THE GOOD GIRL, a novel, is out today

I’ve been writing Red Quest for four years and have asked you for nothing, until now, when I ask you to buy a copy of THE GOOD GIRL: A NOVEL. It’s out today as an ebook and paperback, and it’s a great yarn:

He meets Maggie on the street, cold reading her like she’s a tarot card and hoping she’s entertained enough not just to say she’ll go on a date, but to actually appear on it.

She’s between boyfriends and more open to men than usual, but wary enough of a random man’s birdsong, however compelling the initial birdsong might appear.

He’s got a secret plan, she’s got justified suspicions, and the game that unfolds is, in some sense, The Game—the universal game all men and women play.

The tension between them can’t be resolved without destroying the game, and yet the tension and uncertainty draws them both together, propelling them towards unpredictable ends that will leave both changed, forever.

You’re interested in game and most fiction bores the pants off you: THE GOOD GIRL is the cure to those problems. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s witty, it’s surprising, it’s a journey into madness: everything you’ve been looking for in a story and not yet found. So get a copy. My last book was and is free and open source, and thousands of guys have benefited from it; this one isn’t, but I think the free balances the scales with the paid. 

The main reason to read a book or watch a film is pleasure, and THE GOOD GIRL delivers pleasure. But beneath the tension in the story there are also lessons, many of them subtle, about how to live and how to interact. We learn best through stories, and that’s what THE GOOD GIRL is: a story, one that’s in some ways ancient and in others contemporary. It’s the book I wish another guy had written. 

One reviewer says, “to say we don’t love, and don’t feel the other emotions, would be wrong for at least some of us… some of our value as seducers is learning to convey those emotions well and in an attractive way” and “This world Red Quest paints seems to be a real, achievable future, no longer some mere fantasy.” Enter the world. 

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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