthinkingly parrot some of the feminist talking points, but when you get down to their core, they want a hot guy who makes them feel girly, fun, and feminine. They want a good clean space to raise their children in. They want a guy who gets them off and who isn’t a p***y.

      A woman who is too damaged to want those normal things is to be avoided.

      The pink-hair women are a lost cause… the normal brunettes who are tempted by some of the pink-hair weirdos can still be reached, especially by a masculine guy who leads by example.

      Lots of women go through a slut phase, lots of guys go through a player phase. Many guys need the player phase in order to come out and see what’s on the other side. The athletes, hollywood actors, and the other guys who can get all the skirt in the world… rarely do, and that should tell us players and wannabe players something, if we are listening.

      Getting too far into ideology is the opposite of listening.


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