The people who pursue and practice and the ones who don’t

I was reading about lifetime sex partner patterns for men and women, and how it is that men can report more lifetime average partners, and a thought bubbled up… most people never systematically improve their skills at sex, seduction, etc., and there’s a really huge gap between those who pursue systematic improvement in almost any domain… and those who do not (most people). Today, guys are lucky to live in a time when the means for systematic improvement are readily available online, which was not true for most of human history. For all the bitching about women and feminism, there has never been a better time in history, fucking EVER, for an average guy to rack up lays, assuming he wants to do that.

Does the guy both want to get laid and wants to pursue getting laid in an effective way? There is a really huge gap between people who pursue the game in a disciplined, systematic, effective way, and people who don’t (most guys). Almost no one talks about the role of intentional, deliberate practice in improving performance, but it is there. I myself have not gone as far as I might in trying to improve my game… I have not, for example, bought wireless mics and recorded cold approaches for later analysis, which is a good way of figuring out what is working and what is not. If you have ever been involved in sales with a telephone component, you have probably recorded your calls in order to make sure you’re not f**king anything up. Then, to maximize your likely success. If you move the needle from a 5% to an 8% success rate, you will still fail most of the time, but you will succeed 62% more than you would have otherwise.

Chicks, of course, don’t have to do things like record and analyze their “sets,” because they’re the buyers, not the sellers, and if they’re smart they know how to improve their own diet, exercise, etc…. things that most chicks don’t bother doing, and it shows.

It’s possible to be an attractive guy with sociable hobbies and a willingness to tolerate rejection and do well at the game almost accidentally, especially when young and in school. But I think a lot of that gap in lifetime lays today is just a question of who perseveres, learns, improves, and keeps improving their game, versus who thinks that some guys are just “naturals” and that there is no possibility of improvement. If you believe you cannot improve, you are right. If you believe you can improve, you are also right.

There’s also more than one way up the game mountain, and guys who find one way blocked should choose alternate routes. Today everyone is online, so that route could be harder than it was five or ten years ago (that is my observation and experience). So maybe cold approach and in-person meeting has become more attractive as the average person’s social skills degrade and the average person becomes more autistic because of excess phone time. The average person is constantly on their phone, so maybe not being on your phone and paying attention to the world around you is a way to pursue an alternative route. Many daygame guys talking online (probably a minority of the guys doing game…) disparage using money as a component of game, but I do believe some guys do that effectively (and the rise of sites like Seeking Arrangements also means chicks can have more ambiguity about the sex-for-money thing, which will attract some chicks who would be turned off by an overt, stated transaction). Remember that chicks like covert, concealed discussion, while guys like overt discussion… many guys don’t understand chick talk and have to learn to speak it, if they want to f**k a lot. A guy driven by ego probably doesn’t want to use money as a component, but a guy who is driven by f**king might want to.

Regardless of the way, practice and growth mindset are important and most guys have neither. If you are a guy who wants to get laid, hire a coach (not me!). Effective coaches are out there, and I’ve linked to one of them. Coaching without action won’t do much, but if you want to act, it helps to have expert guidance.

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One thought on “The people who pursue and practice and the ones who don’t”

  1. “Many daygame guys talking online (probably a minority of the guys doing game…) disparage using money as a component of game, but I do believe some guys do that effectively. A guy driven by ego probably doesn’t want to use money as a component, but a guy who is driven by f**king might want to.”

    Rollo Tomassi had an article laying out differences between validational and transactional sex, but these days things are in a grey area as more girls start trying to be sugar babies. The whole “sugar-daddy game isn’t game” isn’t quite clear cut if you’re paying to ensure their crappy financial situation doesn’t impact your logistics with her.

    One of my long-term girls couldn’t go on a sex-camping trip with me since she needed to work a bunch more hours to prepare for one her jobs ending. I probably could have offered her money to cover it, but didn’t out of principle. I keep thinking back about that, and will probably consider just paying for that sort of thing next time around.

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