What a woman who is determined to stay married looks like

She looks like this

I think I would be a jealous bitch if anyone actually DM’ed him or anything — but in our ten years together, I’ve never really had to deal with that. If I’m being honest, I think it’s because I have sex with my man. He always comes home to me. He never strays. He never even looks.

A woman who wants to keep her relationship is making sure sex happens. This woman is 1. A teacher, 2. Cooks, and 3. Fucks. I have mentioned before that teachers and nurses are naturally good life partners… they have jobs that pay acceptably and that are easy to take a year or two off to have kids. For some reason no one tells women in college that most corporate jobs have an arc that is very difficult to interrupt to have a family. Teaching and nursing have interruption built into them. Women who choose those professions are more likely to be family oriented.

Women who want to be married and stay married build the skills they need to make that happen and employ those skills. Women who don’t… well, you’ve read plenty about them, that I don’t need to repeat. If you’ve not, please browse Red Quest and you will.

The skills women need to get and stay married are not very complicated, but our society is determined to try and hide them. Be pleasant to be around, cook, and fuck… if a woman can consistently do those things, she’s a lot of the way towards being married and staying married.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

9 thoughts on “What a woman who is determined to stay married looks like”

  1. In other cultures being a home-maker is still a thing. It’s a strange clash of world views when a Western woman comes across a woman from SEA and asks her what her job is; the Westerners have this assumption that personal growth and pride is tied into education and career.

    Those assumptions don’t exist everywhere.

    I prefer the women that I live with to not have a job. Being a home-maker and taking care of a man (and possibly kids) takes a lot of time and attention. Especially if the man has minor secretarial tasks to give his woman.

    Extra income for the house is handy, but having a woman focusing on attending to the man and house is a value that only she can provide. Even if you have servants; the woman manages them.


  2. Note also that she is thinking about sex, even when they don’t have it, with the implicit understanding that she in some ways owes it to her husband. I’m also assuming the dude is pretty jacked/good in bed, because her attraction to him is never in question. And that’s the thing: it’s on the guy to stay fit and fuck her good–a mistake I made in my marriage.

    The thing is: we don’t teach people these skills. We don’t explain what matters to make a marriage work. And with regard to women, the current state of misandry tells them they shouldn’t treat/think of men this way, even their husbands–he’s there to serve them, it’s not a reciprocal relationship. Beyond this, I think the influence of social media cannot be understated: women get so used to seeking validation from outside forces on these platforms, it’s toxic. She actually mentions how much she likes those instagram hearts for her side business. I guess it hasn’t hurt their marriage, but overall, it’s not a good thing.


  3. Love the example here of what is now considered atypical.

    I may have missed it but I’d be curious about there situation. It seems so few married women with children remain sexually interested in their husbands.

    How long have they been married? What’s their relative level of attraction? How many partners did she have before they got married? At what age did they get married? How “alpha” is he with her? How much of the article is “signaling” vs reality?

    I’d guess all of these are factors into maintaining a marriage like this.


    1. I don’t think she mentions how long she’s been married, but if they have two mobile kids, it’s likely at least four and maybe more years.

      The rest of the stuff I don’t know.

      I like the idea of establishing baselines early with a woman. Saying, “I’m a highly sexual person and if you cannot keep up with that, our relationship is going to wither and end.” Obviously women won’t keep contracts, but I think a lot of guys, as well as culture more generally, fails to set adequate expectations. If we don’t set good baselines, we don’t get good outcomes.

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      1. I fear that to many women this will have the opposite effect. Triggering dread is rarely a good motivator. It can easily come across as “either we have sex or I’ll leave you”. It might be even working for some time, but the question is if you and the women would really enjoy having sex if big part of her motivation is her fear to loose you.

        As RP says, it is hers to inspire relationship and his to inspire sex.

        Emotional blackmailing is anything else but inspiring.

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    1. That’s the thing… a woman who wants to stay married is always going to say yes to sex, as long as she’s not ill, completely exhausted, etc.

      A woman who starts saying “no” to sex outside of being ill, etc., is on her way to divorce.


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